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Structural/Physical stressors damage health

Structural/Physical stressors damage health


The physical structure is the anatomy of the body and includes the relationship between muscles, tendons, ligaments, spinal alignment, bones, joints and the nervous system.   Physical injury, postural or mechanical issues, muscular aches and pains, strains, headaches and migraine, postoperative or post operative pain are some examples of imbalances within this system of the triad of health.

Physical stress can affect the mental and emotional state, as well as the biochemistry of the body.

When an incorrect posture becomes a natural posture certain muscles are overused and become weak, and their ability to receive and send information to the central nervous system is altered. Also the energy to maintain a contraction is gradually reduced which can create instability at the joints. The brain senses the stress and sends a message to ‘switch off’ the overused muscles and other muscles become tight as a form of protection for the body.
Squashed blood vessels and mal-aligned joints caused by incorrect posture can occur causing muscle tension and inflammation, and a range of body movements become difficult, painful and stressful. They will restrict the flow of blood and decrease the supply of nutrients to the tissues and organs of the body, and as a result alter the production of hormones released into the bloodstream changing the chemical balance of the body, which in turn will add to the aches and pains. and this in turn will further affect the mood or emotional state of the client.

It is essential to deal  effectively with any mal-alignment of spine and joints, impingement of nerves and blood vessels, and/or soft tissue distortions or injury in order to optimize health and healing.

To accurately assess and effectively deal with any spinal mal-aligmment, joint issues, muscle or soft tissue issues, nerve or blood vessel  impingement, we offer: expertise and treatment using:

Chartered Physiotherapy,

TCM Acupuncture

Cranio-Sacral Therapy