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Therapy & Healing Testimonials

Therapy & Healing Testimonials

Back pain gone

"I went to Linda in desperation having tried for years with other therapists to heal my back pain. For the first time I was really listened to, and she took the time to educate me in posture, lifting and other things like the correct supplements to take to help me heal.  At all time she explained why I was not healing, and helped me feel in charge of my own healing process. She used a mixture of Physiotherapy and Acupuncture to help me in the healing process.   She also gave me insights into how my unresolved issues may also be contributing to my lack of healing, and helped me resolve them.
After just 3 sessions it was obvious I was on the mend.   I am now totally cured of my back pain, and have a deeper understanding of how to stay well.  I also realize that holding on to grudges will eventually affect you in a physical way. 
With Linda you get much more than just a get your confidence, knowledge and awareness that you can heal your self given the right help and understanding."
Malcolm G   Business owner N Ireland
"That's your glowing talent - explaining things so people can understand!  In fact, I hope you do not mind, but I would go so far as to call you ''the thinking man's doctor''!  You treat us like we have brains.  You describe processes and give us reasons.   Many doctors do not.  All too often, when visiting doctors surgeries, one is forced to be some kind of unthinking vegetable."   Thanks to you I now understand what is causing my son's sensitivities and have a strategy to improve his health and   wellbeing  Immensely...Thanks you.
Sharon I, mother and teacher    Cambridge, UK
Aches and Pains
Years of aches and pains.   More and more medication from my doctor, and I felt worse and worse.   No one was taking me seriously and addressing the cause of my symptoms...I felt miserable, tired and much older than my years.
A friend of mine knew someone who had been to Linda Burke and had had a diagnostic process which revealed exactly the root of their disease.    I decided to book an appointment.
In just one and a half hours I knew exactly the cause of my symptoms, how they had developed, what the interaction of toxicity in my system had done, and how to heal and detoxify .  I was amazed!   All those wasted years of traipsing from doctor to doctor for nothing more than another prescription to add to the pills I was already taking!
Once I completed the specific detox Linda prescribed for me, and changed certain things in my diet, I regained my vitality, lost all the aches and pains, and now feel wonderful again.   I have been able to come off all my medication from my doctor as I am now well and have no symptoms!   Linda really knows her stuff, and she is genuinely interested in solving our health problems.   I am a new woman!"
Betty J, Housewife and granny.   Co. Fermanagh, N Ireland
Debilitating Fibroid pain gone 
 Title - Life changing

I had been on what seemed like a never ending quest to find a cure for fibroids. For over three years, I suffered with excruciating pain during each menstrual cycle - additionally, I experienced frequent episodes of vomiting, diarrhoea, exhaustion along with bouts of severe depression and anxiety. As someone who is self employed, this was debilitating and negatively affected my life each month.

I tried a number of different options: painkillers; diet change (vegetarianism, veganism); nutritionist advice; castor oil packs; Australian bush remedies; bio identical hormone treatment; acupuncture. Whilst the latter of these options often helped to ease symptoms, no treatment was effective in eradicating the symptoms...until I found Linda!

Two words: miracle worker! From the moment I 'met' Linda on Skype, I knew she was the person to help. Her warm, professional and knowledgeable approach impressed me. She was the first person to provide me with the underlying causes of my condition and explain scientific processes in an easy to understand way. Linda's confidence in the fact that it was fully reversible reassured me. I followed Linda's detox, supplementation and dietary advice. I also decided - having discussed this with her - to have my amalgam fillings removed.

It is now 8 weeks since my initial appointment with Linda. I have just had a period and am over the moon to report that all of the symptoms above have gone (except very slight twinges of period pain - but I'm okay with that!).

I cannot thank Linda enough...her guidance has dramatically changed my life for the better! 

TS. South London

MS stopped in its tracks!
"My MS as stopped in it's tracks.   A disease that is not supposed to be curable has stopped progressing, and maybe even improved a little...thanks Linda, you are an angel."
Doris N Tempo N Ireland
Autoimmune Thyroid disease, chronic digestive and bowel issues and extreme fatigue and memory problems.

I thought I'd give you an update…I thought you may like to know how it's all gone!   and I have the evidence if any were needed!!
We are now at the year mark after completing the 3 month detox and specific treatments you recommended following our on-line Skype consultation and diagnostic screening.  I have been improving steadily all year . In terms of blood results, my thyroid levels continued to improve and I had another blood test beginning of March year.
July 2016     T4  12.2  ( range 12-22 ) TSH 4.70   ( range 0.27-4.2  )  Thyroid antibodies 62.4 (range 0-36) horrible symptoms

Nov 2016     T4  15.6 ( range 12-22 )  TSH 4.33   ( range 0.27-4.2 ) Thyroid antibodies 46 (0-36)
March 2017  T4   20.9   (range 12-22)      TSH 2.66     (0.27-4.2)     Thyroid antibodies . 35.5 ((0-36)

As you can see the results are really good
In terms of symptoms, I can't tell you how much better I feel! I'm So much more like my old self! No brain fog or anxiety, no digestive or bowel problems any longer,  and my energy has returned. I can finally think straight!
Thank you so much Linda for changing my life completely…I am now living to my full potential and enjoying fantastic health.

Samantha  O’M
Brighton UK

Parkinson's disease vastly improved

My husband was attending Linda for a shoulder problem when he asked her if she could possibly help me.    I have been suffering with a progressive Parkinson's disease for 5 years.   I have the type of Parkinson's which leaves me rigid and stiff, as well as some tremors and by that stage I was barely able to walk unaided, had slurred speech, could not dress myself and was very clumsy while eating.   I also had very severe pain in in my legs.   I was on multiple medications from my doctor, none of which were making any positive difference. Linda performed her Meta-Health Screen and explained the results in detail.   She explained why my legs were so sore, and why the toxins in mys system were causing problems in my nervous system.   It all made perfect sense and it was like a light bulb going on in my head.   She prescribed an appropriate detox, and dietary changes, plus some specific supplements to assist me in the healing process.   She gave me acupuncture for my leg pain.  I went home and started the recommended treatment.   Something amazing happened... 2 weeks later I was due to have my second acupuncture appointment. I had improved so much that   I was able to drive myself to the appointment, get myself dressed and on the treatment couch without help, and my speech was coherent and clear!   My leg pain had practically disappeared, and I was off all but 1 of my medications as I no longer needed them...a miracle!   The medical profession believe there is no cure for Parkinson's and that we need to be managed with medication, when in fact the reverse is true...medication often adds to the problems!   I am giving this testimonial to help get the word out matter what your doctor believes, chronic and degenerative disease IS reversible  if the root cause is identified and resolved...I'm living proof of that!

Nancy P, Kesh, Co Fermanagh

Phimosis (tight foreskin)

My brother had been to Linda a few months before suffering with gut issues, a lingering skin condition and fatigue...his life hadn't been worth living.   When I witnessed the miraculous way his health transformed following the treatment prescribed by Linda I decicdd to pay her a visit myself for my rare condition to see if she could help me too.  Phimosis is a so called incurable degenerative condition where the foreskin gets inflamed and tightens.   It is very painful, and medicine has nothing to offer of any benefit.   It interferes with all male sexual functions, and gong for a pee.   It is progressive.   Surgery can give temporary relief but does not cure it at all.   Linda explained that the inflammation was being triggered from inside my body, and manifesting in the foreskin, and that finding and addressing the root cause would mean we can address that, which will turn off the inflammation in my foreskin.findings in detail.She did her Meta-Health Screen  discussed the findings in detail.  

I followed her guidance and treatment  for 3 months during which time I regained my energy, felt amazing, and noticed the foreskin become less painful and inflammed.   I am delighted to say that I am now 95% better and really isn't a n issue at all

.Linda is proving that if we find and address the root cause of disease, and reboot the natural healing process...our body can reverse anything!

I am for ever grateful to you Linda and recommend you everywhere I go!l

 Wilfred G, retired solicitor, Bangor

Anxiety and Depression
I had been suffering with anxiety and depression for years.   I had tried all sorts of medication and counseling but was getting worse not better.   As a last resort I tried Linda Burke as she had been recommended by a friend.   Her approach is totally different to any of the other therapies I had tried.   She spent a lot of time chatting to me about my feelings, and helped me uncover my negative belief system.   I became aware of what was driving my depression and anxiety, and was able to transform that mind set into one of positivity and happiness.
I recommend this lady to any one who has stress or depression in their life.   You don't need to suffer...there is a way to resolve your feelings and be happy again...I have done it so you can too!"
Mary C Shop assistant Enniskillen
Stage 3 kidney disease plus very high cholesterol vanished in 12 weeks
This is my story....when i first went to visit Linda i had been suffering from acid reflux for two years,  had also been diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease, and my cholesterol was up to 7.3.    I was very anxious and worried about my health especially my kidneys. My doctor could offer me no explanation as to why I had become ill, and told me I would have to go on many medications to manage my health issues and be on these drugs for life.   I was not satisfied with this explanation and wanted to address the cause so that I could improve my health.
I had heard about Linda’s approach to root cause diagnosis, and had read many of her articles in the local papers over the years and decided to give her a try. On visiting Linda I was given an in-depth consultation during which I was asked my medical history, recent history, diet, lifestyle, allergies, symptoms etc.   She then explained that all my symptoms were triggered by the same root cause, and that al we had to do is to distinguish what that root cause is, remove it, and reboot the body to heal…and the body would do the rest.   It sounded logical enough but a bit too simple, but I decided to give it a go.
She then did the test, and explained in great detail about each and every issue that showed up in the test.   She was able to explain how the health issues had developed, and how to systematically reverse them.    She gave me a lot of good advice, a detox plan,  and a diet to follow..  I followed her instructions as she had advised.  After a few weeks my health began to improve… my stomach stopped giving me trouble.   I visited my doctor after three months to have a blood test done and to my absolute delight my kidney function had returned to normal, and my cholesterol had gone from 7.3 to 5.5!   To conclude…Linda’s approach to root cause diagnosis and resolution does work… if Linda's instructions are followed it is possible to get your good health back.. which is so important.
.Ann F, Tempo N Ireland
Infertility cured!

My husband and I had been trying for a baby for over 6 years when I contacted Linda, we had been trying for a baby for a year before I went to my GP, as I had 2 children from a previous marriage I was surprised that I had not get pregnant. My GP referred me to the infertility clinic and so began a serious of tests which came back all clear, nothing wrong with either myself or my husband to explain why we had not conceived.  I was put on a course of fertility tablets for 6 months and went back for a review the dose was increased and again after another 6 months and no success the dose was again increased. As anyone who has suffered infertility will know this is a very stressful time and does put a strain on even the strongest relationship.  After almost two years of fertilty tablets I thanked the consultant at the hospital for his help but explained that we needed a break from trying for a baby and took a year away from counting days etc.. After a year I felt ready to try again, I was 38 and was aware that the cut off age for IVF on the NHS was 40 I contacted my consultant and he referred us for IVF straight away,after some tests we where put on the waiting list, now as anyone who has a tried for a baby will know you will try anything if you think it will improve your chances of conceiving no matter how outlandish these ideas seem and I should know as I had tried some strange things.  While reading a magazine I had came across an article that said acupuncture could increase your chances of success with IVF so I contacted Linda explained to her the situation and our fertility problems and she suggested that I try Kinesiology, now I had never heard of this but was willing to try anything. I went along to Linda at the start of April 2011 she gave me a diet to follow and supplements to take and sent me on my merry way I did ask Linda when did I come back to see her and her parting words where "come back and see me in 3 months if you’re not pregnant". After so much disappointment in the past I have to say I was sure I would be back in 3 months. I started the diet the following day and commenced my supplements when they arrived by post a few days later, I had my preiod at the end of April and conceived the following month I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in January 2012, 2 months before my 40th birthday. I contacted Linda in June as my husband and I thought it would be lovely to have another child I had fallen pregnant at the end of 2012 but miscarried at 11 weeks and had not conceived again, Linda done kineseology and again sent me on my merry way with diet in hand and a list of supplements, I did not ask when I needed to come back as I knew from my previous experience that this would work and sure enough I fell pregnant again within the month, I am now 14 weeks pregnant and keeping well. As anyone who has tried or is trying for a child will know this is all consuming, it almost becomes an obsession you will try anything that you feel will improve your chances of getting pregnant and as time goes on you feel your body has let you down, nothing you will accomplish in your life will  match up to that moment when you hold your new-born baby in your arms for the first time. I can never thank Linda enough for what she has done for us, we have a beautiful son and a very much loved baby brother.

Norma F happy mum, Churchill, Co Fermanagh

Unexplained Infertility Cured
At last I’m pregnant!  For the first time following 3½ years of trying
Before going to Linda for a root cause diagnostic test and consultation regarding my infertility, my husband and I had had been through 2 unsuccessful rounds of IVF.   Before undertaking the 3rd round I decided to go to Linda as I had heard of other woman who had managed to become pregnant aghast the odds following her professional intervention.   I had never been given any reason as to why I could not get pregnant from the doctor or consultant.
During my 90 minute in-depth consultation and screening Linda was able to pin point the root cause of my infertility.   She then discussed with me the results of her test, and prescribed a treatment plan, detox protocol, dietary changes and a short course of acupuncture.   It all made perfect sense to me, and I felt empowered to know how to optimize my body hence my fertility.  I was hoping that the treatment would help the next round of IVF to be successful.   Linda recommended doing the treatment for aprox 3 months…however within 2 months I was pregnant naturally!!   The pregnancy is progressing really well.   I am now 20 weeks.   I can hardly believe it myself!!
For any couple out there struggling to conceive, I highly recommend going to Linda Burke for a Root cause health screen and treatment…it’s all natural and it works!   I’m one of the many she has helped who can prove that…it has changed my life, and that of my husband…and our first baby will be born this summer!!! 
Thank you so much Linda.
Mary Jo M     Psychologist,  N Ireland