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Fibromyalgia Syndrome

Fibromyalgia Syndrome

Fibromyalgia Syndrome...Root Cause Diagnosis

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are the reverse side of the same coin.   They are chronic conditions, the true cause of which is neither known nor addressed by modern medicine.  These conditions are classified as autoimmune disorders,   An Autoimmune disorder is one in which the immune system has misinterpreted normal tissue as the enemy and is trying to destroy it.

It is thought to affect around 2% of the population in developed countries, with patients experiencing musculoskeletal pain and fatigue, often to a disabling degree, as well as many other distressing symptoms.

The most common symptoms of FMS are widespread muscle and joint pain accompanied by tender points and stiffness. Patients may also experience excessive fatigue, unrestful sleep, tension headaches/migraines, bladder/bowel problems, anxiety or depression. Most patients with FMS say they ache all over. Their muscles may feel like they have been pulled or overworked. Sometimes the muscles twitch and at other times they burn.

FMS is 5-10 times more common in women than in men and typically occurs between the ages of 30 to 50 years, although anyone can be afflicted. A patient will often experience periods of relief or significant improvement of symptoms.

The cause of FMS remains elusive to Western Medicine, but it is recognised that there are many triggering events thought to precipitate onset, such as infection (viral or bacterial), a car accident or the development of another disorder, such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, or hypothyroidism. These triggering events don’t cause FMS, but rather they may awaken an underlying physiological abnormality that’s already present.

Conventional treatment

As the cause is not understood by Western medicine, symptomatic relief is all that can be offered.

Medicines that boost levels of serotonin and noradrenalin – neurotransmitters that modulate sleep, pain and immune system function – are commonly prescribed. NSAIDs like ibuprofen are also commonly recommended, but are generally found to be unhelpful. Due to a lack of understanding of the condition, a drug-based approach tends to be limited to symptom relief which frequently doesn’t work.

However there is a solution…and hundreds of my clients stand testament to that!

To successfully treat these debilitating and painful conditions we have to ask the question “what is it that has triggered our natural defence system to turn against our own tissue? In Integrative Medicine and Functional Nutritional approaches to Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue we can test for and treat the root cause.

• Firstly it is important to understand that inflammation is the emergency response of the body to damage or disease…the ambulance service, so to speak. It is not the cause of disease…it is the healing response.   It is mainly our Liver which is responsible for producing and regulating the intensity of our inflammatory response.
•  What causes the Liver to over produce pro-inflammatory chemicals, leading to chronic inflammation, pain and disability?   Any stress to the Liver will cause it to turn up the volume on all its functions, causing an overreaction to any situation which requiring normal healing…daily wear and tear on our muscles and joints.
• The main stressor of the Liver is toxicity…toxic substances we have accumulated over a life time which the system has not been able to remove successfully   Most dangerous of all are toxic metals such as mercury from amalgam fillings, chemicals from industrial usage, and domestic cleaning, personal care products and medications,    hydrocarbons from the petrochemical industry (diesel, petrol, plastic, paint etc.), bleaches (chlorine, domestic bleach, peroxide and hydrochloride)  and EMF radiation (cell phones and computers etc..)
• Once our system is toxic and out of kilter our good gut bacteria, which represent 80% of our immune response to virus, bacteria, fungi and parasites, is greatly diminished or destroyed.   This allows these opportunistic infections to get set in leading to yet more symptoms and fatigue.   The end result is leaky gut syndrome, where the gut becomes too porous and more toxicity and invading organisms can get into our blood stream. At the source of all chronic disease lurks leaky gut syndrome.   It adds to the formation ton  chronic inflammation. Add to this poor diet, no exercise, and the stress of modern living and we have a cocktail for a health disaster.


Autoimmune Disease reversible?

Until Recently, We Thought Autoimmune Disease Wasn't Reversible
We're just beginning to understand why the immune system would attack healthy tissue... and in the beginning, we used to think that autoimmune diseases couldn't be reversed once the immune condition "turned on."
However, the latest evolution in autoimmune research indicates there might be another way...
Researcher Alessio Fasano, M.D. has been on the forefront of recent autoimmune and Celiac Disease research. In 2011, he published a paper titled "Leaky Gut and Autoimmune Diseases" introducing a new theory that suggests prevention and reversal of autoimmune disease is possible.

1. Environmental and endogenous toxicins evolution of research implicating leaky gut as the key element to the development of autoimmune diseases like MS

2. A genetic predisposition to autoimmunity (it is now known our genes respond to our internal and external environment.)

3. An exposure to the environmental trigger or allergies (in Celiac Disease - that's gluten)

4. Increased Intestinal Permeability (Leaky Gut)
Fasano's theory is part of the new begins to open the idea that we might be able to ACTUALLY turn off the autoimmune response in the body if we start with the gut.

How to Turn Off Your Autoimmune Disease

By addressing the underlying root cause of Autoimmune disease we can help switch off the exaggerated immune response
Autoimmune Protocol
• Identify the underlying  genetic susceptibility, stress, infection, environmental toxicity and eliminate it
• Identify any triggers or allergies and remove them
• Identify nutritional deficiency and rebalance them
• Identify hormone balance and take steps to tackle oestrogen dominance if necessary.
• Heal Leaky Gut
• Address Gut Flora
• Balance the immune system.
• Reduce inflammation using nutrients supplementation
• Use specific nutrients to target the area which has been attacked by the immune system.
• Address any emotional or psychological factors which may be exacerbating the immune response ( self-esteem issues)


The Health Transformer Approach

In every case of Fibromyalgia there is an underlying cause…something individual to each person.   If at one time you didn’t have these symptoms and now you do, obviously something has changed within your body which has led to Fibromyalgia being produced.  The key is to unlock your root cause, and healing it.    Fibromyalgia is merely a symptom of the underlying cause.   To heal Fibromyalgia we need to address the root cause.   In this centre we specialize in root cause diagnosis of any health condition using our state of the art Meta Health Scan. 

Meta Health Scan

The Meta Health Scan is carried out utilizing the amazing diagnostic ability of Clinical Kinesiology.   It is reliable, accurate and reproducible. The scan will reveal the imbalances unique to your body, and how these are affecting you.   The scan reveals such issues as endogenous bio-toxicity, nutrient imbalances or deficiencies, sub-clinical infections, allergies and food sensitivities.  We also test for organ imbalances, hormone imbalance, and leaky gut.    Any abnormality in these a

5 Step Protocol

1. Detect (In-Depth Evaluation & Advanced Testing)
2. Detox (Heavy Metals, Chemicals, Hydrocarbons, Bleaches, EMF)
3. Eliminate (Pathogens…virus, post virus, bacteria, parasites, fungi)
4. Rebuild (Tissues & Pathways)
5. Rebalance organs (kidneys, liver, etc.)


The 5 Steps to Restoring Health Protocol had been developed following many years of research and experience and utilizes food, 

nutritional supplements, herbal and energetic formula


In-Depth Consultation regarding your results.

Once this information is gathered we offer you an in-depth consultation to discuss your results, during which we discuss what has been revealed by the scan, where and how this has arisen, and how to remove or transform it, and reboot your system.   I believe it is very important for each person to understand what has been going on in their body, how the condition has developed, and how to unravel and resolve it naturally.   My intention is not just to teach you about your condition, but more importantly to empower you with understanding in order that you are able to take back control of your health.

Individually tailored Treatment Plan

Together we create an individualized tailored treatment plan for you.   This may include some or all of there: a gentle detoxification protocol, dietary changes, specific supplements, life style changes, exercise, etc tailored to your specific needs. In the majority of cases treatment can be implementedby you at home without the need for repeated visits to the centre; however Health Coaching and support is built in to this package to assist you through your treatment.

Supportive Treatments

Once on the prescribed treatment, some clients choose to support their system with other therapies toastiest healing.   This is not essential but will speed up your progress.   These include .

Physiotherapy carried out by a Chartered Physiotherapist can greatly benefit pain and inflammation symptoms, and skilled guidance and advice can help prevent further damage.

TCM Acupuncture carried out by a TCM acupuncturist can greatly elevate pain, accelerate healing, and enhance swift relief.

Functional Nutritional Therapy is used as part of the root cause diagnostic consultation to advice on detoxification protocols and specialist dietary advice to maximize healing potential.

Aromatherapy and Essential oils...used as part of a holistic treatment or at home

Emotional Freedom Technique...used to help reduce pain and emotional challenges

NLP Hypnotherapy

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