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Quit Smoking NOW Special Offer

Quit Smoking NOW Special Offer

Quit Smoking NOW

This year March 8th is our national NO SMOKING DAY.   Why not stop this month for good!


I am offering any of these treatments signally or the combo for a discounted rate for the month of March only.   Normal price for a 2 hour session is £225, reduced to £175 for this month only.

Over the years, I have helped thousands of clients successfully Stop Smoking and overcome other addictions with Hypnotherapy/ Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Acupuncture or combining the three together.

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Hypnotherapy Smoking Cessation

Practiced by a Master in hypnotherapy like myself, hypnosis is a very effective means of stopping smoking.   In hypnotherapy smoking cessation the client will be in a light to medium trance, and will remain aware and in control at all times.   They will not experience any change in their state other than feeling so completely relaxed.   The relaxed state allows the conscious mind to be quiet, and the unconscious mind to be receptive to positive suggestion.    No big deal-except the RESULTS ARE PHENOMINAL.  You will also receive a CD of the hypnotherapy for smoking cessation.

Emotional Freedom Technique to stop smoking.

EFT is a simple technique and combines focused attention, tapping with your fingertips on meridian points (acupressure points) on the body. Behind these points are energy pathways that get disrupted when we are stressed or in pain. Once these pathways are balanced, the emotional drivers behind smoking and other addictions start to fade

Stop Smoking Acupuncture

Stop Smoking Acupuncture is proven to break the chemical addiction to nicotine in many people.  In my clinic I have found that the higher the intake of tobacco, the higher the success rate.    This is because the act of smoking, in some people, is a physiological chemical addiction rather than a psychological need or habit.. 
Specific Supplements
Certain supplements are very helpful in breaking the nicotine habit.   These are also prescribed during the session.

Stop Smoking Combo

Over the years I have helped hundreds of people addicted to nicotine and other substances stop their habit.   I have developed this powerful combination of Hypnotherapy, EFT and Acupuncture.   Together they address all the aspects of addiction and why people find it so difficult to stop.   I offer a 2 hour in-consultation and treatment for addiction.   In the case of smoking one session is usually all it takes.

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