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Hi, my name is Linda Burke...

My intention is to empower you with knowledge, answer questions you may have about certain therapeutic practices, and most importantly of all, to help you realize healing comes from within have the power to heal yourself...and with my help, you can! I hope you find this site informative, helpful and most of all, empowering...inspiring you to take action, and allow yourself to become totally vibrant and well.

Natural Health Transformer


We Offer you a unique, pro-active, natural health solution...

A Personalized Functional Medicine, Integrative Medicine, big picture approach which allows us to reveal and remove the root cause trigger of your health challenge, and reboot and restore your natural vibrant health and wellbeing...the natural way.

Hi my name is Linda and I am a Holistic and Functional Medicine Health consultant and Breakthrough Coach with over 30 years of experience and expertise.   I am a  business owner and  founder of The Meta-Sync-Health-Scan and Meta-Sync Process.  I help people who have acute or chronic health challenges to totally transform and restore their naturally vibrant health and wellbeing.   People who work with me get the opportunity to live pain free, allergy free, with perfect digestion and clear skin, flexible joints, maintain mobility and independence,keep an alert and clear mind and memory,  become fertile and have a baby, reverse and even totally resolve chronic disease, and take control of their health 

In my experience, I can honestly say that there is literally NO health issue which can not be greatly improved upon, and in most cases completely resolved using this unique natural approach.    I am totally inspired and excited by what this work makes possible for human beings.

Consultations are available in person or using skype

What Causes Chronic Illness?

Chronic illness results from a web of interconnected factors that causes our inner ecology to break down:
• Poor diet: processed foods, de-natured foods, genetically modified foods
• Toxins: industrial chemicals, heavy metals, endocrine disruptors, Electromagnetic radiation, Bleaches, Hydrocarbons.
• Stress from how we deal with life events and traumas.
These disruptions affect us in many ways:
• Altered cellular function
• Breakdown of our body’s systems
• Broken communication between systems
• Inflammation
• Hormonal imbalances
• Imbalance of the microbiome

As a functional medicine practitioner, my goal is to nourish and re-balance your inner ecology so that your body’s natural self-healing is activated, creating optimal health.

Let me ask you...

  Are you someone who is struggling with a health issue?

   Are you sick and tired of running to your doctor and not getting answers?

  Do you want fast pain relief? Full function?  Energy?  To have a healthy baby? Mental clarity and good memory? Great digestion? Optimal Health? 

Have you almost given up hope of ever being well again?


"The body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe. "  Dr Kelly Brogan



It is absolutely possible to regain your natural health and vitality.   Do you realize that the vast majority of genes we possess are wellness creating genes, and that we only have a very few disease making genes?   Every day cells die naturally and are replaced by new why then are we sick?   Because the root cause of the disease has never been revealed or addressed.  The science of Epigenetics shows us that genes respond to our environment...our thoughts, stress, food, lifestyle, exercise, toxins, medications etc.   All disease has to develop over a period of time in response to the epigenetic context in which we live our is not a sudden event.   The symptoms of the disease are only the body's warning light to alert us that something needs to be dealt with..   Symptoms are never the disease.

“Epi-genetics teaches us that we can break free of the fate pre-ordained by our family history and genetics.” Dr Alberto Villaldo

We have to completely rethink disease.   The body is a system.   Stresses, blockages and imbalance in our epiginetic bio field causing dis-ease..    By understanding these systems we can create protocols which will readdress the balance.   If we take away things which impede health and add in or replace things which create and facilitate health, health will naturally be the result.   This approach hugely optimizes our ability to heal and experience true well-being...the natural way.


 Working with Linda Burke  

Here at the Linda Burke  Holistic Wellness Center we define  Functional Integrative Medicine as healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person, including all aspects of lifestyle. It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship between practitioner and patient, is informed by evidence, and makes use of all appropriate therapies.

We all possess the ability to heal...fact.  

Proprietor Linda Burke established the Holistic Wellness Center in 1993.   Linda is a Chartered Physiotherapist and TCM Acupuncturist who has recognized the need for Integrative Health and Wellbeing...the natural way.   She has grown and developed her knowledge and skills to become one of UK's original thinkers, and has studied many complementary and alternative therapies and interventions, and now offers her wisdom and experience in person and on-line via skype

This practice provides expertise in addressing all aspects of you and a unique individual.



In this practice the emphasis is on empowerment and healing, in order that YOU are well in the shortest possible time and for the least expense.

Linda Burke MCSP, Lic Ac.   Specialist consultant in the field of Functional Integrative Medicine and Natural Healing  

Chartered Physiotherapist, Licensed Acupuncturist, Master NLP and Hypnotherapy practitioner, Functional Nutritional Therapist, and Shamanic Transpersonal Healer.