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Context is everything

Context is everything


Context is everything

The context, in which any idea is held, is the most important aspect of the idea.   It is the conscious or unconscious intention which that idea represents.   Put another way, the context is the blueprint for the ultimate manifestation of the idea. This applies in all aspects of life, but especially so in health and healing.


We are an embodiment of our context.   Our biology is instructed by our context.   It is possible to have an empowering context which promotes healing, and a dis-empowering context which promotes dis-ease.

There are certain things to be taken into consideration when determining which context you embody.


1) Are you illness or wellness focussed?   We materialize what we focus on most.   Energy flows where attention goes.


2) Mind Set and Attitude.   Have you got a predominantly positive hopeful attitude or a negative blaming attitude?   Which ever attitude you have will dictate the frequency you carry in your body, and your field.   Each thought has a corresponding chemical messenger in our body…some health promoting, some dis-ease promoting.


3) Are you taking responsibility for your own wellness without judging and blaming your selves? (Empowerment)   Or have you become the victim of your dis-ease and  handed the responsibility to a doctor or practitioner for them to cure us? (Disempowerment)  Healing comes from within each and every one of us.   It is called homeostasis.   No therapist or doctor can heal us, we heal our selves.   However they can facilitate this process in very powerful ways, but ultimately it is up to the individual to do what ever it takes to heal.    It takes work.  There is no silver bullet.


4) Quantum physics demonstrates that humans (and other living creatures, plants etc) are made of vortexes of energy oscillating at different frequencies, some perceptible to our five senses, and some not.   Of these frequencies, our morphogenetic field is the highest (imperceptible to most) and our physical body is the densest..  Apart from direct trauma to the body, dis-ease is the end result of low frequency energy forms being downloaded into our dense body from the field. (Context)


5) The body is a reflection of the unconscious low frequency programmes which continually run subliminally in our morphogenetic field...  If not transformed and transmuted, this low frequency energy downloads through the brain into the corresponding brain/organ or system as dis-ease. The cells are simply following new, dis-ease creating instructions from the field via our DNA.   The field is the context.


6) We are magnetized at an energetic level, by the predominant frequency at which we oscillate. We therefore attract the same frequency of issues and people into our field of awareness, resulting in repeating patterns of behaviour and emotional pain in our life events.   Events and people trigger the program, and build its negative, dis-ease creating effect.


 7) Healing means wholeness.   Dis-ease is a state of less than whole, lack of coherence.   We must take into consideration all aspect of our being and realign them, if total wellness is to be attained.   These aspects include mind, body, spirit, brain/organ relay, heart, morphogenetic field, and environment.  Any lack of coherence between these energetic frequencies will cause dis-ease.


8)  Dis-ease is a material representation of unresolved negative programming, grudges, hurt, issues etc.   Each organ system is a metaphorical representation of the trauma/issue and can be read by a meta medicine practitioner.  Once conscious, it can be consciously eliminated.


9) Dis-ease is a journey of healing.   It has a predictable dis-ease active phase, and a healing phase.    Most symptoms occur in the healing phase.   Chronic dis-ease, pain inflammation etc result from the repetition of the negative pattern over and over. Iin other words, the context has not been transformed or transmuted, so resolution can not occur.

10) Every dis-ease has a spiritual lesson for us to learn and evolve through.

Symptoms are our messenger, dis-ease is our teacher.   Dis-ease is an opportunity to grow and evolve consciously. To heal we have to consider the context inside which we live our lives.   Our belief systems, our ideas, our acceptance of events and situations we experience, and our willingness to forgive self and others



Therefore it is essential to become aware of the context in which we view our life, and dis-ease.   Ultimately, healing and resolution are determined by the blueprint we carry, and we are responsible for what frequencies that blueprint holds.   A clear, empowering context is essential for wholeness and ease to evolve out of dis-ease.


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