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ADD and ADHD...the natural approach

ADD and ADHD...the natural approach

ADD,ADHD and Learning Difficulties...the natural approach


Natural approach for ADD, ADHD and learning difficulties

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD) are neurological and behavior-related conditions that cause difficulty in concentrating, impulsiveness and excessive energy.
Individuals with ADHD not only have a challenge in concentrating, but have a challenge sitting still. Those with ADHD are typically more disruptive than individuals with ADD.
ADHD often has an onset age of 7, but this disorder can continue through teen years and well into adulthood. It’s estimated that ADHD affects 9 percent of American children between the ages of 13 and 18 and over 4 percent of adults. 
According to the NIH’s National Institute of Mental Health, “the number of children being diagnosed with ADHD is increasing, but it is unclear why.” Most physicians and research indicate the increase in ADHD is directly linked to the food we eat.

It is essential to identify the root causes of ADD, ADHD and Learning Difficulties and eliminate them in order that your child can reach his or her full potential.   Research is funded by the pharmaceutical industry and is not geared towards identifying the root causes. But rather the effects which the causes have on the body, as these are scientifically measurable in medical tests.   Unfortunately the research is focused on managing the effects…using medication, not on eliminating the root causes.   However, THE ROOT CAUSES OF ADD and ADHD HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED.   Now there IS an effective way forward for people suffering with these conditions.

According to several international studies, ADHD has a genetic link. In addition, there are environmental factors, and dietary concerns that many researchers believe increase the risk and in many cases, worsens the symptoms.
Refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, and chemical food additives, nutritional deficiencies, preservatives and food allergies are all causes of ADD/ADHD.
In children, a partial cause is related to a lack of interest or forcing children to learn in a manner to which they are not geared to learn. Some children learn better by seeing or doing (kinesthetic), rather than by hearing.


Symptoms of ADD/ADHD
The severity of symptoms can vary greatly from individual to individual, depending on environment, diet, and other factors.
Children may exhibit one or more of the following symptoms of ADHD/ADD
• Difficulty in concentrating and diminished focus
• Easily distracted
• Easily bored
• Difficulty organizing or completing tasks
• Prone to losing things
• Doesn’t listen
• Difficulty in following instructions
• Fidgety behavior, squirming
• Extreme difficulty being still and/or quiet
• Impatience
Adults may exhibit one or more of the following symptoms of ADD/ADHD(2):
• Difficulty focusing and concentrating on a task, project, or conversation
• Overwhelming emotional and physical restlessness
• Frequent mood swings
• Prone to anger and a hot temper
• Disorganized
• Low tolerance of people, situations, and surroundings
• Unstable relationships
• Increased risk for addiction

Orthodox Aoproach

The most common treatment of ADD/ADHD today is using medications such as Ritalinand Adderall both of which have been linked to suicidal thoughts and personality changes. Ritalin is a central nervous system stimulant, that can cause nervousness, agitation, anxiety, insomnia, vomiting, an increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and even psychosis.

Adderall is an amphetamine, that is highly addictive with prolonged use. Side effects include tremors, hallucinations, muscle twitches, high blood pressure, fast or irregular heartbeats, and extreme mood swings.
With these side effects, it is easy to see why so many people are seeking effective natural cures. The good news is there are natural remedies for ADD/ADHD that are both effective and without the scary side effects of prescription medications.

Health Transformer Natural Approach

Recent scientific research has clearly demonstrated that all mental health and learning issues begin with a gut dysfunction.   The neurotransmitters needed for normal nerve and brain communication are produced in the gut from food.   Therefor if the gut is not functioning correctly...neither will the brain.   All chldren with ADD and ADHD have little or no good gut bacteria, leaving them susceptible to digestive, immune and mental , behavioural and learning issues.

In every case of ADD, ADHDor Learnng Difficulties there is an underlying cause…something individual to each person.   If at one time you didn’t have these symptoms and now you do, obviously something has changed within your body which has led to acne being produced.   ADD and ADHD are merely a symptom of the underlying cause.   To heal ADD and ADHD we need to address the cause.   In this center we specialize in root cause diagnosis of any health condition using our state of the art Meta Health Scan.

Meta Health Scan
The Meta Health Scan is carried out utilizing the amazing diagnostic ability of Clinical Kinesiology.   It is reliable, accurate and reproducible. The scan will reveal the imbalances unique to your body, and how these are affecting you.   The scan reveals such issues as endogenous bio-toxicity, nutrient imbalances or deficiencies, sub-clinical infections, allergies and food sensitivities.  We also test for organ imbalances, hormone imbalance, and leaky gut.    Any abnormality in these areas will easily be picked up during the Health Scan. We also examine your entire lifestyle, sleep quality and any emotional/psychological contributors to your condition.

5 Step Protocol
1. Detect (In-Depth Evaluation & Advanced Testing)
2. Detox (Heavy Metals, Chemicals, Hydrocarbons, Bleaches, EMF)
3. Eliminate (Pathogens…virus, post virus, bacteria, parasites, fungi)
4. Rebuild (Tissues & Pathways)
5. Rebalance organs (kidneys, liver, etc.)

The 5 Steps to Restoring Health Protocol had been developed following many years of research and experience and utilizes food, nutritional supplements, herbal and energetic formula

In-Depth Consultation regarding your results.

Once this information is gathered we offer you an in-depth consultation to discuss your results, during which we discuss what has been revealed by the scan, where and how this has arisen, and how to remove or transform it, and reboot your system.   I believe it is very important for each person to understand what has been going on in their body, how the condition has developed, and how to unravel and resolve it naturally.   My intention is not just to teach you about your condition, but more importantly to empower you with understanding in order that you are able to take back control of your health.

Individually tailored Treatment Plan
Together we create an individualized tailored treatment plan for you.   This may include some or all of there: a gentle detoxification protocol, dietary changes, specific supplements, life style changes, exercise, etc tailored to your specific needs. In the majority of cases treatment can be implemented by you at home without the need for repeated visits to the center; however Health Coaching and support is built in to this package to assist you through your treatment.
Supportive Treatments
Once on the prescribed treatment, some clients choose to support their system with other therapies toastiest healing.   This is not essential but will speed up your progress.   These include 

TCM Acupuncture,

Aromatherapy Essential Oils

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

NLP Hypnotherapy,

Cranio-Scacral therapy,

Reiki Energy Healing

 NLP coaching…all of which are on offer at this centre.

I am delighted to be able to report that the results our client’s achieve with this approach are outstanding and lasting in the vast majority of cases.

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