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On-Line NLP Coaching Boot Camnp

On-Line NLP Coaching Boot Camnp


On-Line or in person... NLP Coaching  Boot Camp (Neuro-linguistic Programming)  

  We are what we think.           

Everything we are arises from our thoughts.     

 With our thinking we create the world.       


Neuro-Linguistic Programming is one of the most advanced technologies available today for creating human change.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is about creating excellence in human behaviour quickly and easily.

NLP is a set of efficient and practical behavioural and coaching tools used to change unwanted behaviours and habits in positive ways.

Take control of your thoughts, emotions and actions to become a true Master of your own destiny.

NLP Coaching Boot Camp differs from all other types of coaching in that it is a fast and supremely effective, life changing one on one, full day intensive.   If you are ready to take your life by the scruff of the neck and really deep dive into your negative programming, delete it, design and re-program the life you really desire...this is for you!   Included within this coaching package is a 14 day, twice a day coaching follow up by text or phone following your NLP Breakthrough Coaching session to keep you on track and help you achieve and consolidate the results and life you want.   Results have been phenominal.   (see testamonils tag) 

 NLP coaches you to evolve and become the YOU you have always known you are. Introducing NLP coaching into your life will be the best investment in your future you could ever make. Do it for YOU….NOW!

Through working with NLP Coaching (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) you will identify and eliminate the most common blocks to enjoying health, peace of mind and personal success.

Have you ever wondered how you can be completely in charge of your health, success and well-being? How to be at all times in control of your thoughts, your feelings and your actions?
NLP allows you to gain control over your thinking, emotions and behaviours and consequently be in charge of your life. On a physical level NLP effectively increases overall balance and vitality through completely changing negative responses and attitudes to life events. In addition, NLP interventions use the mind-body connection to directly enhance the self-healing activity of the body
NLP Coaching techniques enable you to clearly identify and address the mental root causes of your physical or emotional problem and provide you with fast change tools that allow you to fully heal from the inside out.
" free from the past and tap into the abundant resources you have inside, so that you can create the future you desire."
Introducing NLP Coaching Boot Camp with Linda Burke
I am a Master NLP Breakthrough Coach based in Northern Ireland. I have been coaching individuals and groups for over 25 years, as well as leading transformational seminars and workshops to groups and corporate clients. My specialty is in the field of personal health transformation, and personal breakthrough and empowerment.
NLP coaches people to create coherence and alignment in every area of their life, empowering you to be the co-creator of a life you really love.
• BE who they want to be, so that they can…¨
• DO what they want to do, so that they can…¨
• HAVE what they want to have
My typical clients are people who feel stuck in some way and are ready to take responsibility for change. For some people this involves resolving past significant emotional events, letting go of perceived limitations, (eg I’m not good enough). and forgiveness of self and others.
For others it can be more intense symptoms such as Depression, ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,) and even cancer.
No matter how stuck you feel you are, Linda Burke NLP coaches you to breakthrough your stuckness.. I do this by working with clients in two ways
1:1 NLP Coaching Boot Camp
Usually run over just 1 session lasting a total of 6 hours designed to solve specific and acute problem.   (includes a 10 day daily accountability follow-up to help keep you on your now track)
2.  Transformational Events - run over 2 days in groups of no more than 10 people designed to help you create what you really want in each area of your life.
So I now offer YOU the following 3 options:
1 Carry on and hope for the best - Though free of charge this is usually the most costly route!
2 NLP Breakthrough Coaching and Empowerment Program (1:1 Sessions)
3 Transformational Events¨(Small Group Intensive) 
The choice is up to you. NLP coaches you to evolve and become the YOU you have always known you are. Introducing NLP coaching into your life will be the best investment in your future you could ever make. Do it for YOU….NOW!
How our subconscious mind gets programmed.

Full in-depth consultations are available using skype for my international clients who can not attend my practice in person.   If you wish to discuss setting up a consultation via skype please email me to do so.

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