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Joint pain

Joint pain

Joint pain

What happens when things go wrong with our joints?

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Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most prevalent form of arthritis, resulting in pain and motion limitation.
Originating in the joint cartilage, the disease is associated with degradation of the cartilage matrix and significant subchondral bone changes, triggering inflammation and pain of the surrounding joint and becoming progressively severe. The joints most often affected in OA are the hands and weight-bearing: knees, hips, ankles and spine.  OAs not, as is commonly thought, an inevitable consequence of ageing. Trauma, mechanical stress, or biochemical changes trigger a metabolically active process of remodelling and repair of damaged joint tissue. Ultimately, the balance between joint cartilage synthesis and degradation shifts in balance of degradation. When cartilage in a joint deteriorates, OA develops.
In the early stages of the disease there is a loss of proteoglycans and other cartilage components. In some sufferers, inflammation occurs around the synovium. As the disease progresses and the cartilage volume and integrity deteriorates further, it loses elasticity and becomes increasingly prone to damage due to repetitive
use and injury.
Over time, the continued degradation of cartilage results in microfractures and exposure of the subchondral
bone, which stimulates the formation of osteophytes within the joint. This ultimately leads to a functional deterioration of the joint, with accompanying pain, stiffness, joint swelling and deformity. The diagnosis of OA is often confirmed with radiological evidence of cartilage destruction (narrowing of the joint space) or if
bony projections or erosions are evident.

Conventional treatment

OA is typically treated with (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) NSAIDs.While effective for pain and inflammation, these drugs are known to have a number of adverse side effects including peptic ulcers and damage to the liver or the kidneys. Prolonged use of NSAIDs actually appears to contribute to the progression of OA by encouraging cartilage breakdown directly - a contradiction that is often overlooked.
Other popular treatments include analgesics and corticosteroids - the latter occasionally generating devastating side effects. Another problem with the drug-based approach is that it has traditionally limited its focus to symptom relief rather than slowing the progression of the disease.

Alternative Medicine treatment for Joint Pain

In a holistic approach we diagnose the underlying cause of problems OA  In some people it may be overuse, or mal-use of the mechanics of the body, leading to uneven load baring, and excessive ware.   Poor postural habits create ware (like the tracking being out of alignment on your car tyres)

A Chartered Physiotherapist has expertise in this area, and can advise and treat OA with exercise, postural advice, and electrotherapy or acupuncture.

Toxicity is known to cause a decrease in the normal alkalinity of our blood, leading to an over acidic environment.   This stresses the immune system, and leads to excessive inflammation…the healing mechanism.   However, if the toxicity is not removed, the inflammation will continue and lead to enzymatic degeneration of the joint surfaces, accelerating the degenerative process.  

Our Meta-Sync Health Scan will reveal what toxins are present, and a tailor-made protocol for detoxification can be undertaken.

The Health Transformer Approach

Meta Health Scan 5 Step Protocol

In every case of Joint pain there is an underlying cause…something individual to each person.   If at one time you didn’t have these symptoms and now do, obviously something has changed in your system in order that these symptoms have been produced.   Joint pain is merely a symptom of the underlying cause.   To treat joint pain effectively and naturally we need to address the cause. In this centre we specialize in root cause diagnosis of any health condition using our state of the art Meta Health Scan. 

5 Step Protocol

1. Detect (In-Depth Evaluation & Advanced Testing)
2. Detox (Heavy Metals, Chemicals, Hydrocarbons, Bleaches, EMF)
3. Eliminate (Pathogens…virus, post virus, bacteria, parasites, fungi)
4. Rebuild (Tissues & Pathways)
5. Rebalance organs (kidneys, liver, etc.)

The 5 Steps to Restoring Health Protocol had been developed following many years of research and experience and utilizes food, nutritional supplements, herbal and energetic formula

The Meta Health Scan is carried out utilizing the amazing diagnostic ability of Clinical Kinesiology.   It is reliable, accurate and reproducible. The scan will reveal the imbalances unique to your body, and how these are affecting you.   The scan reveals such issues as endogenous bio-toxicity, nutrient imbalances or deficiencies, sub-clinical infections, allergies and food sensitivities.  We also test for organ imbalances, hormone imbalance, and leaky gut.    Any abnormality in these areas will easily be picked up during the Health Scan. We also examine your entire lifestyle, sleep quality and any emotional/psychological contributors to your condition.

In-Depth Consultation regarding your results.

Once this information is gathered we offer you an in-depth consultation to discuss your results, during which we discuss what has been revealed by the scan, where and how this has arisen, and how to remove or transform it, and reboot your system.   I believe it is very important for each person to understand what has been going on in their body, how the condition has developed, and how to unravel and resolve it naturally.   My intention is not just to teach you about your condition, but more importantly to empower you with understanding in order that you are able to take back control of your health.

Individually tailored Treatment Plan

Together we create an individualized tailored treatment plan for you.   This may include some or all of there: a gentle detoxification protocol, dietary changes, specific supplements, life style changes, exercise, etc tailored to your specific needs. In the majority of cases treatment can be implemented by you at home without the need for repeated visits to the centre; however Health Coaching and support is built in to this package to assist you through your treatment.

Supportive Treatments

Once on the prescribed treatment, some clients choose to support their system with other therapies toastiest healing.   This is not essential but will speed up your progress.   These include;

and SO much more.
all of which are on offer at this centre.
I am delighted to be able to report that the results our clients achieve with this approach are outstanding and lasting in the vast majority of cases.

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