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Anxiety and Panic Attack...the Natural Solution

Anxiety and Panic Attack...the Natural Solution


At Last…A Cure For Anxiety and Panic Attacks Fast!   Stop Anxiety and Panic Attacks the Natural Way

What is a Panic Attack?
It is normal, natural and common to get panicky from time to time. You may be late for work, think you can hear a burglar downstairs, or be ready to sit an exam. These feelings are normal and pass fairly quickly. They are simply down to our ‘flight or fight’ responses that our body has been equipped with to prepare for potentially threatening situations. The heart beats quicker and the digestive system closes down in order to allow the body to concentrate on the perceived threat.

A panic attack has similarities with this, but there are notable differences. A panic attack often occurs when there is no obvious physical threat, and the feelings are much stronger than ‘normal’ panic. A panic attack occurs when you THINK there is danger when, in reality, there is none.   You are actually reacting to your own thoughts

Why do we react so strongly?
A panic attack is a learned response to a perceived threat.   I have found with my clients who present with panic attacks, there is something they all have in common…  Most people who develop panic attacks have habitually stressed over ordinary everyday occurrences, and have actually run them selves down to such an extent that they are now super sensitive to ANY stress…real or imagined.  It is almost impossible to consciously stop panic attacks without help.

At this point, their adrenal glands have become programmed to produce a huge amount of cortisol and adrenolin continuously, like having the heat turned up under a pressure cooker…increasing the pressure…so any additional small increase in pressure, like a negative thought, or even a dream, makes the pressure cooker boil over. An extreme flight or fight (stress response) is triggered, and panic results. The panic is actually made worse by the fact that there is NOTHING to fight or flee from, so no action can be taken

A vicious cycle of fear is created…fear of having a panic attack multiplies the intensity of the experience many fold.   The stress reaction is totally out of proportion to the danger.  Because people who have panic attacks are debilitated, and living in fear, they lack the ability to break this destructive cycle…in fact, it gets worse over time.
Cure for Panic Attacks…stop panic attacks with anxiety hypnosis/stress hypnosis…
However panic attacks are not dangerous and therefore nothing bad is actually going to happen to you. It is very important that you accept this. It is simply like a false alarm – like an annoying super-sensitive smoke detector that goes off at the wrong times.


Some of the symptoms of panic attacks include:

  • Heart pounding, beating fast, or missing a beat
  • Chest pains
  • Breathing fast or feeling short of breath
  • Numbness or tingling in the fingers toes or lips
  • Feeling sick
  • Feeling faint
  • Feelings of terror
  • Feelings of unreality, like you are not really there
  • Feeling anxious in situations where you have had a panic attack before

People often think negative thoughts, which are untrue, such as: I am having a heart attack

  • I am going to be sick
  • I'm having a heart attack
  • I cannot breath
  • I am going to make an idiot of myself
  • I have to get out of here now

A large number of people have experienced panic attacks at some point in their lives. Some people may get them daily, whereas others may get them every few months or even years. They are fairly common and are not a sign of mental illness.   You may know gorgeous Peter Andree is was a victim of panic attacks, but learned to stop panic attacks and gain control using anxiety hypnosis.

After experiencing a panic attack people sometimes escape the situation and avoid it in the future.   This only serves to reinforce and compound the problem. If you can, try and remain in the place you are having a panic attack until it passes. This is really helpful in breaking the cycle of fear. Remind yourself that you have had panic attacks before and nothing bad is going to actually happen.

Thankfully it is possible to stop panic attacks easily using some cutting edge techniques such as  anxiety hypnosis/stress hypnosis.  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), NLP (neurolinguistic programming) , acupuncture.  Anxiety/stress hypnosis is a very effective cure for panic attacks... stop panic attacks for good, get control of your mind, and get your life back.   You deserve it!