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Adrenal Burnout Syndrome

Adrenal Burnout Syndrome


Thousands of people suffer from constant fatigue that is not relieved by rest and sleep. This is the main symptom of adrenal weakness or adrenal burnout syndrome.  This article examines this extremely common syndrome – its causes, symptoms and the process of recovery of vibrant health by natural methods. 


The adrenal glands are rounded, disc-shaped glands about 3-4 inches across.  One sits atop each kidney, located on either side of your lower back, just above where the ribs end.  You may at times feel a sensation of pressure in this area when under stress.  However, muscular tension and other factors also commonly cause pain or a sensation of pressure in this area.

The adrenal glands are essential for life.  They secrete a number of hormones that prepare our bodies to respond to stress.  These include adrenalin, also called epinephrine, noradrenalin, also called norepinephrine, cortisol and cortisone.  The adrenal glands also produce aldosterone, estrogens, testosterone, progesterone, pregnenelone and DHEA.
These hormones regulate many body activities.  Of greatest importance for this article is that the adrenal hormones, particularly adrenalin and cortisol, activate the body’s fight-or-flight response.
This consists of increasing the amount of glucose or sugar in the blood, raising blood pressure, and promoting increased energy production.  There are many other effects of the adrenal hormones, but we will focus on these effects for now.
Of great importance to our discussion is that the adrenal glands are innervated and stimulated by activity of the sympathetic branch of the autonomic or automatic nervous system of the body.  This is the part of our nervous system that activates when we must respond to threats to our life.



The medical profession is far behind when it comes to understanding adrenal gland problems.  In 2011, they still do not recognize adrenal insufficiency, adrenal exhaustion or  adrenal burnout as real health conditions.  This is very sad, as the situation is so common.  The official allopathic medical beliefs about the adrenal glands are:
1. Either the adrenals work fine or they do not work at all. This  is the prevailing viewpoint, even though it makes no sense.  Doctors are well aware, for example, that most other glands such as the thyroid, pancreas, pituitary, ovaries, and testes can have many degrees of dysfunctions.  Why should the same not be true of the adrenal glands?
(When the adrenals don’t function well at all, doctors call it Addison’s disease, for which they give cortisol or cortisone for life.  With nutritional balancing, this is usually not needed at all and recovery is very possible using natural methods alone.)

2. If you are tired, depressed, or have low blood sugar, the best idea is to take anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs or other drugs.  This is also ridiculous.  The first course of action should be to assess and then heal your adrenal glands, in most cases.

3. Serum, urine or saliva hormone tests for the adrenals are adequate tests.  This is also totally incorrect, from my experience.

4. The medical answer for adrenal problems is usually a drug.  This is unfortunate.  Usually, we find, the answer is not any drug, but elimination of all the drugs one has taken for one’s entire lifetime.  In addition, one must remove many toxic metals, toxic chemicals, and renourish the entire body.  Then the adrenals begin to function normally and one’s energy returns.

5. Doctors ignore a simple adrenal test they could do in their offices called the Ragland Test or Ragland Sign.  This is a very simple test in which the doctor takes your blood pressure while you are lying down and relaxed.  Then the patient suddenly stands up and the doctor or assistant takes your blood pressure again.  The pressure should go up.  In those with weak adrenals, it often goes down and the patient feels weak, shaky and/or a little dizzy.  It is a crude test, but it would be better than doing nothing , and putting people on more drugs that do not address adrenal insufficiency at all.









In every case of Adrenal Burnout Syndrome there is an underlying cause…something individual to each person.   If at one time you didn’t have these symptoms and now you do, obviously something has changed within your body which has led to Burnout being produced.   Adrenal Burnout is merely a symptom of the underlying cause.   To heal Adrenal Burnout we need to address the cause.   In this centre we specialize in root cause diagnosis of any health condition using our state of the art Meta Health Scan. 

Meta-Sync Health Scan

The Meta Health Scan is carried out utilizing the amazing diagnostic ability of Clinical Kinesiology.   It is reliable, accurate and reproducible. The scan will reveal the imbalances unique to your body, and how these are affecting you.   The scan reveals such issues as endogenous bio-toxicity, nutrient imbalances or deficiencies, sub-clinical infections, allergies and food sensitivities.  We also test for organ imbalances, hormone imbalance, and leaky gut.    Any abnormality in these areas will easily be picked up during the Health Scan. We also examine your entire lifestyle, sleep quality and any emotional/psychological contributors to your condition.

5 Step Protocol
1. Detect (In-Depth Evaluation & Advanced Testing)
2. Detox (Heavy Metals, Chemicals, Hydrocarbons, Bleaches, EMF)
3. Eliminate (Pathogens…virus, post virus, bacteria, parasites, fungi)
4. Rebuild (Tissues & Pathways)
5. Rebalance organs (kidneys, liver, etc.)

The 5 Steps to Restoring Health Protocol had been developed following many years of research and experience and utilizes food, nutritional supplements, herbal and energetic formula

In-Depth Consultation regarding your results.
Once this information is gathered we offer you an in-depth consultation to discuss your results, during which we discuss what has been revealed by the scan, where and how this has arisen, and how to remove or transform it, and reboot your system.   I believe it is very important for each person to understand what has been going on in their body, how the condition has developed, and how to unravel and resolve it naturally.   My intention is not just to teach you about your condition, but more importantly to empower you with understanding in order that you are able to take back control of your health.

Individually tailored Treatment Plan
Together we create an individualized tailored treatment plan for you.   This may include some or all of there: a gentle detoxification protocol, dietary changes, specific supplements, life style changes, exercise, etc tailored to your specific needs. In the majority of cases treatment can be implemented by you at home without the need for repeated visits to the centre; however Health Coaching and support is built in to this package to assist you through your treatment.

Supportive Treatments
Once on the prescribed treatment, some clients choose to support their system with other therapies toastiest healing.   This is not essential but will speed up your progress.   These include Acupuncture, Aromatherapy Massage, EFT, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, and NLP coaching…all of which are on offer at this centre.
I am delighted to be able to report that the results our client’s achieve with this approach are outstanding and lasting in the vast majority of cases.


Summing up.
Burnout syndrome can be both prevented and cured using simple yet poeweful measures.   The first and most important aspect is to identify what is stressing your Adrenals in the form of toxicity.   Having tonicity means the gas is always turned on under your pressure cooker, so you are less able to deal with everyday stressors  on top without boiling over.   Stress breeds more stress and overwhelm becomes inevitable.   Once the toxins have been identified and removed, all other issues can be dealt with with ease and very effectively.
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