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Hypno Gastric Band

Hypno Gastric Band


Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy/Hypno Gastric Band

Are you Overweight and feeling miserable? Hypno gastric band Weight Hypnotherapy can help you control and stop overeating...    



 Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis, or hypno gastric band as it is sometimes called,  greatly assists you to lose weight easily, and in a healthy sustainable way.  Lose weight hypnotherapy can influence your subconscious mind and easily persuade it to make some permanent changes to your eating and lifestyle habits, which will have the knock on effect of a permanent change to being overweight, your health and wellbeing… it can stop overeating and cravings..

Stop overeating and make weight problems a thing of the past with virtual gastric band lose weight hypnotherapy!

The principle is simple as actual surgery.  A client with serious weight problems is treated with hypno gastric band hypnotherapy, and installs in them the belief that they have had a Gastric Band fitted.  The client believes this so strongly that they are only able to eat and drink to the degree that they would have done had a real band been fitted.

The advantages of this virtual gastric band hypnotherapy approach are probably obvious to many:

•         No invasive surgery

•         A fraction of the cost of surgery

•         completely reversible

•         No direct side effects

It is a powerful solution with a potentially dramatic impact on a person’s life.  There is a range of very effective techniques in hypnotherapy and NLP which can help a person shed pounds and live a healthy life without having to go to the length of restricting the intake of food in this way.  Gastric band hypnotherapy is normally a last resort for those who are chronically overweight, who have tried a range of different approaches and been unable to consistently keep off the excess fat.

Virtual gastric band hypnotherapy helps top overeating with weight hypnotherapy

My intention is to offer you the most thorough, effective and struggle-free weight loss system available in the world today.  I offer a unique, one to one, full day intensive, plus follow up and support  package, which includes the following…

Using virtual gastric band lose weight hypnotherapy, I have found my overweight clients respond best if I follow this tried and tested protocol…

1.  Setting realistic goals

2.  Changing your eating habits

3.  Assessing the physiological causes of weight gain (allergy testing, toxicity testing, hormonal imbalance testing)

4.  Assessing and dealing with any emotional factors causing you to over eat.

5.  Diet and healthy eating plan

6.  Exercise plan

7.  Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy process

8.  Aftercare.

9.  Follow up and support

10.             Enjoy your beautifully bslim body, and vibrant health and fitness!


1. SETTING REALISTIC GOALThe very first thing I establish with a patient is a clear and realistic goal as to how much overweight they believe they are, and how much they wish to lose. Most people find it useful to have a 12 week plan, as a 6 month plan can be a daunting time frame. You can repeat this 12 week session if you are very overweight and need to lose a lot of weight. A realistic amount of weight loss might be up to 24 pounds in a 12 week period, depending on your existing weight, however often very over weight patients lose much more than this, especially in the first month. It seems a lot less daunting when you think that this works out at 8 pounds of weight loss per month, around 2 pound per week. Weight hypnotherapy can help stop overeating.

Hypno gastric band Weight hypnotherapy can help stop overeating…

2.CHANGING EATING HABITS…I then discuss eating habitsMost people know their bad habits when they are honest with themselves and actually think about their eating habits in some detail. Think for a moment about some of your eating habits which would benefit from change. Weight hypnosis can help you easily change your eating habits and help you stop overeating too.

Virtual gastric band will help you STOP OVEREATING WITH WEIGHT HYPNOTHERAPY…

One of the most common and destructive habits I regularly find is that people give themselves portions of food that are too large, and then feel they have to finish everything on their plate. People eat in front of the TV, and are absorbed in the program.   They eat unconsciously. This causes them to overeat, and ignore their body's signals telling them that they have eaten enough.  This creates overweight If you do this, you are effectively training your brain to set its satisfied threshold much higher than it should be, meaning you need to eat more in order to feel satisfied. Weight hypnotherapy can help you stop overeating.

3. Testing for underlying physiological causes of weight gain…The most common causes of weight gain other than emotional eating are toxicity, allergy and hormonal imbalance.   You will receive a Clinical Kinesiology scan to ascertain exactly what is present in you system that is causing you to gain weight, and a prescription of specific supplement and detox protocols to deal with it easily, in conjunction with your hypno gastric band...

4. Assessing and dealing with any emotional factors for over eating… Some overweight people eat to fill an emotional hunger, and cannot stop overeating.  If so, that needs to be addressed within the weight hypnotherapy session.   Emotional eating is very common.   Food is often consumed because we feel emotionally empty, or as a preoccupation from our low feelings.   It may give us a sense of fullness, but not the emotional fulfillment we crave.   Once we have put on the excess pounds, we actually feel even worse that before.   Getting to the source of the emotional need to over eat is essential to heal it in order that we no longer indulge in over eating.   Once the underlying cause is found, hypnotherapy for that cause will delete it from your mind.

5. Diet and healthy eating plan…We will discuss a specific healthy eating diet for your particular circumstances, and a daily eating plan. Using weight hypnotherapy, I may also persuade a patients' subconscious mind to modify a few more habits, such as eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, as these actually fill you up, are low in calories, and speed up weight loss. Also to eat less high fat convenience meals, and high fat mayonnaise etc. Lose weight hypnotherapy helps you stop overeating.

6. Exercise plan… .   Of course increasing exercise helps increase muscle…your main fat burner. We will plan a sensible exercise regime to meet your specific needs. Our bodies are incredibly efficient, and can generate a lot of work for only a relatively small amount of calories burnt.    Obviously exercise will burn more calories, but even more important than this is the fat/muscle ratio, and the health of your heart, bones and brain.   Even gentle exercise has been proven to greatly improve our health and vitality.

7. Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy/hypno gastric band process…Once all these initial factors are discussed, and dealt with, we move on to the hypnosis to install the virtual gastric band.   You will be gently induced into a hypnotic trance, and in this highly suggestable state I will install powerful suggestions into your receptive unconscious mind that you are going through the actual operation.   Obviously there is absolutely no pain, or complications to this virtual surgery!   At the end of this virtual surgery your mind will believe that you have a gastric band around part of your stomach which is restricting your intake of food, and you will feel full and satisfied very quickly after eating only a small portion of food.   In conjunction with the above factors, weight will start to fall off you with almost no effort on your part.

8.   Aftercare…specific aftercare measures will be discussed, and a daily regime planned for you.

9. Follow up and support…You will be required to do some after care, and to attend a follow up appointment to adjust the band if necessary.   There is ongoing daily support on a daily basis by text for the initial 14 days to ensure you are doing well, from then on support once a week for the remaining 10 weeks to support you where necessary on your journey to your ideal weight and vitality.

10.  Enjoy!. Enjoy your new found beautifully slim body, and vibrant health and fitness!

Virtual gastric band hypnosis helps you Stop overeating…Hypno gastric band lose weight hypnotherapy…

For those who consider actual gastric band surgery a step too far, or who are advised by their doctor not to have surgery, the hypno gastric band can be an effective solution.  Hypnotherapy and NLP in general, are hugely effective in other ways and you can feel really good about your body, your health and your lifestyle.   Virtual gastric band hypnotherapy, hypno gastric band and lose weight hypnotherapy cannot take the weight off you directly, like liposuction can, but it CAN help you to modify your behavior, stop overeating, and make permanent changes in order to facilitate permanent weight loss. If you are overweight you must accept that you need to make changes in order to lose weight. Virtual gastric band lose weight hypnotherapy can help you to make these changes and meet your weight loss goals much more easily.

Think about all the wonderful benefits that you will enjoy when you're a slimmer, more attractive, and healthier you. Stop overeating and make weight problems a thing of the past with virtual gastric band lose weight hypnotherapy!

Linda Burke MCSP, Lic Ac,, Master NLP Practitioner and Master NLP Hypnotherapist, Functional Nutritional Therapist, Breakthrough Coach

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