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After studying the human body and mind from all different "angles" for over three decades, it became very clear to me that we all have an unlimited capacity to heal and change. However, most of us have not learned yet how to access this self-healing power or even trust or believe in such a potential.

As discussed in the two previous issues, stress is by far the most important factor in the creation of dis-ease.   Stress turns on the “fight or flight” biological program, allowing us to have the resources to escape or attack a real or perceived danger.   While this program is running, we are unable to access the other essential program-relaxation, maintenance and repair.  

It is essential for our body’s to heal, detoxify and rejuvenate on a daily basis to prevent future dis-ease.   This CAN NOT be achieved while stressed. If you are experiencing stress, fatigue or you are excessively driven, you ARE creating dis-ease in your body-even though it may not have manifested just yet. 

 The following 9 keys are an opportunity for you to explore and utilize your natural ability to heal. Whether you are currently dealing with a physical, emotional or mental challenge and receiving medical treatment or not, these 9 keys will allow you to access your self-healing potential and accelerate the healing process. There is really nothing you can do wrong - just do it and enjoy.

1. Focus on health and healing rather than disease.
Remember that you are not your disease – your disease has been “created” by your unconscious mind patterns downloaded to your DNA, affecting your cells.   Because you have “created” it, you can “uncreate” it as well.

2. Find good reasons why you want to heal.
The more incentives / motivations you come up with, the better. Pay attention to the small “stuff”, that makes life worth living (e.g. a hug from a friend, a wonderful meal, a beautiful sunset, the kindness of a loved one, the joy of being there for somebody etc.)   Focus on BEING GREATFUL.


3. Give specific positive “orders” to your body and your mind what you want it to do.
For example: If you have pain, tell the body to create ease and comfort; if you are dealing with a tumor, tell your body to let it “melt” away; if you have emotional challenges or stressed, tell your mind and body to create inner peace, harmony etc. Do not state it in the negative(make less pain)  This focuses on the pain, not the result you desire.

4. See the disease as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Dis-ease is a journey of self awareness.   Identify the metaphors of the illness – if the illness had a message for your, what would it be. Notice the messages of the symptoms you are dealing with – sometimes symptoms can be taken very literally (“pain in the neck”, “a weight on my shoulders”, “stiffness in the joints”). Also search for significant emotional events, traumas or inner conflicts that are present.   These precede illness.   Meta Medicine Directory can give you the exact bio-logical meaning of your symptoms.   (see for further details)   Find ways to heal these conflicts and emotions so that your unconscious mind and body are not pre-occupied and can focus on physical healing (for example  Breakthrough Coaching, Time Line Therapy® , NLP, Hypnotherapy, Shamanic Counselling, Energy healing etc.).


5. Use visualizations and creative imagery to stimulate your self-healing potential.
If you are taking medication, include what you would like your body to do with the medication (e.g. maximum effect without side-effects). Books and tapes by Dr. Bernie Siegel, the pioneer on using visualization to heal, are a great resource.

6. Never give up hope / Be Allowing and trust the outcome.
It is a Natural Law that states “whatever you resist persists”.   Accept your dis-ease or symptoms as a positive opportunity to reflect on your life, and why you are not coherent and in the flow.   Always look for evidence that you can heal and are healing. Avoid listening or “buying into” negative prognosis, statistics... Surround yourself with positive people, positive life and health affirming messages.

7. Use meditation and relaxation exercises on a daily basis.
Meditation and relaxation have been shown to be very beneficial to treat chronic pain, migraines, hypertension and other chronic illnesses. Relaxing the mind and the body also activates our immune system. Even 10 minutes per day will make an enormous difference. A great way to start is to simply to find a quite and peaceful place, sit back and focus simply on your breath. After one to two minutes start inhaling for 5 seconds, hold the breath for 5 seconds and the exhale for 5 seconds. You can gradually increase the times to 20 seconds. The effects of this Kundalini Yoga breathing meditation are immediate and 5 minutes of this breath replace 30 minutes of sleep. Other great alternatives to relax are self-hypnosis CDs , which directly stimulate the subconscious mind, massages and other body work etc.

8. Give your body proper nutrition and sufficient rest.
Healing occurs when our body is well rested and well nurtured. Consult your Wellness Coach,  naturopathic doctor, nutritionist or herbalist to find the proper way to nutritionally support your body.

9. Get some physical exercise every day.


Our body’s were made to move, to propel us from one place to another in order to get things done.   Left stationary for very long, the body will begin to degenerate.   We can not store fitness, it is an ongoing proves.  The purpose of Adrenalin and Cortical, our two major stress hormones, is to shunt our energy into our limbs, hind brain and heart, to allow us to move very quickly.   If we are experiencing stress at work, and don’t use up the stress hormones by fighting or fleeing, they stay circulating for hours-even days.    Moderate exercise will dissipate the stress hormones, and actually liberates Endorphins and Encephalin-feel good, health inducing hormones.


10) Feed your body with joy, harmony and laughter.

Extensive research has shown how the enormous healing benefits of joy and laughter. In 1976 the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine published an article by Norman Cousins, who was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis (also known as Bechterew Disease) a painful inflammation of the spine. His case was so severe that he was given a very dim prognosis. Realizing that negative thoughts and attitudes can result in illness, Norma Cousins believed that positive thoughts and attitudes may have the opposite effect. He left the hospital and checked into a hotel where he took high doses of vitamin C and watched funny movies and shows. He found that ten minutes of laughter resulted in several hours of pain-free rest. He continued this "treatment" until he recovered. Cousins proved that laughter is a very effective medicine and added another important piece of evidence of the power the mind-body connection


All of these keys are very simple in themselves.   What may not be so easy is having the commitment to implement them.   If you struggle with prioritizing your most valuable asset-your health, then invest in a Wellness Coach.   Live life to the full, and long enough to really enjoy the success you have strived for, and deserve..