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Meta-Sync Integrative Self-Healing Program

Meta-Sync Integrative Self-Healing Program




(available on line or in person)

(includes powerful self-healing audio CD's)

A new paradigm in Integrative Medicine and Self-Healing for 2014

For true optimum wellness, it's key to look at the complete holistic picture. It includes much more than physical health and financial prosperity -- it encompasses emotional, spiritual, interpersonal, and even global, wellbring. 


The Meta-Sync Integrative self-healing program with Linda Burke is a unique combination of specialist technologies which will accelerate your self-healing and provide you with the breakthrough you so richly deserve.   We specialise in tackling some of the most challenging, chronic and serious dis-eases.   We use technologies which create synergy and coherence of your body/mind/spirit/emotions and environment, maximizing your ability to promote accelerated self-healing, experience a wellness breakthrough,  and become truly well.

 What are the benefits of Meta-Sync Integrative Self-Healing session?

·       Decode the exact meaning and message  of your dis-ease

·       Connect to your own innate healing wisdom

·       Call on the assistance of guidance from the higher realms.

·       Quickly and effectively dissolve your negative programming

·       Take charge of your health, well-being and success

·       Learn how to use the mind-body connection to fully activate your self-healing potential

·       Be an active participant in the healing process

·       Release anxiety, depression and anger, resolve inner conflicts and eliminate limiting beliefs

·       Be in control of your thoughts and emotions

·       Realize your true potential and unlimited possibilities

·       Increase your self-confidence, vitality and mental balance

·       Control chronic pain

·       Accelerate your healing back to wholeness



Why choose Linda Burke?

The science behind Meta-Sync Integrative Process

The Meta-Sync Integrative Self-Healing Program

Get ready to discover the untapped potential that rests within you, opening your gateway to true freedom, extraordinary bliss, connection with Higher realms and the life of your dreams! Whether it's helping your healing, finding a job you love, fixing your relationships, finding your beloved, dropping excess weight or simply being ready for the next exciting chapter in life; the work you do with Linda provides immediate inspiration, serious results and lasting knowledge.

"Who looks outside dreams.

Who looks inside awakens"


Carl Gustav Jung

Healing sessions address the WHOLE PERSON: mind, body, spirit, emotions and environment (context).

Meta-Sync Integrative Self-Healing Sessions are designed for the individuals who want to

  • remove all negative emotion and belief patterns and programmes that have prevented you from healing, and have held you back from achieving your health goals
  • take a quantum leap in your personal growth and healing
  • be free of health constraints and realize your true potential and unlimited possibilities.
  • live a life of health, balance and well-being.
  • Create the life they truly love living.

Each Meta-Sync Integrative session will give you the momentum and the tools to get yourself back on track and go beyond any mental and emotional blocks and physical boundaries. The Meta-Sync Integrative Self-Healing program is a proven method that allows you to achieve your highest health goals and intentions.

Committing to self-healing using this program means you also receive free powerful self-healing integrative audio CD’s which are designed to assist in your progress.   These uniquely inovative CD’s contain teachings to allow you to understand how it works, and sound technologies, bineurial beats, hypnotic suggestion and reprogramming techniques, and meditation track to help dissolve away your blockages, and empower your self-healing.   Click here for details.

You will experience…

  • The opportunity to create on-going transformation of your quality of health and life
  • The expertise of a dedicated professional mind/body medicine practitioner
  • Having a committed ally in your life who has over 30 years of success in this field
  • The structure of a holistic health creation plan.
  • The benefit of tried and tested regimes and protocols
  • Someone who will coach you, empower you, instruct and guide you, and hold you to account, keep you focused, motivated and inspired 
  • The opportunity to have regular personal time for you with a holistic health expert  

Wouldn’t this be of enormous benefit to you to self-heal back to vibrant health and wellbeing?


Then you need…

The Meta-Sync Integrative Self-Healing Program

A good Integrative Meta-Health consultant is someone who works with the whole you to crate a newly integrated and coherent you- living your life powerfully on purpose, and with vitality and passion...

Together we will…

·       Reality check your health and lifestyle

·       Re-prioritize your value system to promote healing and wellness and quality of life

·       Install life affirming ecological goals

·        Design a personal detoxify cleanse programme for your specific needs to leave you feeling fresh, mentally clear, and invigorated.

·        Create an enjoyable eating plan, juices and supplements for your specific circumstances to promote wellness and heal you.

·       Create an very do-able fitness regime that will inspire you.

·        Support you through any healing crises and keep you motivated-on the right track for your amazing vibrant future.

·       Access your higher spiritual self and your inner wisdom, and propel yourself to total success.

·       Identify your negative, stress-creating, limiting beliefs (conscious and unconscious), and delete them.

·       Reveal your perfect blueprint…the true you, your vitality, purpose and your passion.

The Meta-Sync Integrative Self-Healing Program is a deep acting, fast change and healing process and typically takes between 10-12 sessions spread over 6-12 months, or as required, depending on the concern.   Healing miracles happen!

The Meta-Sync Integrative Self-Healing Program will give you the momentum and the tools to get yourself back on track and go beyond any mental and emotional blocks and boundaries which have prevented you from healing. The Program is a proven method that allows you to achieve your highest health goals. Healing miracles do happen!


Linda Burke works with clients nationally and internationally and offers sessions in person & over the phone or Skype. Full in-depth consultations are available using skype for my international clients who can not attend my practice in person.   If you wish to discuss setting up a consultation via skype please email me to do so.

Start creating your life and health now - and in the future!

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