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Mental Health Issues

Mental Health Issues

Meta-Health-Sync root cause diagnosis of Mental Health Issues


Meta-Health-Sync  (solutions based big picture integrative medicine)

Root Cause diagnosis of Mental Health Issues

Do you have a Mental/Emotional health issue you have not been able to heal? Issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, OCD, PTSD, trauma, eating disorders, body dysmorphia, addictions, anger management issues etc?

Meta-Health-Sync is a solutions based revolutionary new paradigm...the most advanced mind-body diagnostic, self-healing and personal development system available in the world today!  Beyond the traditional holistic and mind/body medicine view…into the science of epigenetics, new biology and quantum theory.

Cutting edge science can now demonstrate what most of us already felt intuitively...there is a context inside which disease will develop, and a context inside which disease will heal…and they are determined by our individual circumstances and perception of our life. 
This is the reason Western Medicine cannot “cure” most disease, especially mental health issues…it only manages your symptoms with toxic life draining medications while the root cause is never identified and therefore never addressed.
(Bruce Lipton PhD, "Biology of Belief, Deepak Chopra MD, "Quantum Healing, Exploring the Frontiers of Mind, Body, Spirit", Segerstrom and Miller 2004, "Psychological Stress and the Human Immune System".)

META-Health-Sync has the answer...
META-Health-Sync is a cutting-edge diagnostic model focusing on root cause symptom analysis and finding soul-utions. It is based on the body-mind-spirit-social connection and integrative medicine .It redefines our understanding of the dis-ease, healing and health process completely.  We have identified and address the 7 pathways which contribute to underlying disharmony in your system, and create our mental health issue.

The exciting new  science of mental health issues

Psychological and Emotional issues
Before a problem shows up in the body as a symptom, it makes it presence known in the psyche as a theme, mood, idea, wish or fantasy, but because our culture trains us to make ourselves unreceptive to our psychological side, this leads directly to the first degree of escalation: we get a symptom – slight, innocent, yet totally congruent. It represents our soul’s way of expressing its energetic (quantum) incoherence, despite all our efforts to the contrary.

Psychological/soul incoherence has to be transmuted – that is, lived out for real – in such a way as to download into physicality. If we refuse to allow this transmutation of our own free will, then it will happen anyway, but this time via the mechanism of somatisation. (physical bodily processes, disease) This point clearly demonstrates that as our energy becomes more disharmonious and incoherent, coherent subtle energy becomes more dense incoherent energy, and downloads into our physical body, rather than that we are actually driving the process unconsciously.

Specific symptoms are expressions of specific psychological conflicts, which, through their symbolism, reveal the root cause of your problems.   Illness indicates you are no longer in coherence or in harmony at the level of consciousness/soul. This loss of inner balance manifests itself in the body as a symptom. The symptom is both a signal and a vehicle of information; its appearance interrupts our life’s flow and forces us to give it our attention. It alerts us to the fact that we have lost our psychological balance. Anybody who is ill is lacking something, and specifically at the consciousness level: If they were not lacking something they would be whole—both healthy and complete. And so it comes about that when we have—a symptom—it is an expression of what we lack. The job then is to address the lack at the consciousness/soul level, and the symptom will disappear without further ado. The bridge between conscious and unconscious is our attention…what we pay attention to creates feelings, which create actions, which create our reality.

Now for the good news!
Believe it or not, Healing is really simple…it’s an in build program and we all possess it.  Our immune system is intelligent by design.

There is actually only one disease– malfunctioning cells. There are many different ways in which they can malfunction, produce these different symptoms which doctors label as different diseases, and medicate them all differently, never addressing the actual cause at all..

They key to understanding and eliminating mental health issues is to understand the energetic drivers which have resulted in cells malfunction.   In other words…your personal epigenetic context…your 7 pathways.
Accurate diagnosis of the exact underlying root causes of your disease is the only way in which effective treatments can be prescribed…treatments which naturally and harmlessly promote and optimize your own innate ability to heal any illness.
What is it that creates our context?   What determines whether that context is health promoting or disease promoting?   Flow equals natural health, incoherence or disharmony equals dis-ease.

Incoherent energy results in Malfunctioning cells
What causes incoherence or patterns of disharmony in our energy system…4 things

Stress…excess energy in specific areas to the detriment of other areas
Deficiency…lack of energy
Impedance…blockage of energy
Faulty instructions…incoherent information held in our field which is detrimental to our wellbeing

  As part of our unique diagnostic process, we have identified Seven Pathways, seven roads, which together compose the context or matrix, and lead to either health or disease. Where you are and what direction you move on each pathway will determine the state of your cells, and therefore your health.

The Seven Pathways are:
• Nutrition: Food, O2, Water and sunlight.   Chronic deficiency of even a single nutrient can lead to disease. 
A diet high in sugar and carbohydrates will lead to a pH which is too acidic causing changes in our gut flora, depression of the immune response, and disease. Very simple measures can be taken to alkalize your intake of food by cutting out sugars, cutting down carbohydrates, and only consuming whole grain and whole meal carbohydrates which release glucose much more slowly and still retain their nutritional value… drink 8 glasses clean filtered water, and learn how to breath effectively…preferably out near deciduous woodland as trees are our main source of O2.   Make sure you get plenty of sunshine on as much of your skin as possible to help prevent osteoporosis, diabetes, alzhimers, heart disease and cancer, and to boost your immune system
• Toxins: toxins from our food, products and environment interfere with cell chemistry.   It is essential to determine what toxins are present in your system, and then undertake the specific gentle detox protocol designed and tailored for your needs.
• Mental: thoughts are the activity of our conscious and unconscious mind affects every cell in our body…instantly
We have an experience, which we interoperate a certain way, and remember the interpretation…the concept we created.   The concept is not the experience…it has gone long ago.   However the memory and the interpretation or concept has emotions attached, and these trigger neuropeptides which have a chemical and so  physical affect on our body.   How we remember or conceptualize things from our past actually influence our biology directly right now.   Positive concepts create life affirming molecules, and negative concepts create death affirming molecules.
Memory = interpretation-we can change it if it becomes conscious.  If not conscious our conditioned responses give us a predictable outcome in our bodies.
Average human has 60,000 thoughts a day of which 95% are same thoughts as yesterday.   We keep creating the same kind of body and life.  It has become our blueprint.  The memory of the interpretation determines the outcome.

• Emotional: Thoughts create emotions…Felt in the body.   Candis Pertt   Every emotional state carries with it a corresponding energy pattern and chemical molecule (neuropeptide).  The Heart Math institute in America have demonstrated that the heart gives off a huge electrical field around and in the body which entrains all other organs including the brain.   There are more neurons from your heart to your brain than the other way around.   The heart broadcasts our emotional resonating frequency out into the rest of the body and into the field around us.   If your emotions are coherent…in harmony with who you are as a being, they enhance health, but if incoherent they adversely affect health. Positive emotions promote health while negative emotions destroy health.

• Spiritual awareness and connectedness: Lack of connectedness, belonging and purpose leads to a feeling of disempowerment.  The first decision we made when we incarnated into this reality was that we had been separated from the one God, and were now alone as an individual being.   All other decisions we have made about our self are based on this misconception.   Our mission on this earth is to grow and evolve, and remember who we truly are…spirit incarnate.   Each disease carries a specific spiritual message to help us grow and evolve.
• Environment…Energy contains information…both energy of our family dynamics, relationships, social groups and the electromagnetic and other rogue frequencies lurking in physical space in which we spend our life.   Our own morphogenetic field is a continuum of the energies outside our personal field, and download into our more dense energy…our body.   The information then instructs our cells through our DNA

• Physical:  Our body is a gift…the vehicle inside which we get the opportunity to experience sensations and emotions, move from place to place, and adapt and co-create our external environment.
How we use our body has a huge effect on our health.   From poor posture, lack of movement due to sedentary jobs,   repetitive strain etc
Your body is a metaphorical representation, or reflection back to you of whether your thoughts, emotions and corresponding actions, are in alignment with who you really are, or whether there is a lack of coherence somewhere in your life…your state of being.

Our body is a physical expression of and interpretation of our environment.   We get a new body every year so why do we age and get ill?  Force of habit-conditioned responses, social hypnosis.   We repeat the same fluctuations at a quantum physical level which have a physical expression in our body and life. Our blueprint

The Skills to Interpret Your Symptoms
Diseases of the body and it's organ systems are symbolic, and specific, and these symbolic aspects are interpreted as expressions of psychological/soul level issues. Individual symptoms will be analysed and the process of analysis used to teach a new way of seeing that will enable you to recognize the meanings of symptoms and develop your own interpretations.

Meta-Health-Sync Process...a four step process back to meta health.

Step 1.   Finding the root cause.
Finding the root cause...a 360 degree check-up of your  7 pathways ans where you are on those pathways.
In this session I will work with you to reveal the root cause of your physical and/or¨emotional problem.  We work with, and beyond, the Medical diagnosis you have received from you doctor, and look for the underlying areas of lack of energetic coherence¨within your system and which significant emotional events lie unresolved causing this, plus the biochemical, toxic which have led to this set of symptoms.  Using the Meta-Health Scan, the root cause¨of your body’s energetic, chemical and hormonal imbalances are identified. Once revealed, a specific course of action will be determined to help return you to full health and fitness.

We determine where you are in the two phases of disease, and explain what your body is¨doing bio-logically to alleviate any fear you may have about your diagnosis.
It is now scientifically demonstrated that all chronic and serious disease is triggered by unresolved emotional events from your past, energetically trapped in our consciousness/soul.   These leave an energetic imprint of specific information on our brain structure, (a program) which then downloads relevant information to specific related organ systems.   (in the same way as the information in an email is held in cyberspace until you open your inbox, into which it appears)

We then have a physiological (bodily) response to the information, which is what Western medicine terms the disease process.   It is essential to address and eradicate any unresolved negative emotional issues which are directly related to you ill health, as the blueprint for our health is located in this subtle energy system and brain.   These hold our emotional vibration.   Any lack of coherence in any of our subtle energy systems will de-regulate our biology in predetermined ways leading to dis-ease of specific organ systems.

Detoxification, Supplementation, Diet and Lifestyle Prescriptions.
Obtaining this information allows us to develop and prescribe specific strategies such as transformational fast change psychological/spiritual interventions and therapies, diet and lifestyle modifications, specific safe and effective detoxification protocols, supplementation, or stress management techniques.   Supplements are used short term to assist the body accomplish specific goals.

Specific nutritional formula are used to assist you body’s natural detoxification process, and hormone producing capacity, and can be discontinued when you normal endocrine function has been re-established.  It is typical for normal Adrenal function to be restored within 6 months and often much faster than this.   I caution against self-prescription as it is easy to make imbalances worse if you don’t have all the necessary information
An important part of my approach is to assist my clients return to a more biologically appropriate diet, rich in organic vegetables and bio-diversely grown foods…the Stone Age diet that our ancestors ate.

The Meta-Health Scan can also pick up pre-pathological energetic incoherence states which have not yet manifested in your biology…and thus help prevent this happening.
You will also receive and in-depth analysis of any bio-toxins or allergies present, and  a prescription of the most appropriate and effective antidotes and detoxification formulas tailored to your specific circumstances.
This in-depth session takes aprox. 120-150 minutes

Release and Re-imprinting session¨.   Clearing old pathological patterns and installing life-affirming new patterns.
Now that we have identified the underlying Significant Emotional Event which has triggered your dis-ease, we can release it.
Power Tools...We have a tool box of powerful transformational tools to work with.   These include NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy, NLP NLP Hypnotherapy, EFT with Matric Reimprinting,, Shamanic Counseling, Sound and Light Therapy, Reiki Energy Healing,  Visualization, Meditation, and Energy work.   Releasing whatever is blocking you allows you to access your higher resources, and find your soul-ution learning.¨This transformational session takes aprox 120-150 minutes

3.   Bespoke META-Wellness Plan¨
Tailored to your specific needs and requirements¨In this last session we take a look at your environment, lifestyle, diet, supplementation, exercise, relationships, and recommend tailored therapies to assist your healing process.¨This session is designed to align all areas of your life in order to support your healing process in all possible ways.This session will take aprox 120 minutes

4.   META-Health Coaching
Most clients will obtain huge shifts in health and wellbeing just working with the first 3 sessions, but some, with more challenging conditions have an option of continued support and health coaching.   META-Health coaching will continue to assist and may also include modalities such as functional nutritional therapy, TCM Acupuncture, Reiki, Shamanic transpersonal counselling, Physiotherapy etc  to maximize your healing potential.  We also monitor your progress, and adjust the META Health Plan, if necessary, to keep you on track.¨

My practice is based in N Ireland (Enniskillen) but you can be anywhere in the world and still do a session with me. We can use the computer and skype. It feels almost like we would be in the same room if we use a web-camera.    Contact   or +442866328200 to book a sesssion

Who Should Invest in a Meta-Health Scan?

Whether you’re seemingly in perfect health, suffer from a few nagging health issues or were diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, this will change how you see your body and your life and move you into physical health and spiritual transformation.