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NLP Coaching foreword

NLP Coaching foreword


in order to either prevent the onset of disease and improve quality of life and wellbeing, or assist in the reversal and resolution of existing disease, it is essential to deal powerfully with the mental/emotional/spiritual aspects of the triad of health.

As discussed on the home page...stress is at the root cause of all disease.   Stress can be endogenous (poor nutrition, toxicity etc) and/or exogenus... the way we interoperate and deal with past and present significant emotional events and challenges, and/or how we feel about our selves (self-esteem and confidence issues).

Our in-depth process involves:

  • Discover the root cause of the stress,
  • Breakthrough and delete the meaning we have given it

  • Design our destiny and evolve our health and wellbeing.

We have a medicine bag full of fast-track transformational tools and therapies which do just that:

NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)

EFT (emotional freedom technique)

NLP Hypnotherapy

Time Line Therapy

Transpersonal Counselling

Hypno Gstric Band

A Note About Breakthrough Tools and Coaching

While Life coaching has become popular, and can “help” you build new strategies to deal more easily with your issues, blockages and areas of your life and health that aren’t working…it does not remove the reason the problems are there…the root cause.  For example, we all know what to do to lose weight…eat less and exercise more…but do we?    Maybe for a short while, but soon the underlying sabotage program takes over and we fail.   This is because Life Coaching works solely with your small conscious, thinking mind (only 5-10% of our total capacity for change.)   It is like putting icing on a mud pie.   Life or health appears to be better for a while, but soon the underlying rot starts to peep through again, and the struggle returns.
Our very powerful unconscious mind, on the other hand, represents 90-95% of our capacity for transformation in our life and health.  It is in the unconscious part of our mind where our unconscious programming lies.   These programs run our lives quietly in the background and give us a feeling we can’t do something, or that we are not good enough, or that we don’t deserve, etc   This is the part of our mind we are not aware of in normal circumstances, but it controls the outcome of the quality our life and health.
It is essential to deal with unconscious programming if we are ever going to successfully transform and upgrade our life and healthy.
NLP Breakthrough Coaching and transformational fast change techniques work with our CONSCIOUS AND UNCONSCIOUS MIND (your thinking AND your deeper, more powerful mind).
These very powerful techniques enable you to…
• focuses you on what is actually important for you..the outcome you deserve
• removes the blocks and limitations that hold you back in life and health
• teaches you how to communicate really well with your deeper mind and inner wisdom to help you be naturally more healthy, happy, aware and fulfilled
• ensures your Conscious Mind and Unconscious Mind work together (in alignment or coherence) so that you create a life for yourself that you love
• enables you to start being who you want to be, doing what you want to do and having what you want, and what you deserve to have.