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Transpersonal Coaching

Transpersonal Coaching

Transpersonal Counselling (available on line or in person)


When you speak, think that the World of Speech is at work within you,
For without that presence, you would not be able to speak at all.
Similarly, you would not think at all, if it were not for the World of Thought within you.
Man is like a ram’s horn;
The only sound he makes is that which is blown through him.
Were there no one blowing into the horn, there would be no sound at all.

So who is blowing your ram's horn?  your worries and issues, or your full essential self?

What is Shamanic Transpersonal Counseling?

Shamanic Transpersonal Counselling enables the individual to access their own inner wisdom and spiritual connection in order to download information and guidance for specific queries and issue.
  If we use the analogy of the body/mind being a satellite dish...when we are in analytical mind, stressed, busy doing stuff or worried, we reduce the spectrum of signals we can receive from our higher self or inner wisdom down into a narrow band width.   We call this focus.   It has its uses of course and helps us concentrate on dealing with the issue at hand.   However being focused into a narrow band width of information shuts us off from our resources highest potential.   Learning how to expand our band width to access much more of our resources will greatly empower us to solve problems, receive inspiration, and ultimately heal body and mind..This open state of mind is achieved in the trance state, or deep relaxation, and meditation.   It can be induced by rhythmical drumming, rattling or dancing.
Core shamanism is a modern practice rooted in ancient shamanic beliefs. In shamanism, everything is considered to have life, awareness and spirit.  This is now proven in the field of quantum physics.  Rocks, fire, trees, water, the wind and, of course, animals, all possess consciousness, although it may be vastly different from human consciousness (a rock does not experience life the same way that a human does).
The central technique of core shamanism is the shamanic journey, wherein the shamanic practitioner assists the clients to journey in spirit to commune with and learn from the consciousness of other beings, in the form of helping spirits, allies, angelic beings and teachers in this world and the Otherworlds.
Normally, when a shamanic practitioner works with and for a client, the practitioner will journey with the client. The practitioner uses various methods such as drumming, rattling, dancing and/or chanting, to enter the shamanic state of consciousness. Once in that state, you and the practitioner will journey to whichever world or worlds may be appropriate, and interact with spirits to obtain whatever resources you may require for healing or to resolve a question or issue in your life.
The Transpersonal Counselling process
Each session is two hours long and involves the following...
1.   An in-depth discussion to identify  the root cause of the issue or problem, and formulate an intention to take into the altered state with you.
2.   Lying comfortably, you will be given head phones which play a repetitive drumming beat which is in Theta and delta rhythm.   This assists your mind to become still, open and receptive and you enter a semi-trance-like state, expanding your awareness into non-ordinary states of consciousness.   You breath deeply and state your ask for guidance with your specific issue.   I encourage you to speak what you see, feel, and hear during this half hour in the altered state.   It will be recorded for you so you can listen back to your experience and any messages it contains.   It will be available for you to bring home with you.
3.   On completion of part 2, you return to normal brain state and we remain in silence while you listen to your recording.   You  will notice things you say have a message or guidance in them.
4.   Finally I assist you to find significant meaning in what is said in your recording, and make sense of the messages presented to you.  It is often the case that things may not make much sense at the time, but are often discovered to have profound significance within a few days of your session.   Most people who undergo this profound form of counselling feel completely empowered, connected and enlightened by the experience.
"A person who is going through a transpersonal opening, a spiritual opening, goes through a process that combines regression and progression. In some sense you go back and you have to complete the unfinished things from your history, and at the same time new dimensions are opening for you."           -Dr Stanislav Grof 
for more information of Shamanic Healing and the Luminous Energetic Field click on the Therapies tab on this site and scroll down to shamanic healing.

Full in-depth consultations are available using skype for my international clients who can not attend my practice in person.   If you wish to discuss setting up a consultation via skype please email me to do so.

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