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About Linda

About Linda

linda burkeHi, my name is Linda...Welcome to my Website. I hope you find it informative, helpful and most of all, inspiring. I’m giving you a little introduction just to let you know who I am, and what I stand for.
I have been working in the field of health and wellbeing for over 25 years. It has been my all-consuming passion to facilitate personal empowerment, and help transform physical and emotional dis-ease and pain into vibrant health, peace of mind, and joy de vivre.
In my never ending quest for mastery in order to help my clients, I have studied many different healing disciplines, philosophies and therapies, both orthodox and complimentary. Experience has proven to me that our health and wellbeing is directly affected by our emotions and our degree of spiritual connectedness, as well as our diet, exercise and environment. It is in your mind/body/spirit connection where your power to heal lies.
Like many of you, I have experienced some very difficult personal challenges in my life, which HAD left me feeling exhausted, depressed, stressed, lonely and completely powerless. However, I began to realize that the common denominator in all my misfortune was ME! and what I was unconsciously attracting to myself. For over 10 years I have embarked on a personal journey of self discovery and  empowerment. I have been participating in many powerful personal development and spiritual programs. These include Fire Walking with Anthony Robbins, Landmark Forum, and other powerful Landmark Education programs, Delfin Knowledge System, Brian Tracy, Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra, Dr Bruce Lipton, Erkurt Tolle, Shamanic Journeying, NLP and many many others. I have also read widely on these subjects, and my journey continues...
I have now taken responsibility for my own quality of life and wellness, my self actualization and awareness. I am now profoundly happy, fulfilled and flourishing! YOU CAN BE TOO!! 
Taking the very best from all these fields, I have created the Positive Being Healed Programmes for those of you who take their quality of life and wellness seriously. 
Linda Burke...My History...
I graduated as a Chartered Physiotherapist in London, in 1979, and gained immense experience in the large teaching hospitals St Bartholomew’s, and Royal Free. Having gained promotion to senior Physiotherapist in St Ann’s Hospital, I then entered the private sector as Superintendent Physiotherapist over the Devonshire Hospital near Harley Street, in 1982 and ran my private practice from there. In London I had the privilege of treating people of a wide variety of different creeds, cultures, and ailments, and of working long side many of the top Harley Street Consultants. I have been very fortunate to have gained a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience.
Upon my return to my native Enniskillen, following a short time as a Superintendent in a section of the Erne Hospital, and providing services to several nursing homes, I launched the Holistic Wellness Centre in Enniskillen in 1993 where, I am delighted to say, my clients have been enjoying increasingly good results.
I have been on-goingly developing my skills, my knowledge and my intuition, integrating many fantastic complimentary therapies into my practice. On offer are therapies for your mind, body and spiritual growth.
It is exciting to combine different therapies to utilize their synergistic effect, facilitating the creation of transformation and breakthrough results in healing and quality of life experience.
I am passionate about wellness and wellbeing. I have been an outspoken opponent of the current dis-empowering, mechanistic, depersonalizing Western medical model, driven mainly by lack of time, GP bonus schemes, and pharmaceutical company agendas.
In order to help inform my readers of the real alternatives to allopathic medicine I have written a holistic health column in one of our local papers for the past 15 years. I have written many articles, some of which have been published in Holistic Times Magazine, The News Letter, and Belfast Telegraph.
I am proud to say I have recently been asked by Raw Business Magazine to be their regular monthly Holistic Wellness Coach columnist. The aim is to provide expertise on health matters for their entrepreneur readership.
I am also often requested to speak on the subject of Natural Healing, Transformation and self-Empowerment, and really enjoy these opportunities to inspire, empower, and share intentions.