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On-Line NLP Hypnotherapy

On-Line NLP Hypnotherapy




NLP Hypnotherapy (available on-line or in person)


NLP Hypnotherapy has been proven in medical studies to be very successful in the treatment of a large variety of conditions including stress,  virtual gastric band weight control,(see link below) stop smoking, phobia, anxiety, chronic pain etc.. NLP Hypnotherapy assists you to easily and quickly change limiting beliefs, negative emotions, phobias and fears, build confidencce and wellness, and transform issues which have kept you stuck for years.   NLP Hypnotherapy works directly with the unconscious mind, which is the part of us that regulates our physical functions, stores memories and is in charge of our emotions. NLP Hypnotherapy is a completely safe and relaxing technology that provides profound changes to occur on a mental and physical level.

NLP Hypnotherapy Can Work For You

There is a truly immense range of NLP hypnotherapy techniques and approaches that have proved to be useful to help people to make useful changes to their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. By using this combination of hypnotherapy and NLP we work very directly with you to train your mind to help you to learn to be able to be more flexible in your thinking, to help you to stop engaging in unwanted automated thinking, feeling and behaviour, and, most importantly, to help you to aim yourself in more useful directions. So the work should not be considered as simply 'therapy'. It is very much to be seen as a combination of detecting and deleting root cause , coaching, education, and most importantly, training.

The Direct Approach

The approach, therefore, is to tackle the unwanted thinking and behaviour head-on rather than to spend hours going over the past looking for some 'hidden meaning'/'original cause' in the hopes that discovering and 'coming to terms' with such will magically transform everything. The way that we utilize NLP hypnotherapy, therefore, is more based on NLP style principles and we are almost the opposite to most consellors and psychotherapists in the way that we interact with our clients. In our experience, useful, powerful and rapid results can very often be achieved by using NLP hypnotherapy without resorting to 'going over and over the past'. 


NLP Hypnotherapy is the application of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. NLP Hypnotherapy treatment has been used successfully to help people deal easily, effortlessly and effectively with just about any challenge we face in daily life - sometimes as the only modality and other times in conjunction with other therapeutic modalities.
These are some examples of where NLP Hypnotherapy can help you...
  • Over weight?   Anorexia or bulemia? We offer hypno gastric band /virtual gastric band hypnotherapy
  • Want to stop smoking?  We offer stop smoking hypnothrapy
  • Got a phobia?   Get rid in 2 hours with hypnosis for phobias and fears.
  • Are you anxious, fed up or depressed? Delete those negative emotions and thought patterns for good with NLP hypnotherapy.
  • Have you suffered from physical or emotional abuse? Remove the emotional pain associated with these horrible cicunstances and live your life to the full with NLP hypnotherapy.
  • Are you in physical pain? NLP hypnotherapy can greatly helpto decrease the intensity or even remove severe pain eg in labour.
  • Feeling useless and lost?   NLP ypnotherapy can help you to find out what your true purpose in life is?
  • Are you suffering from grief, loss or trauma?  NLP Hypnbotherapy can greatly help mopve you through these painful emotions more quickly and completely.
Do you need help?
Using NLP Hypnotherapy as your hypnotherapy treatment you will be able to IMMEDIATELY and EFFORTLESSLY:-
Delete negative, counterproductive, and destructive files from your subconscious “computer” and replace them with positive files that will contribute to your happiness and well being.
Enjoy all the physical and mental benefits of a deep, refreshing nap with just a few minutes of hypnotic guided therapy.
Remove the unfounded worries, fears and anxieties that plague your thoughts, strain your health and impact your daily living.
Activate your body’s natural healing ability to target any illness or disorder you may be experiencing.
Enjoy deep, restorative relaxation any time, even in the midst of extreme stress or chaos.
Eliminate every negative thought, mindset and impression that, unbeknownst to you, has harmed your self-esteem and held you back from total success and fulfillment.
Rid yourself of the still reverberating effects of toxic, harmful, negative people you’ve encountered in the past - tyrannical teachers, nasty bosses, bullying acquaintances - and permanently protect yourself from the effects of such people in the future.
And much more!
You will be fully aware of what you are hearing at all times and ultimately in control of how it affects you. “You are the master: I am the guide”.
One thing is for certain: If you are ready to experience change and open yourself to the process of hypnosis, change will happen.
You’ll be able to program your mind for whatever you need to achieve in your life, including:
NLP Hypnotherapy can help you improve your life:
Physically NLP Hypnotherapy can..
• Accelerate healing process
• Control pain
• Stop-smoking
• Control weight and eating problems , hypno gastric band
• Improve sports performance
• Improve your sex life
• Reshape your body
• Aid natural childbirth
• Increase your energy level
• Eliminate sleep problems
Mentally NLP Hypnotherapy can…
• Accelerate learning process
• Overcome learning difficulties
• Improve memory
• Improve concentration
• Stimulate your imagination
• Increase your ability to visualize
• Unleash your creativity
• Access your inner genius
• Solve problems with ease
• Increase motivation
Emotionally NLP Hypnotherapy can…
• End panic, fears and phobias
• Release emotional trauma
• Forgive yourself and others
• Open yourself to love
• Manage stress constructively
• Increase your self-esteem
• Build confidence
• Improve your relationships
• Find inner peace
Spiritually NLP Hypnotherapy can…
• Accelerate spiritual growth
• Discover your life’s purpose
• Create a compelling destiny
• Improve quality of your life
• Build your light body
• Develop intuition
• Attract your ideal partner
• Open yourself to infinite abundance
Find out for yourself how easy and painlessly profound lasting personal change can be using NLP Hypnotherapy as your hypnotherapy treatment of choice..
Consultations and treatment is now available on line via skype.   This has proven very successful.   Please contact Linda for further information or to book your consultation.  02866328200, or email
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