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Why do we get sick? An energetic approach to healing

Why do we get sick? An energetic approach to healing

Why do we get sick?

The sciences of Epi Genetics and New Biology have now demonstrated something amazing…our genetic code is NOT set at birth, as was previously thought.   It actually changes throughout our lives.    This means that even if you were born with a predisposition to a inherited family illness, you don’t necessarily have to have that gene switched on (expressed) and suffer that disease.   It also means that genes for disease which were previously dormant can become expressed, leading to the onset of diseases later in life.    We have disease causing genes, which if triggered will create dysfunction in our body.   However they are outnumbered by our resilience genes which keep us well.

Genes are like switches which are controlled by our DNA in every cell.   The DNA, it is now realised, tunes in to and reacts to the environment in which we live our lives.   The environment is the epi genetic context inside which disease will either develop, or be healed.
What is it that creates our context?   What determines whether that context is health promoting or disease promoting?



Disease results in Malfunctioning cells

What causes cells to malfunction? 4 things

1. Stress…excess energy in specific areas to the detriment of other areas
2. Deficiency…lack of energy
3. Impedance…blockage of energy
4. Faulty instructions…incoherent information held in our bio field which is detrimental to our wellbeing

The most important question then is…what causes stress, deficiency, impedance and faulty instructions?
There are Seven Pathways, seven roads, which together compose the epi genetic context which has led to the presenting symptoms or disease.   Where you are and what direction you move on each pathway will determine the state of your cells, and therefore your health.

The Seven Epi Genetic Pathways are:
• Nutrition: Food, O2, Water and Sunlight.   Chronic deficiency or imbalance in even one of these can lead to disease. 
• Toxins: toxins from our food, products and environment interfere with cell chemistry.   It is essential to determine which toxins are present in your system, and then undertake the specific gentle detox protocol designed and tailored for your needs.

• Mental: thoughts are the activity of our conscious and unconscious mind affects every cell in our body…instantly The memory of the interpretation of significant emotional events in our past determines the outcome.

• Emotional: Thoughts create emotions…Felt in the body.   Candis Pertt   Every emotional state carries with it a corresponding energy pattern and chemical molecule (neuropeptide). Positive emotions promote health while negative emotions destroy health.

• Spiritual awareness and connectedness: Lack of connectedness, belonging and purpose leads to a feeling of disempowerment.  Each disease carries a specific spiritual message to help us grow and evolve.

• Environment. Energy contains information…both energy of our family dynamics, relationships, social groups and the electromagnetic and other rogue frequencies lurking in physical space in which we spend our life.   The information then instructs our cells through our DNA

• Physical: Our body is a physical expression of and interpretation of our epi genetic context.

These seven pathways form the epigenetic matrix or hologram which determines our health and well-being…and they can be hacked.   It is now known that what used to be considered to be redundant “junk” DNA is actually the Meta code for our gene expression.   This Meta code is influenced by each of the seven pathways.

Science proves every molecule in our body is replaced every year…so why do we age and get ill? 

Taking all this information into consideration, I have designed a unique root cause diagnostic tool which is called the Meta-Health Scan. This technique utilizes Autonomic Response Testing combined with Functional and Integrative medicine plus Meta-Medicine to determine the root causes and assess certain areas of each patient.   The scan will also detect pre pathological imbalances in the bio field thus there is an opportunity to prevent the onset of disease by addressing these imbalances before they become physical.
The Meta-Integrative-Health scan will reveal exactly where in your system the imbalances are, and what they have been caused by…which of the seven pathways we need to address.   Experience demonstrates clearly that once addressed, the patient is enabled to return to optimal vibrant health with ease, the natural way.
The Integrative-Meta-Sync Process.   The Integrative-Meta-Sync Process is unique in that it addresses any and all the areas of imbalance demonstrated during the diagnostic process.   Treatment will be tailored to each individual depending on their unique set of imbalances. 

This is the Integrative-Meta-Sync Process.  It may include one or a combination of these:  
• An in-depth consultation to discuss your specific results and empower you with understanding and answers.
• Nutritional program, anti-fungal diet, alkalizing diet, gluten- free diet. Breathing techniques, advise on sun light exposure etc
• Detoxification program…specific to the toxins revealed in each case
• Coaching program to fast change your thinking, limiting beliefs and negative emotions using  NLP (neurolinguistic Programming) EFT (emotional freedom technique) and Matrix Reimprinting  and NLP Hypnotherapy.  We assist you to powerfully resolve any issues you have within your social connections, relationships with others or with your self. This will also assist you to reconnect to your higher self and find your purpose and power.
• Reiki, Shamanic Journeying and Transpersonal counselling to assist you to reconnect with your higher power and guidance.
• A course of TCM Acupuncture designed to readdress your specific energetic imbalances and reboot your system.
• Physiotherapy in the form of manipulation or mobilization techniques, exercise regimes, and electrotherapy to facilitate fast healing of any pain, injury or weakness in your physical body.

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