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Physiotherapy What To Expect

Physiotherapy What To Expect


On your first appointment to this practice you will be assessed thoroughly.   You will be asked for information on…
• The history of the condition
• The site of the pain
• The cause of the condition (if known)
• Any previous trouble in the area (pre-disposing factors)
• Any investigations already undertaken
• Past medical history and present medication
• The nature of the pain (sharp, dull, aching, hot, etc)
• The duration of the pain (continuous, intermittent, only on movement, stiffness after resting etc)
• What makes the pain it worse/better
• Joint stiffness or lack range of movement
• The effect it has on your activities of daily living, work, hobbies, etc
You will then have a physical hands on examination to find the site of the injury, degree of heat and swelling of the area, the tissue tension and tenderness, muscle spasm etc. You may be asked to perform certain movements to assess your ability and degree of pain.