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Infertility issies. Unexplained Infertility, Natural Fertility Help Preparing for Healthy Pregnancy

Infertility issies. Unexplained Infertility, Natural Fertility Help Preparing for Healthy Pregnancy

Infertility Issues.   Unexplained Infertility.   Natural Fertility Help Preparing for Healthy Pregnancy


A New Epi-genetic view of fertility issues...A  Meta-Health-Sync Perspective

A solutions based paradigm which reveals and addresses the root cause

Unexplained Infertility can now be explained and treated using state of the art Meta-Health Scan root cause diagnosis.   Once the root cause has been identified Natural Fertility cleanse and treatment can be successfully prescribed.

Conditions associated with infertility

As you can gather there are many and varied conditions associated with infertility known to modern medicine.   However what modern medicine does not consider is that each f these conditions has been triggered by didn't just develop for no reason.   The root cause of infertility is not any of these conditions.   They are simply the way your body has responded to the triggering factor in your unique set of epi-genetic factors.   Unfortunately modern medicine has a high failure rate when it comes to reversing the underlying root cause of infertility, fact it is not addressed at all.

Increasing numbers of couples are experiencing difficulty getting pregnant, and modern medicine has not offered a solution other than IVF, and unfortunately even IVF is often not successful.   It is therefore not surprising that more and more couples are seeking alternatives to traditional infertility treatments. In this practice we take a truly unique approach which is beyond holistic…the Meta-Health-Sync approach… an epi-genetic approach to infertility...and it has proven to be very successful.

What is A Meta Health Sync perspective?

The Ground Breaking Science of Epi Genetics
The ground breaking work of Prof Bruce Lipton, cellular biologist, and reproduced by many others since, noticed that 3 stem cells from the same source, placed in 3 different petre dishes with 3 different mediums in then, all evolved into different tissues.   The conclusion is…the DNA is not set, rather is responds to the environment in which it resides.
The science of Epi-genetics is now demonstrating how cell (including human cells, sperm cells and cells within the female egg) functions are shaped by their environment and how our personal epi genetic environment affect us as the cellular level.
 DNA is not set, it responds to the environment inside your body, which is responding to the environment outside your body, and your perceptions of life in general.   These created and dictate the resonating frequencies of your internal environment and your DNA.   DNA instructs each cell to perform certain functions, grow, die etc..
DNA is not set, it responds to the environment inside your body, which is responding to the environment outside your body, and your perceptions of life in general.   These created and dictate the resonating frequencies of your internal environment and your DNA.   DNA instructs each cell to perform certain functions, grow, die etc.

DNA has endless possibilities…it condenses the wave function into matter in our body.   It is a transducer of energy.   It steps energy down into matter. (Protein)
1. multiple possibilities
2 the possibilities which unfold are determined by our perception
3 DNA changes in relation to energy in the perceived environment

  What does this mean to health and fertility?
1.  we don’t have to be the victim of diseases and infertility as they are just condensed stuck energy
2. we can change that energy by changing our internal and external environment
3. we can learn how to change our perception NOW
4. We don’t have to suffer the genetic disease we inherited
The environment is what Einstein referred to as the universal field
Einstein quote...“The field is the soul governing agency of the particle”   The field is the BIG PICTURE context inside which we live…

By now I’m sure you are beginning to get the picture…the epi-genetic context in side which we live our lives will determine the response from our body.   Put another way…the energetic template we carry in our personal bio field will eventually download into the physical…our biology.

The old paradigm is linear..The Meta-Health-Sync New paradigm is vertical…big picture view…mapping back to practical areas we need to transform.   It looks at the big picture, the epi-genetic context inside which life and our body develop.   Context is everything.   This is a new domain, a new way of knowing, and a new reality of healing.

Good news…big picture medicine
Accurate diagnosis of the exact underlying epi-genetic root causes of your disease is the only way in which effective treatments can be prescribed…treatments which naturally and harmlessly promote and optimize your own innate ability to heal any illness.  

What is it that creates our context?   What determines whether that context is health promoting or disease promoting?
Disease results from quantum energetic incoherence and disharmony   Disharmony and incoherence cause cells to malfunction…

What causes energetic disharmony and incoherence?   4 things
1. Stress…excess energy in specific areas to the detriment of other areas
2. Deficiency…lack of energy
3. Impedance…blockage of energy
4. Faulty instructions…incoherent information held in our field which is detrimental to our wellbeing

Taking all this information into consideration, I have designed a unique diagnostic tool which I call the Meta-Health scan to determine the root causes and assess certain areas of each individual.   As part of our unique diagnostic process, we take into consideration Seven Epi-genetic Pathways, seven roads, which together compose the context or matrix, and lead to either health or disease. Where you are and what direction you move on each pathway will determine the state of your cells, and therefore your health.

The Seven Pathways are:
• Nutrition: Food, O2, Water and sunlight.   Chronic deficiency of even a single nutrient can lead to disease.   A diet high in sugar and carbohydrates will lead to a pH which is too acidic causing changes in our gut flora, depression of the immune response, hormone disruption, infertility and disease.   Specific food  Intolerance may need to be dealt with, as well as specific diet plans for specific issues such as Candida, leaky gut syndrome, allergies, etc.
However there are some very simple measures can be taken to alkalize your intake of food by cutting out sugars, cutting down carbohydrates, and only consuming whole grain and whole meal carbohydrates which release glucose much more slowly and still retain their nutritional value… drink 8 glasses clean filtered water, and learn how to breath effectively…preferably out near deciduous woodland as trees are our main source of O2.   Make sure you get plenty of sunshine on as much of your skin as possible to enhance fertility and help prevent osteoporosis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and cancer, and to boost your immune system
• Toxins: toxins from our food, products and environment interfere with cell chemistry., and in the case of unexplained infertility we need especially to address hormone disrupters such as thse found in Oestrogen mimics which an also contribute to testicular cancer and poor semen quality. Oestrogen mimics are also found in paints, toiletries, pesticides, spermicides, and as a breakdown product of the plastics used in some water bottles and baby bottles.   It is essential to determine what toxins are present in your system, and then undertake the specific gentle detox protocol designed and tailored for your needs.
• Mental: thoughts are the activity of our conscious and unconscious mind affects every cell in our body…instantly    We have an experience, which we interoperate a certain way, and remember the interpretation…the concept we created.   The concept is not the experience…it has gone long ago.   However the memory and the interpretation or concept has emotions attached, and these trigger neuropeptides which have a chemical and so physical effect on our body.   How we remember or conceptualize things from our past actually influence our biology directly right now.   Unconscious patterns of thoughts become unconscious beliefs, and what we believe has an impact on our b iology…positive or negative.   This is the science behind the placebo effect where your belief can give the same results as medication. The same is true with the ‘nocebo’ effect, where negative thoughts and beliefs can affect your biology – and thus chances of success.
Positive concepts create life affirming molecules, and negative concepts create death affirming molecules.
Memory = interpretation-we can change it if it becomes conscious.  If not conscious our conditioned responses give us a predictable outcome in our bodies.
Average human has 60,000 thoughts a day of which 95% are same thoughts as yesterday.   We keep creating the same kind of body and life.  It has become our blueprint. The memory of the interpretation determines the outcome.
• Emotional: Thoughts create emotions…Felt in the body.   Candis Pertt   Every emotional state carries with it a corresponding energy pattern and chemical molecule (neuropeptide).  The Heart Math institute in America have demonstrated that the heart gives off a huge electrical field around and in the body which entrains all other organs including the brain.   There are more neurons from your heart to your brain than the other way around.   The heart broadcasts our emotional resonating frequency out into the rest of the body and into the field around us.   If your emotions are coherent…in harmony with who you are as a being, they enhance health, but if incoherent they adversely affect health. Positive emotions promote health while negative emotions destroy health.
• Spiritual awareness and connectedness: Lack of connectedness, belonging and purpose leads to a feeling of disempowerment.  The first decision we made when we incarnated into this reality was that we had been separated from the one God, and were now alone as an individual being.   All other decisions we have made about our self are based on this misconception.   Our mission on this earth is to grow and evolve, and remember who we truly are…spirit in carnate.   Each disease carries a specific spiritual message to help us grow and evolve.
• Environment/relationships…Energy contains information…both energy of our family dynamics, relationships, social groups and the electromagnetic and other rogue frequencies lurking in physical space in which we spend our life.   Our own morphogenetic field is a continuum of the energies outside our personal field, and download into our more dense energy…our body.   The information then instructs our cells through our DNA.   If the information is toxic (does not resonate in coherence with our innate resonance) it will have a detrimental affect on our health and fertility.
• Physical: Our body is a gift…the vehicle inside which we get the opportunity to experience sensations and emotions, move from place to place, and adapt and co-create our external environment.
How we use our body has a huge effect on our health.   From poor posture, lack of movement due to sedentary jobs, Repetitive strain etc  Your body is a metaphorical representation, or reflection back to you of whether your thoughts, emotions and corresponding actions, are in alignment with who you really are, or whether there is a lack of coherence somewhere in your life…your state of being.   Our body is a physical expression of and interpretation of our environment.   

Consider this...Science has proven that every molecule in our body is changed every year…so why do we become infertile, age and get ill?  Force of habit…the context inside which we live our life in each of the 7 pathways.   In terms of quantum physics, we repeat the same fluctuations at a quantum physical level which have a physical expression in our body and life..our blueprint
With all this in mind we have created a unique natural fertility protocol which takes into consideration all the 7 major aspects of what it is to be a healthy human being, and how these 7 pathways may be impacting your general health and fertility.  This is a 5 step protocol beginning with a root cause diagnostic Meta-Health Scan to determine where your specific imbalances are, and which of the 7 pathways are contributing to your infertility issues.   With this information we will design a tailor made bespoke natural fertility plan with you addressing all your unique imbalances with solutions which work.

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Meta-Integrative-Health Scan

Meta-Integrative-Health-Sync Process



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