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Balance your pH to improve your health the natural way

Balance your pH to improve your health the natural way

Balance Your pH To Improve Your Health The Natural Way

Maintaining our PH in balance is one of the most important factors in preventing diseases like Autoimmune disorders, infections, digestion issues, skin issues and many more including cancer prevention.. Unfortunately, mainly due to the toxicity of our environment and products, and the highly refined and processed food so many of us are eating on a regular basis, contribute directly to their bodies’ PH becoming out of balance for long periods of time. When our bodies PH balance is disrupted, health problems will inevitably result.   In fact I would go as far as to state that you cannot become ill unless your pH is out of balance in the first place.

Anything which stresses our body will cause a drop in the pH.   Stress comes in various forms…external stressor such as bad relationship, unhappiness, over work etc, and internal stressors such as toxic build up, high sugar intake, medications, infections etc.

Our normal healthy blood pH should register at 7.4 which is alkaline. Usually, people who suffer from unbalanced pH are acidic. This condition depletes the body’s store of alkaline minerals, such as calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium, by taking them from storage in vital organs and bones. This is the major cause of osteoporosis and osteopenia…not lack of dairy products!  Your body does this to neutralize the high acid levels and excrete it from your system.

This can cause malnutrition of these specific alkaline minerals and can result in unhealthy consequences due to the lack of important elements and minerals in the body. This imbalance in your PH level can exist for years without you knowing about it! In fact, most people are highly acidic due to PH imbalance.

Understanding pH

The letters, “pH” stands for “potential of hydrogen.” It’s a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution or fluid, such as in saliva, urine or blood. The pH scale goes from 0 to 14. The lower the pH number, the more

acidic the solution is; the higher the pH number, the more alkaline (or base) the solution. When a solution is neither acid nor alkaline it has a pH of 7, which is neutral.
When a pH solution imbalance condition registers less than 7, it’s called “acidosis.” It can cause diseases to take root at the cellular level. That’s why it’s very important to create a “clean environment” in your body to prevent disease from getting a foothold in your system.
Symptoms of pH imbalance

As acid levels increase in your body, your vital organs become drained of important minerals. This makes them weaker and weakens your immune system. This also creates difficulties with different bodily systems, like your thyroid glands, adrenal glands, and liver. However this is a two way issue.   If you are stressed and acid due to toxicity in your system it will affect the liver, adrenals and Thyroid first, leading on to gut imbalance, leaky gut and chronic inflammatory diseases such as Autoimmunity, arthritis, allergies and many others..

But in the early stages of imbalance, symptoms may be very mild and could include skin eruptions, floaters in the eyes, headaches, allergies, aches and pains, colds, flu and sinus problems. But once the immune system becomes weakened due to high acidity levels, many other diseases and symptoms can come about.   It can eventually lead to serious and disabling health issues.

How important is it that you keep your body alkaline, and not acidic?

It’s absolutely vital. Most people don’t know this, but the vast majority of diseases, including cancer, simply cannot survive in an alkaline environment. That’s right, without most diseases simply don’t have a chance to come about or spread!


What causes pH imbalances?

As you now know, anything causing a stress response from your body will unbalance your pH balance into acidic, and this will inevitably lead to ill health sooner or later..   This includes external stressors such as emotional stress, exhaustion due to over work or insomnia, poor diet, worry etc, and internal stressors such as toxicity, and poor diet.


Internal Toxicity causes pH imbalance into acidity.

Toxins are everywhere in the environment…from the  chemicals in our personal care products, the household cleaning products, pharmaceutical medications, additives and preservatives on our foods, herbicides and insecticides on our vegetables and fruit, air pollution and hydrocarbons from traffic fumes, toxic heavy metals in our amalgam fillings and mercury in our vaccines, bleaches such as chlorine, hypo chloride and peroxide in our water and products Electromagnetic Fields from our wifi, phones, pc’s etc and so much more.

Once the pH is out of balance it reduces the immune system drastically leaving the body exposed to opportunistic infections such as Candida, Virus, Bacteria and parasites which all cause more toxicity and stress within the system…so the body gets more acidic and sicker and sicker.

The role of Food in pH imbalance

However, what we put in our bodies in the way of food also has a big part of the problem. It’s because our diet is basically made up of “acidic foods” like refined flour, white sugar, chocolate and other “staples” of our food culture. And by the way, these acid offenders also include foods such as red meat, dairy products and eggs, coffee and soft drinks.

All of these raise the acid levels in our blood! They cause a chain reaction in our bodies that leaves our immune systems weak and invites illness. This process of self poisoning through food and acidity is called “auto-toxicity.” Stop this madness!

But, as you know by now, food is also one of our best medicine and  pa large part of the way to get back to health and sanity. Alkaline foods such as green leafy vegetables, salads, fresh produce, raw nuts and other natural foods work with our bodies to reduce acidity and replace life-sustaining nutrients and minerals in our vital organs.

The role of Water in pH balance

Water is essential for life.   It is stated that at least 70% of our body is water…in every one of our 30 trillion cells.   Our system simply cans not function without it.   However this water has to be alkaline…not acidic.   It has to be 7.4 pH.   Most tap water contains chlorine which is alkaline bleach.   This sounds good…but it’s not.   Chlorine does kill the bugs in our water, but it also kills the good bugs in our gut…the microbiome, which makes up 80% of our immune system and keep0s the guy functioning correctly.   Chlorine lowers our immune system drasticly, and sets us up for disease.

The Bad Side Of Chlorine

Although it does have very good qualities in killing bacteria, chlorine also has very poor ones. Chlorine reacts with elements in the water to form trihalomethanes or THMs, which are a form of toxins. What scientists have learned is that these toxins can lead to a wide range of health problems for humans including

Bladder cancers
Heart disease

Many of these conditions could have been prevented with the use of other substances to cleanse the water outside of just chlorine. Some cities around the world are using other methods to treat water so as to reduce the need for chlorine. These methods are just as effective at cleansing the water as chlorine is, but without the harmful side effects.

Getting Rid Of Chlorine
Chlorine in tap water is very common throughout the Uk and Ireland. However, it is still a chemical that you need to remove from the water you drink before you drink it because of its toxic effect…which makes our body acidic. There are water filtration systems that can help. Some are designed to remove chlorine. When choosing any type of system, look for a product that will change the water’s pH balance from a highly acidic level to alkaline water, but not above a pH value of normal blood…7.4, or your body will attempt neutralize this by using its acidic minerals…and the sea-saw will swing against you in the opposite direction.. Drinking alkaline water of pH 7-7.4 you will improve the quality of that water tremendously.   A filter jug is a good inexpensive alternative.


How do I find out if my pH is unbalanced?

You can purchase test kits on line or in your local chemist.   However if you are stressed or unwell in any way what so ever then you are out of balance…acidic.   It is of academic interest to measure it!   Your symptoms are a result of your body being acidic and unwell


How to get back to a healthy PH level

In order to get back into pH balance and get well or prevent illness, it is essential to discover why you are acidic…and address those specific issues.


How can I find out if I’m toxic?   And how do I get rid of toxins

In my opinion as a health care consultant with over 30 years of experience in treating people with chronic disease and disability, it is absolutely essential to undergo a specific personalized detoxification program on a regular basis.   You will neither get well, nor stay well if you are toxic…and we are all toxic.   General commercial detox products are designed to push the liver function by making it more toxic for a short while!   This is both very bad medicine, and dangerous.   It does not work well because different toxins require different types of nutrients to aid their detoxification, and different individuals have different groups of toxins inside them.   There is no “one size fits all” effective approach.   To be effective the essential key is to determine what toxins and infections are present in each individual. 

I offer a unique Health Scan and consultation which will reveal what toxins and infections are present in your body, where in the body they are trapped, and which organs are being affected in an adverse way.   Together this information will explain exactly why you are unwell…the root cause of your disease no matter what it is called by your doctor.

I create a personalized treatment plan for you based on your findings, and your unique circumstances.  This treatment plan will include your results, your detoxification prescription and protocol, and dietary, supplementation and lifestyle information designed specifically for you.

I can’t stress enough how important getting your body back on track, and into pH balance. Not only is your immune system compromised and cancer cells energized, but parasites are much more likely to appear and breed when your body is acidic. Even cellular metabolism is impaired, which can cause major health issues, even death.
But nobody has to let things get that bad.   Invest in your future health by getting a Health Scan, and address the exact root cause of your health issue, or prevent one being created in the first place.

Together we can create wellness by design.
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