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Energy and Healing

Energy and Healing


Energy and Healing

When the words energy and healing are used by therapists it is often the cue for raised eyebrows and rolling of the eyes by the cynical.

In fact, it was decades ago that physicists revised their ideas about the nature of matter and it is now universally agreed that at subatomic level, everything consists of energy, and healing our minds and bodies too consist of differing levels and patterns of this energy. Quantum physics has provided the scientific evidence that Western culture craves, explaining what Eastern civilisation's have intuitively understood and practised for thousands of years. Energy and healing work hand in hand.

By disregarding ancient wisdom regarding energy and healing, medicine unwittingly set itself back, and we have had to learn the hard way that to ignore our healing energy is to ignore the very fundamentals of who and what we really are.

Modern medicine has begun to tiptoe around the edges of bioenergetics, and does use some of the knowledge available, by measuring energy fields in the human body. This is done by machines such as CAT and MRI scanners, which have enabled huge advances in diagnosing illness and disease to be made, and yet still, as a culture, we have yet to acknowledge the full implications of the hundreds and hundreds of scientific studies that prove how fundamental is our ENERGETIC STATE to our mental and physical energy and healing potential.

Energy and Healing…


Evidence of mind over matter…

Anyone with a genuine wish to know if and why mind over matter is a real phenomenon can easily find a wealth of such proof.

Here are just a few examples.

A study at the University of Madison, Wisconsin, recruited 36 Vietnam veterans with coronary artery disease and who were also plagued with traumatic emotional issues. Half of them were given training in how to forgive themselves and others -the other half did not. Those that had the training and used energy and healing forgiveness techniques showed a significant rise in the blood flow to their heart muscles. The group that did not participate showed no change.

A volunteer team of Energy Psychology practitioners went to Kosovo to try to help survivors deal with the severe emotional trauma following the violence and bloodshed they had experienced. This was reported in the Journal of Clinical Psychology ( 2001, issue 57, p.1237) 105 people were treated, and based on their own self- assessment, 247 out of 249 people experienced complete recovery from the post traumatic emotional effects of rape, torture and witnessing massacre of loved ones. In a follow-up 5 months after treatment, there had been no relapses.

Similar results have been obtained with survivors of hurricanes, earthquakes and other disasters. According to Green Cross founder, Charles Figley - ' Energy Psychology is among the most powerful interventions available to us'

(Taken from The Genie in Your Genes by Dawson Church - see Recommended Reading)

Mental intention can produce physiological changes. An exercise psychologist, Gang Yue, carried out research and found that subjects who used a gym increased their muscle strength by 30%. Subjects who did nothing showed no change. But subjects who simply mentally went through the exercises, and imagined flexing their biceps as hard as they could , showed increases in strength of 13.5% after just a few weeks of the mental training routine. This increase in strength remained for three months after the sessions stopped.

The implications of these and the hundreds of other studies that have been documented are enormous. We can continue to close our minds to what has been discovered about energy and healing, or we can test energy and healing for ourselves- the solutions to our questions about health, happiness and well-being seem to have been right under our noses, where we perhaps never thought or dared to look. Our thoughts and intentions, combined with our emotions are shaping our world, both internally and externally. This we now know for sure.