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Biplar Disorder

Biplar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

From Gut to Brain: The Inflammation Connection   

If you are experiencing fatigue, brain clouding, flat mood, PMS, and constipation, the medical profession call it anxiety or stress and stick you on an antidepressant that you will likely take for the rest of your life. Where in this protocol have we investigated why you are feeling that way?  Has this treatment been personalized to your unique biochemistry?  What is the plan for side effects including new and different psychiatric symptoms resulting from this prescription?  It hasn't.   It is simply a matter of mass medication for certain symptoms without ever addressing the root cause at all.   The one-size-fits all treatment to mask symptoms without consideration for the cause.

The Treatment of Bipolar Disorder with Natural Medicine

The emerging scientific evidence and clinical practice suggest that some patients with bipolar disorder also have underlying digestive problems, which cause inappropriate immune and inflammatory responses. These processes can lead to psychological problems.   These patients may suffer bloating, gas, acid reflux, allergies, thrush, constipation and/or diarrhoea, loud bowel sounds or abdominal discomfort.

To ascertain the cause and the extent of any underlying digestive problems experienced by patients with bipolar disorder, non-invasive tests are carried out in the form of our unique Meta Health Scan. Once the root cause of these problems are diagnosed and treated, patients usually notice an improvement in their condition. Their mood becomes more stable and their overall health improves.

Some of these patients started life with a poor gut flora. After taking an extensive case history, it is often evident that the patient may have inherited a poor gut flora from their mother, who may also suffer digestive problems. The maternal grandmother may also have suffered digestive disorders. The patient may have gone on to suffer recurrent infections in childhood because their immunity was impacted by their poor gut flora. There is around 70-80% of the immune system in the digestive system and scientific evidence demonstrates that it is adversely affected by poor gut flora. These recurrent infections were invariably treated with antibiotics, which further damage the gut flora.

After antibiotic therapy or prolonged stress, space in the gut flora is created through the death of the commensal (beneficial) bacteria. The pathogenic (bad) strains of bacteria and also yeast can overgrow unchallenged. It is these organisms that can cause the digestive, immune and behavioural problems. In fact, there is ever increasing evidence that the gut and brain communicate and that an imbalance of the gut flora can cause psychological problems. Patients with medically diagnosed underlying digestive problems may report anxiety, depression, mood swings, poor sleep, vivid dreams and/or nightmares.

The treatment for bipolar disorder, therefore, consists of diagnosing any underlying gut issues and eliminating them. Also, the immune dysfunction is addressed. This is all achieved through a supplementation prescription, which is formulated to meet each patient’s unique needs, as revealed through both the case history and medical tests. The Natural Medicine is very safe and is licensed by HM Government’s Department of Health and the EU. A special diet is also given. While the underlying problems are being resolved, symptomatic treatment can also be given for anxiety, depression, etc; as necessary. Psychological problems are often gradually resolved as the gut issues are treated and immune system regulated.

The case history will also include details of any pharmaceutical medication the patient is taking. This will ensure that no herbal medication will be given that may interact with the pharmaceutical drugs. Patients may choose (with the consent of their doctor) to gradually reduce their drugs later in the treatment, if appropriate, in which case a herbal prescription can be given to support the patient through this transitional period.This is a cutting-edge approach to treating bipolar disorder. There is already scientific evidence that schizophrenia can be successfully treated with a similar approach. This is encouraging news for the many patients suffering from bipolar disorder. Hopefully, funding will be found for more scientific investigation


This BIG Picture approach is what sets us apart From Other doctors.

In every case of Bi-Polar there is an underlying cause…something individual to each person.   If at one time you didn’t have these symptoms and now you do, obviously something has changed within your body which has led to these issues being produced.  The key is to unlock your root cause, and heal it.   Bi-Polar issues are merely a symptom of the underlying cause.   To heal from Bi-=Polar  issues we need to address the root cause.   In this centre we specialize in root cause diagnosis of any health condition using our state of the art Meta Health Scan. 

Meta Health Scan

The Meta Health Scan is carried out utilizing the amazing diagnostic ability of Clinical Kinesiology.   It is reliable, accurate and reproducible. The scan will reveal the imbalances unique to your body, and how these are affecting you.   The scan reveals such issues as endogenous bio-toxicity, nutrient imbalances or deficiencies, sub-clinical infections, allergies and food sensitivities.  We also test for organ imbalances, hormone imbalance, and leaky gut.    Any abnormality in these areas will easily be picked up during the Health Scan. We also examine your entire lifestyle, sleep quality and any emotional/psychological contributors to your condition.

In-Depth Consultation regarding your results.

Once this information is gathered we offer you an in-depth consultation to discuss your results, during which we discuss what has been revealed by the scan, where and how this has arisen, and how to remove or transform it, and reboot your system.   I believe it is very important for each person to understand what has been going on in their body, how the condition has developed, and how to unravel and resolve it naturally.   My intention is not just to teach you about your condition, but more importantly to empower you with understanding in order that you are able to take back control of your health.

5 Step Protocol
1. Detect (In-Depth Evaluation & Advanced Testing)
2. Detox (Heavy Metals, Chemicals, Hydrocarbons, Bleaches, EMF)
3. Eliminate (Pathogens…virus, post virus, bacteria, parasites, fungi)
4. Rebuild (Tissues & Pathways)
5. Rebalance organs (kidneys, liver, etc.)
The 5 Steps to Restoring Health Protocol had been developed following many years of research and experience and utilizes food, nutritional supplements, herbal and energetic formula

In-Depth Tailored Treatment Plan

Together we create an individualized tailored treatment plan for you.   This may include some or all of there: a gentle detoxification protocol, dietary changes, specific supplements, life style changes, exercise, etc tailored to your specific needs. In the majority of cases treatment can be implemented by you at home without the need for repeated visits to the centre; however Health Coaching and support is built in to this package to assist you through your treatment.

Supportive Treatments

Once on the prescribed treatment, some clients choose to support their system with other therapies toastiest healing.   This is not essential but will speed up your progress.   These include 

I am delighted to be able to report that the results our client’s achieve with this approach are outstanding and lasting in the vast majority of cases.