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Heavy Metal Toxicity at the root of chronic disease

Heavy Metal Toxicity at the root of chronic disease

Heavy Metal the root of chronic disease.

Metal Toxicity
Mercury alone can mimic or cause any illness currently known or at least contribute to it.
Modern medicine has taken a giant leap in the past few years through the discovery and use of the PCR test (polymerase chain reaction). Virtually any illness seems to be caused or contributed to by a chronic infection. A study performed by the VA Administration (published in JADA, April 1998) on 10,000 US veterans, showed that most coronary heart disease really started as an endothelial infection and, in most cases was caused by microorganisms from the mouth.
Another study showed that close to 70% of all TMJ syndromes in women are caused or contributed to by chlamydia trachomatis. Childhood diabetes is often caused by either a cytomegalovirus or influenza virus infection.But what predisposes the organism to infection in the first place?   Toxicity.

I suggest diagnosing and treating toxic metal residues in the body along with the appropriate treatment of the microorganisms. As long as compartmentalized toxic metals are present in the body,our ph will be too acidic for our natural gut flora to survive.   This gut microbiome represents 80% of our immune response.   When it is destroyed by toxicity our body is left very vulnerable to opportunistic infections. Conventional medical treatment does not address the root cause of why we get simply disguises the symptoms with toxic medication.
To diagnose metal deposits in the different body compartments on a living patient is not easy. Most "scientific" tests are based on hair analysis, blood, stool and urine tests, but the irony is, the worst toxins are NOT excreted, they are stored...which is exactly our problem.   They will not be present in these places unless they are being detoxified.   The body stores dangerous toxic residue in our fat tissue only.

The most elegant, suitable and easy to learn system is ART (autonomic response testing) are extensions of a regular physical exam that can be done without any instruments. It is a very accurate diagnostic tool and makes it possible to not only diagnose where in the body which metal is stored, but also helps to predict which metal detoxifying agent is most suitable to remove the toxic metal from that particular body region.

The metals found most commonly are:

However, the thoughts expressed thus far do not answer one important question.
Why do patients that are exposed to mercury, deposit the toxin in the fat tissue in various areas of their body?
Some deposit the mercury in their hypothalamus (and develop multiple hormone problems), or in their limbic system (depression). Others deposit it in the adrenals (fatigue), or in the long bones (osteoporosis, leukemia). Some in the pelvis (interstitial cystitis), in the autonomic and sensory ganglia (chronic pain syndromes); some in the connective tissue (scleroderma, lupus), or in the cranial nerves (tinnitus, cataracts, TMJ problems, loss of smell), or in the muscles (fibromyalgia).
 As you would assume, multiple causes can be identified.

• Past physical trauma (such as closed head injury) will make the brain susceptible to becoming a storage site for lead, aluminum and mercury.
• Food allergies often cause a low-grade encephalitis or joint inflammation, setting up those areas to become targets for toxic deposits.
• Geopathic stress -- Significant numbers of patients were found sleeping on underground water lines or too close to electrical equipment. Metals concentrate in the body regions most compromised.
• Scars and other foci can create abnormal electrical signals that can alter the function of the ANS (autonomic nervous system). The abnormal impulses often cause areas of vasoconstriction and hypoperfusion, which again become metal storage sites.
• Structural abnormalities -- TMJ problems and cranio-sacral dysfunctions often are responsible for impairment of blood flow and lymphatic drainage in affected areas.
• Biochemical deficiencies -- If the patient has a chronic zinc deficiency, the prostate, which has a large turnover of zinc, starts to incorporate other 2-valent metals (such as Hg++, Pb++).
• Environmental toxicity (solvents, pesticides, wood preservatives, etc.) has a synergistic effect with most toxic metals. Metals will often accumulate in body parts that have been chemically injured at a prior time.
• Unresolved psycho-emotional trauma and unresolved problems in the family system.   This last cause -- unresolved psycho-emotional trauma -- is by far the most common factor determining where which metal will be stored in the body and which infectious agent will thrive in what area of the body. This issue has been underestimated by most, due to a lack of appropriate, quick and precise therapeutic interventions.

If you are needlessly suffering with a chronic health condition,please consider getting tested for heavy metal and other toxicity as it is going to be at the root af why you are ill.   In this practice we use ART, Clinical Kinesiology, Functional Nutritional Therapy and many other specialties to diagnose root cause of disease and offer targeted treatment to help you optimize your health the natural way.   02866328200

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