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Thyroid Issues

Thyroid Issues

Thyroid Issues



Natural Hypothyroidism Treatments That Work

Conventional medical treatment for hypothyroid is to prescribe a dose of synthetic T4 hormone.   While this tempera rally reduces the symptoms, it does not cure the underlying cause of Hypothyroidism, leaving the patient dependent on toxic medication, while the disease process which triggered your symptoms progresses into other more dangerous health issues.  When the underlying root cause of hypothyroid is found and removed, it is then possible to totally reverse the condition and restore optimal health.


 Hyperthyroidism also known as Grave's disease is an autoimmune disorder affecting the Thyroid gland.   The thyroid gland becomes overactive, producing too much T4

All autoimmune disorders including Grave's disease begin with a gut dysbiosis (lack of normal gut flora balance)   This leads to leaky gut syndrome resulting in chronic system ic inflammation which will target the organ or system most at risk.    The key to healing Grave's disease is to address what has led to gut dysbiosis, removing it, and resolving the leaky gut.