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Due to the overwhelming response to our Meta-Health Screen, offer for allergy sufferers last month,  I am offering this unique root cause screening plus one follow-up for a discounted price of £175 for the month of September.   The usual price is £225.   This is a saving of £50.   For the month of SEPTEMBER tis offer applies to those suffering with Chronic digestive issues, chronic pain, or obesity

Your payment includes all the following

What’s involved during the consultation…

Step 1. Medical History and Timeline, Presenting Symptoms, Personal Past Medical And Surgical History ,Current and Past Medications , Known Allergies , Food and Supplement History

Step 2. Targeted Systems Review Bowel Patterns, Energy Patterns, Sleep Patterns,  Menstruation , Sexual Function , Psychological Function and  Mood,  Immune Function,  Skin Condition CardioRespiratory Function,  MusculoSkeletal Function

Step 3. Meta-Health Screening: Toxicity Assessment,  Allergy testing, Organ Balance Assessment,  Inflammatory Marker Assessment,  Hormonal Assessment,  Gastrointestinal Assessment,  Nutritional Imbalances,  Metabolic,  Immunology,  Endocrine,  Genetic , Emotional/psychological

Step 4. Interpretation of Results: In-depth consultation explaining your results

Step 5. Creation of Personalized Treatment Plan

Step 6. Prescription of Treatment

Step 7. Ongoing Health Coaching to aid you through the treatment process for 6 weeks

Step 8. Follow-Up In person or skype 30 minute consultation follow-up

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