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The problem with modern medicine

The problem with modern medicine


The problem with modern medicine…

Modern medical practice is allopathic. Reductionist science divides us into functional component parts, and attempts to fix the part without considering or understanding it’s relationship to the whole. This philosophy also asserts that mind/body/spirit and environment are completely separate and have no influence on each other, what you eat has no relationship to your health, and that toxicity in all areas of our environment, including toxic thoughts, are irrelevant!

Modern medical research is brilliant at uncovering what the body is doing during the process of disease, and designing drugs which interfere with this process, and suppress symptoms. However this is NOT a cure. To cure disease we need to identify it’s root cause, and eradicate that, before the body can heal and return to balance and full health.

Doctor’s admit that the root cause of 99% of disease is not known. Modern medical so called “treatment” involves either cutting bits out, or suppressing symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs…drugs never cure disease. The pharmaceutical industry has hijacked Western medicine, and has no interest in finding the root cause of disease, or in offering you a possible cure…lets face it, well people do not represent potential profit .

Are you aware that the 3rd highest cause of death is due to a reaction the normal use of medically prescribed drugs and their inter reaction? Iatrogenic deaths (doctor caused) are among the top 5 causes of death in GB and Ireland.

I assert that most doctors are healers at heart, but the regime they have entered has changed them. Did you know that ALL post graduate education given to GP’s is sponsored and administered by the pharmaceutical industry? Do you realize GP’s are given huge bonuses when they attain certain targets regarding flu injections, etc? Do you know that they also get “rewarded” by the drug companies for prescribing huge amounts of certain drugs? A large proportion of the salary of a GP is made up of these “bribes”. Has your doctor ever offered you an alternative to drugs? Self help information? Nutritional information? Ever wonder why you have been palmed off with drugs time after time? How can your GP possibly be objective in their choice of treatment? Well meaning they may be, but I believe they are constantly being brain washed.

Consider this…if this Western Medical paradigm is working, why are serious diseases such as cancer and diabetes at epidemic proportions, stress, anxiety and depression sky rocketing, blood pressure, heart disease and raised cholesterol on the up, and our National Health Service at breaking point? Why are over 80% of the population on medication at any one time? Why are you still unwell?

Cutting edge scientific research has proven, as Einstein discovered, E=MC2…that energy and material are interchangeable…we are made of energy…everything is energy. Holistic therapies and ancient wisdom traditions are based on this knowledge. The Western medicine pardyme is very out dated, dis-empowering, depersonalizing, mechanistic, at times dangerous, and, I would suggest, suspect in it’s motivation.

If you have been told there is no cure for your dis-ease or not believe it!

 YOU are your own healer…you are the ONLY person who can actually heal your self…it’s immune system, your intention, and ultimately, your responsibility…don’t give your power away.