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5 Top Reasons to Kick Start Your Detox

5 Top Reasons to Kick Start Your Detox

Here are 5 top reasons to kick start your detox this Month at Meta-Physical Holistic Wellness


1.  Lose weight.

Many dangerous toxins are simply too toxic for our Liver to handle under normal circumstances.   Dangerous toxins cause your Liver to convert sugars into fat in order to create a safe toxic waste dump in our body.  A sluggish Liver will also cause fatigue and lethargy.   This affects the body's natural ability to burn fat, leading to weight gain. Diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure are directly linked to weight issues. Detoxing using specific natural products will safely rid the body of toxins stored in fat cells and increases metabolism.

2.  Remove toxins from the body.

Long-term exposure to toxins (environmental pollutants, cancer-causing chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, heavy metals, and industrial waste) affects our metabolism, behaviour, immune system, and is now known to be the main root cause of chronic disease. Toxins are stored in fatty tissues and cells throughout the body, including the brain, often for years –leading to physiological stress and ultimately disease. yikes!

3. Prevent or help heal chronic disease.

Environmental toxins are responsible for many cancers, neurological diseases, heart disease, strokes, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders like rheumatism, psoriasis and even MS... you name it. Our bodies do have a built-in detox function to deal with these dangers, but those systems are constantly overloaded!  There are two phases of detoxification carried out by our Liver…Phase 1 deals with water soluble less dangerous toxins and is rarely the cooperate in chronic disease.    Phase 2 involves a much more complicated process which deals with the fat soluble dangerous toxins…it is phase 2 which needs support when we are toxic.   Detox diets alone do not have enough effect on Phase 2. Targeted detoxing assists and improves what our bodies are trying to do naturally.

4. Enhance immune system function.

A compromised immune system makes us vulnerable not only to colds and flus, affecting our quality of life and productivity. ..Our immune system is our only defence against all infections and works in conjunction with our detoxification processes to keep us from acquiring major illnesses and repairing daily damage. Regular detoxing helps strengthen immune system functioning and fights off infection and chronic disease

5. Slow premature aging and improve your skin

Detoxing rids the body of damaging free radicals, chemicals and heavy metals partially responsible for aging. Detoxing helps to increase nutrient absorption, including antioxidants and vitamins that help fight oxidative stress.   Beauty and aging happen from the inside out…no matter what you put on your skin to keep you looking young…it’s what is going on inside that is either aging or antiaging.   Toxicity is the main cause of aging.

What most people don’t realize is that diet and Milk Thistle alone cannot completely detoxify your body.   Specific toxins require specific combinations of natural herbs and nutrients in order to neutralize the damaging toxins held in fat tissue.  This is called Chelation Therapy and can be undertaken orally with targeted supplementation protocols..    Once neutralized, the liver can detoxify safely.
If you are interested in doing a Spring Clean of your system to maximize your health and vitality, lose weight or regain assist yo in healing a specific condition…this is what we specialize in doing for you.
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