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Mental/Emotional Tools and Treatments

Mental/Emotional Tools and Treatments


The Mental/Emotional Stressors damage health


Mental/Emotional stress

I’m sure you are aware that certain life events, deadlines, poor work/life balance, interviews etc all cause stress…we have all had some of those experiences.   They are conscious. 

However we also have an unconscious mind…below our awareness, which is actually 95% of the brains capacity.   The unconscious mind has the job of running and find tuning all the physiological aspects of out body.   It is what keeps our heart beating , our lungs breathing, our hormones balanced etc.   However the unconscious aspect of our mind is where all the memories are accessed, and where the beliefs we formed as a young child in reaction to our experiences are recorded.   These recordings play away in the background all the time informing our body how to react to certain thoughts and circumstances.   If these recordings are of negative experiences our body responds by producing stress hormones.   The work of Candis Pertt has demonstrated that every emotion has its own molecule.   Positive emotions produce molecules which enhance our health,and negative stressful emotions produce molecules which degenerate out health.   This retains our fight or flight response, and negates our rest, repair and detoxify abilities…so we eventually get ill.   The body is a readout of the unconscious mind.   

It is essential to eliminate any subconscious sabotaging thoughts, beliefs or behaviours in order to regain full healthy...

We offer State of the Art fast mind change tools and breakthrough coaching to quickly find the root cause of Mental/Emotional stress, and eliminate it.

These include:

NLP Breakthrough Coaching

NLP  Hypnotherapy

EFT (emotional freedom technique)

Transpersonal Counselling

Time Line Therapy

Hypno Gastric Band

TCM Acupuncture

Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Reiki energy healing



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Stress is also caused by lack of good quality sleep, lack of exercise, poor posture, toxicity and medications.,