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Type 2 Diabetes...the scourge of our times.

Type 2 Diabetes...the scourge of our times.

 Type 2 diabetes…the scourge of our times.

Despite BILLIONS of pounds spent on pharmaceutical research, diabetes rates continue to rise, people continue to suffer, and become chronically ill, and die prematurely.

In total, an estimated £14 billion pounds is spent a year on treating diabetes and its complications, with the cost of treating complications representing the much higher cost. The human cost and suffering is much higher than this

The sad fact is that NONE of the pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by our doctors truly address the root cause or stop the progression of this devastating condition.

What causes suffering and a shorter life expectancy in diabetics?

Higher blood sugars over a period of time allow diabetic complications to set in, such as:
• Diabetic retinopathy (blindness)
• Kidney disease (requiring dialysis 3 times a week)
• Cardiovascular disease (heart disease, poor circulation and loss of  limbs)
• Dementia and Alzheimer disease.
Higher blood sugars can often be accompanied by associated conditions such as
• Higher blood pressure
• High cholesterol
Both these, and the drugs prescribed to control them,  help to contribute to poor circulation and further the damage to organs such as the heart, kidneys, eyes, brain and nerves in particular.
In some cases, short term complications such as hypoglycemia and diabetic ketoacidosis can also be fatal.

Diabetes is a serious, chronic disease. In fact, two out of three people with diabetes will die from cardiovascular-related episodes, such as a heart attack or stroke. However, the scandal is that diabetes can be reversed with simple natural measures.

For decades the medical community have assumed that obesity is a major cause of type 2 diabetes, however new research contradicts this assumption.

The new evidence demonstrates that high levels of insulin actually lead to weight gain!
What does this mean for you if you are type 2 diabetic? You should NOT be taking insulin!
We know that one of the best ways for a type 2 diabetic to control blood sugar is to control weight.
But we now know that insulin promotes obesity. So when you take insulin as a type 2 diabetic it’s working against you, not for you!
For this reason, if you have type 2 diabetes and take insulin, the insulin itself is keeping you diabetic!

“Great!” You say, “If I can’t take insulin, what do I do?”

Bottom line: the way modern medicine is addressing diabetes must change, because it isn’t working. Its actually perpetuating the epidemic.   With the right education and action, it IS possible to effectively eliminate the threat of diabetes – without toxic medications.

I have some great news for you! I’d like to introduce you to an all-natural way to reverse diabetes, regulate your blood sugar without insulin or other harmful drugs.
In my practice, I’ve helped countless individuals reverse diabetes naturally and get off the merry-go-round of taking insulin and other drugs that don’t address the root cause but do promote severe side effects. Through our proven,all-natural program, you can maintain healthy levels of blood sugar, control weight, and reduce your risk for all the other nightmarish, long-term results of diabetes.

Our all-natural program is effective because we find and address the root cause of blood sugar issues. This is done using our Meta Health Screen.    Once the root cause is detected, a bespoke treatment plan is created to address your specific triggers.   This may involve a specific detoxification program, followed by natural supplements to rebalance and reboot the Pancreas and imbalanced systems in your body, and kill off any opportunistic organisms which are adding to the sugar handling issues.  We advise on lifestyle modification,  diet and exercise, and support you throughout the entire 8-12 week program, and include a follow-up within the price.
The truth is Diabetes, pre-diabetes and metabolic syndromes are all reversible.   Using root cause diagnosis, functional medicine and personalized, lifestyle-based approach to help you optimize your weight, regain control of blood sugar, heal complications and health problems, and reverse the course of diabetes.

The bottom line…diabetes 2 is a choice.   Continue doing what you are doing and stay diabetic, or make simple informed changes and become totally healthy again…it’s up to you…not your doctor, to make yourself well.
  If you choose to reverse diabetes, I have the expertise and the all-natural program to help you achieve your health goals.

If you’re struggling with metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes I encourage you to take action…be pro-active and choose to regain your natural vibrant health…the natural and effective way.   Come on…let’s do this together!

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