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Physiotherapy Treatment Techniques

Physiotherapy Treatment Techniques

Following injury, physiotherapists use a variety of physiotherapy treatment techniques to hasten the body's natural healing process and speed recovery. These treatment techniques may include:

• Massage
• Mobilization
• Manipulation
• Exercise prescription
• Stretches
• Electrotherapy
• Taping
• Bracing
• Dry needling (acupuncture)
• Ice or heat therapy
• Biomechanical correction
• The use of crutches
• Advice and education
• A gradual return to sport or activity program
The techniques used for each individual are carefully selected by the treating practitioner based on research demonstrating maximum benefit for their particular condition.
Physiotherapy Electrotherapy
Physiotherapy Electrotherapy is the use of heat, light and sound frequencies produced by electrical equipment such as electromagnetic healing, interferential, infra red, ultrasonic therapy, laser, ultraviolet and hot wax. The therapeutic effect of the various waveforms and vibratory frequencies greatly enhance the body's ability to naturally heal itself at a very deep level.
Manipulation/Mobilisation techniques
Chartered Physiotherapists are highly skilled in treating with manipulation/mobilisation techniques. Treatment involves gentle, non-thrusting mobilization techniques which are designed to enable and encourage joint realignment, and significantly reduce pain..
Acupuncture is now recognised as a safe, trusted and very effective treatment for many conditions we treat in chartered physiotherapy.   It allows for fast pain management, as well as facilitating your healing potential. A brilliant extra tool in our tool kit!