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Let’s face it…we all want to live longer, but not at the cost of our health and quality of life. The truth is that we are sicker now than at any time in our entire history on earth…despite the “wonders” of modern medicine.   Obesity, chronic disease and diabetes are at epidemic proportions, and it is considered “normal” for the average 60 year old to be on 14 drugs a day!!!   Disease is NOT caused by lack of medication!!The truth is we are naturally designed to be well…it’s our innate ability and it’s simple to maintain…unless we create imbalances in our body which leave us susceptible to disease in the first place.
The thing is, try as you might to live a healthy lifestyle; we’ve been sold a false bill of goods…lied to for profit.

All those ‘healthy’ things they tell you to eat and drink every day –could actually be changing the ways our cells communicate.
Also how they “speak” with the organisms that make up our microbiome – the bacteria that keep our immune and digestive systems functioning properly.
Over the last 50 years, new ways of processing food, or “cutting-edge” personal care products that mimic natural compounds, have been slowly damaging our bodies.
In fact, I’ve counted at least seven Health Disruptors that wreak silent havoc on our health and cause us to pack on the pounds. These disruptors cause symptoms that are dangerous, painful, uncomfortable, and weight-gain that’s seemingly irreversible.


There’s a big problem with broad-Spectrum antibiotics … they carpet-bomb infections without pointing out which bacterium is the culprit.
When we take antibiotics, we kill most of the microbes in our gut. (70% of our immune response gone) And in some cases, it takes years for them to return.
Add to this the fact that all intensively reared (factory farmed) meat contains antibiotics. Just imagine what it’s doing to the bacteria in your gut…
Some time ago, the food and farming industries discovered these antibiotics actually make pigs, chickens, and cattle grow faster, larger, and fatter. Of course, if that’s the effect they have on animals, it’s no surprise they’d do the same to us.
So use discretion when taking broad-spectrum antibiotics for anything other than bacterial infection.


They’re on every pharmacy shelf, so it’s hard to believe Neuroen, Ibrufen, Advil, Motrin, Aleve, and other NSAIDs could be the gateway to more serious and painful conditions, and chronic disease.
NSAIDs damage the mucosal barrier in the small intestine, (leaky Gut) allowing lectins, undigested proteins, toxins and rogue organisms and other threats to pass through the intestinal wall. The result – intense abdominal discomfort… that just makes you want to take MORE NSAIDs or PPI’s
• Instead, avoid NSAIDs as much as possible and address the root cause of the pain.
•  If you are taking NSAIDs for more than 10 days in a row, without being cured of the pain completely, then the root cause of your pain or discomfort has not been addressed by the NSAID and could actually have been made worse.


Most of these are PPI’s (protein pump inhibitors) which reduce stomach acid. Stomach acid serves an essential function – it assists in the breaking down of proteins.
Even more importantly, stomach acid is very powerful … most bad bacteria we swallow can’t make it out alive. Our stomach acid actually protects us.
Without stomach acid to kill them, these disease-causing bacteria can overgrow and creep into our small intestines, where they don’t belong. Here, they’ll disrupt the gut barrier and cause Leaky Gut Syndrome or over stimulate our immune systems leading to Autoimmune disease and chronic inflammation and pain.
• Try something like 1/8 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water.   This is alkaline and helps calm down the acidity in your stomach.
•    Increased acidity is a result of leaky gut, and a feedback loop informing your stomach of problems below.   your system is trying to protect you from the “threat” it perceives from the abnormal molecules getting into the blood stream.


Diet drinks and products like sucralose, saccharin, aspartame, and other non-nutritive artificial sweeteners can be just as bad for your health as sugar. They change the gut microbiome, not just by killing good bacteria, but by allowing the bad ones to thrive.
And, it’s ironic … artificial sweeteners were created in order to help you lose weight, but the truth is they encourage the opposite.
When we taste “sweet” our system expects calories to arrive.   Because calories don’t arrive our brains feel cheated. We tasted sugar, but it never came, so our angry brains prompt us to get more. Back we go to the pantry in search of sweets, and the pounds pack on.
• Eliminate sugar and the following artificial sweeteners – saccharin, aspartame, Sweet’n Low, Equal, sucralose, and Splenda. And, steer clear of soft drinks, sports drinks, and protein bars containing these sweeteners.
• Instead, try Stevia or yacon root. Unlike other sugar substitutes, these sweeteners come from plants.


Also known as endocrine disruptors, hormone disruptors are low-dose, oestrogen-like chemicals that may interfere with our endocrine systems and cause negative developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune issues.
Most of these agents are man-made and are found in everyday products. For instance, hormone disruptors can be found in plastic bottles, metal food cans, detergents, flame retardants, food, toys, cosmetics, and pesticides … to name a few.
Problems related to hormone disruptors could include:
• Obesity
• Reproductive issues
• Prostate problems
• Thyroid issues
Many of these chemicals are also used in processed foods – including so-called ‘healthy’ whole-grain products. To keep the products from spoiling, food companies put stabilizing agents like Bisphenol A (BPA) in bread – also used in plastic water bottles and teething toys.
• Commercially baked goods. Food manufacturers are not required to list all chemicals on their packaging.
• Teflon and similar products used on non-stick cookware. Instead, use conventional cookware or those with a ceramic coating certified to contain no PTFE or PFOA.
• Containers made of BPA plastic must be tossed out. Instead, use glass or stainless steel containers. Ditch plastic wrap and plastic bags.
• Toss hand sanitizers and toothpastes with triclosan, and all antibacterial soaps.


These are more dangerous than you think. The suffix “cide” literally means “to kill.” Of course, farmers want pests to stay away from their crops. They want weedless gardens, but when we ingest herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides those “cides” don’t let our bodies off the hook.
Take the herbicide Roundup which contains glyphosate – an ingredient in the notorious Agent Orange … traces of this disruptor are found in the meat and milk of many farm animals fed grains and beans.
The problem is, these potent poisons find their way into our bodies, through our intestinal tracts or our skin, and they unleash genetic programs within us, turning genes on or off within our cells – fundamentally changing the signalling within our bodies.
• Avoid insecticides and herbicides – plain and simple


Finally, even the technology we’ve become accustomed to has been taking its toll on our bodies. The blue light our screens emit don’t do us any favours.
Modern life is dominated by blue light – computers, TV, cell phones, tablets, etc., emit blue light, and this messes with our sleep patterns. Furthermore, blue light suppresses melatonin, the hormone that helps us sleep, and sleep deprivation might help cause weight gain.
Blue light’s also suspected to stimulate the “hunger” and “awake” hormones. And because we associate blue light with daytime, we’re tricking our bodies into thinking its forever daytime.
• There are several ways to minimize blue light. We can put down our phones at dusk. Or download an app to change light emitted from any device to an amber tint. Many phones have a “Night Shift” mode to change the light emitted from the screen.

So, live well longer by knowing more about these harmful products and choosing to avoid them. It’s that simple.
If you are experiencing long term health issues which have not been completely healed by modern medicine intervention…why not consider a more natural, intelligent approach and have a root cause diagnosis and resolution as the way forward?   It makes sense, it does no harm, and it works.

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