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Biochemistry and Toxicity Stressors damage health

Biochemistry and Toxicity Stressors damage health


"The doctor of the future will give no drugs, but will

Interest his patients in the care of the human frame,

diet, and in  the cause and prevention of disease."

 - Thomas A. Edison

As discussed on the Home page, we are naturally well beings, and our system is designed to reverse any disease creating process 24/7.   The ONLY reason we get sick is because our system becomes overwhelmed with stress, blocking the self-healing and self-regulating processes.

Diet and Lifestyle Stressors

Our body is literally made from, maintained and repaired by the nutrition we eat.   Food becomes the biochemistry which runs all our physiological,mental and hormonal processes.   If this nutrition is toxic, devitalized...lacking vital vitamins, minerals, good fats or proteins, causes an allergic reaction, or simply is too much or too little in quantity, our body is not receiving the raw materials necessary to maintain itself.   It becomes physiologically stressed, and begins to break down.   We get symptoms which will be felt in the weakest system first.   If the root cause is not discovered and resolved, the disease progress will continue to multiply and affect other systems within the body over time...chronic disease..

It is absolutely essential to identify and resolve the nutritional/biochemical component to disease.


Toxicity Stressors

Toxicity which affects our body comes from two areas:;

1.  Our environment (herbicides, insecticides, toxic metals, hydrocarbons, chemicals, plastics, bleaches, Radiation etc)

2.  Bi-products of normal physiology (break down of hormones, neurotransmitters, food etc)

Because of the vast amount of pollution in our environment now days we are all so much more toxic than our previous generations...and serious and chronic disease is at the highest levels than at any time in our existence despite the on-going breakthroughs in modern medicine.

Toxins are poisons which accumulate in our fatty tissue over time,and stress our physiology enormously.

It is absolutely crucial to identify and remove all toxic build up from our body if we are to maintain good health, or resolve disease.   Toxicity is one of the most important, and often overlooked aspects of disease reversal and resolution.

What Happens During your Initial Consultation

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