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Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Decline are preventable and reversible.

Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Decline are preventable and reversible.

The T H I N K Protocol:   (November Offer)

Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Decline are preventable and reversible.
Personalized Detoxification, Diet and Lifestyle Plan helping to beat Cognitive Decline. (based on the research of  Dr. Dale Breslin.)

If you fear your mental powers are slipping and suspect you may be developing Alzheimer's disease, or even if you have been diagnosed with the devastating condition, don't despair. There's hope.
Although receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer's can be devastating, there is now an exciting new reason for hope.   Firstly, research shows that 30 to 50 percent of people diagnosed with Alzheimer's don't have it! Instead they have other, very often treatable, causes for their dementia which are simply

Problems with memory and other cognitive functions are linked to Toxicity, Hormones, Infection, Nutrition and Kinesis (movement) The common denominator between these imbalances is Oxidative Stress, and Inflammation…two of the major causes of aging and cell decline. (Amyloid Plaques seen on brain scans are now known to be a protective response of the brain to inflammation and toxicity)

By assessing and addressing each of these 5 factors it’s possible to significantly improve your brain function, even if you have Alzheimer's.  THINK Protocol addresses all 5 simultaneously.


Research confirms that many of the toxins we’re exposed to in our food, water and air have direct links with Alzheimer’s.
Although it’s no longer possible to avoid all toxicity, you can keep your body’s toxic burden low enough to be manageable, while at the same time building up your immune system and your natural detoxification mechanisms so that your body can efficiently cleanse itself. Five common toxins with known links to Alzheimer’s are Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Aspartame (artificial Sweeteners), Dioxins in fire retardants, and multiple chemicals in household cleaning products and personal care products. Of course there are many others, but these will serve as a good start to your “avoid” list.

There is mounting evidence that flu shots can cause Alzheimer’s disease.  One report shows that people who received the flu vaccine each year for 3 to 5 years had a 10-fold greater chance of devel-oping Alzheimer’s disease than people who did not have any flu shots.  Also with age the immune system weakens, thus lowering your ability to fight off infections. Introducing the flu virus in the bodies of elderly could have dangerous consequences.

Statins can indeed produce neurological effects. These drugs are typically prescribed to lower cholesterol and thereby reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. ... But studies show that statins can influence our sleep and behavior—and perhaps even change the course of neuro-degenerative conditions, including dementia

Medications are often over prescribed.   Side effects can cause confusion and other problems. It is worth asking your GP to review your meds.

Once identified, natural detoxification and treatment protocols will remove these damaging toxins and help restore normal function.


Both high and low levels of thyroid hormone can cause confusion and memory loss, and can increase the risk of Alzheimer's. Low testosterone levels are also linked to Alzheimer's. Insulin resistance, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome are implicated in the cause of Alzheimer’s.  Alzheimer’s is considered to be brain diabetes. All of these hormone imbalances are reversible naturally.   Once corrected, cognitive function improves immensely.


Infections leave everyone feeling fuzzy-headed partly because viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi have toxic by-products.   Infections often go undiagnosed by mainstream medicine and can push cognitive function "over the edge" in dementia patients. The most common sites of chronic infection are bladder, gut, gums or sinus.  


If essential nutrients for optimal brain function are either not being absorbed due to gut issues, or medications (very common) or not being consumed in the diet, or over consumed in diet (sugar and carbohydrates), cognitive decline will occur.   It is also essential to optimize certain nutrients.

It is important to consume medium chain fatty acids as these generate nerve cells and are vital brain fuel.
Staying hydrated by drinking at least 2 litres’ of filtered clean water daily is also essential.
Oxygen is also a nutrient.   Low O2 levels will occur through inactivity, shallow breathing and poor posture.


Regular physical activity benefits the brain. Studies show that people who are physically active are less likely to experience a decline in their mental function and have a lowered risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.
Exercising several times a week for 30 to 60 minutes may:
• Keep thinking, reasoning and learning skills sharp for healthy individuals
• Improve memory, reasoning, judgment and thinking skills (cognitive function) for people with mild Alzheimer's disease or mild cognitive impairment
• Delay the start of Alzheimer's for people at risk of developing the disease or slow the progress of the disease

The THINK Protocol addresses all these root cause factors simultaneously.   The Meta Health Screen is the assessment tool used to determine each individual’s root cause.

"Dementia can improve, and even go away!"

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