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Nutritional Status Testing on line or person toperson

Nutritional Status Testing on line or person toperson

Nutritional Status Testing,

Our health, well being, and our ability to heal, are, to a great part, determined by our nutitional status.   Without these raw materials our physiology can not create homeostasis and balance, leading to poor energy levels, disease and disharmony.   . Nutritional status testing using clinical kinesiology allows us to gain in-depth nowledge of nutritional status, and what is creating any imbalance.

 Minerals comprise approximately four percent of our total body weight and include a wide variety of nutrients. Their functions range from providing structural support in the formation of bones and teeth, to maintaining the acid-base balance, water balance, nerve conduction, muscle contraction, and enzyme functions. Some minerals participate in hundreds of biochemical processes, while others participate in only limited functions. Their role in health and disease is just now being validated via scientific research. 

Using our unique Meta-Health Scan it is possible to determine the underlying nutritional deficiencies and bio-toxicity which have caused or contributed to your dis-ease, and prescribe a bespoke, totally effective detoxification and supplementation protocol for you to align your system and promote option healing.   This unique scan utilizes the accuracy of Clinical Kinesiology with Functional Nutritional Therapy , and the insights gained from the scientific research in Meta-Medicine.
Functional Nutritional Therapy: 
Functional Nutritional Therapy is a relatively new approach to health that looks at underlying nutritional deficiency and bio-toxicity as major contributors to the root causes of disease, and attempts to correct these problems using targeted detoxification protocols and therapeutic supplementation, to help cleanse and treat imbalances, and support and enhance natural healing.
We focus on determining the root causes by looking at your entire body/emotions/mind, and environment. At Meta-Physical, we zero in on seven pathways of your body/mind system.   
Our unique Meta-Health Scan will demonstrate energetic imbalances, by taking an energetic “snapshot” of your bio-psycho-energetic blueprint to determine where and how processes are becoming faulty…
The Seven Pathways are: 
  • Nutritional intake and assimilation: Physically, we are what we eat.   A balanced diet comprising whole grain carbohydrates, fresh vegetables and fruit, free range protein, vegetable oils, and water are the principal elements for vibrant good health.   Our diets have become deficient in many nutrients due to the consumption of fast food, heavily processed convenience foods, and our obsession with confectionary.   A chronic deficiency of even a single nutrient can cause susceptibility to cellular malfunction hence disease 


  • Toxicity and Elimination:   Any inability to eliminate toxins from our environment, air, water, sprayed on our food produce or injected into our livestock, household cleaning products, makeup and fake tan, alcohol, cigarettes, medication etc interfere with cell chemistry and create dis-ease. 


  • Mental/Emotional: every emotion produces a corresponding molecule in our body and affects every cell…instantly.   This can be either life affirming positive thoughts and emotions or disease affirming negative ones.


  • Physical posture, movement and breathing: How we use our body and how we breathe has a huge effect on its ability to support us.   Poor posture, or lack of exercise will cause degradation of the cells of the musculoskeletal system, and our organs. 


  • The heart:   Being true to your spiritual self.   We need to feel loved and connected. Lack of connectedness leads to a feeling of disempowerment, depression and worthlessness.  These feelings create chemicals which degrade cells and create dis-ease. 


  • Energetic blueprint:   Science has demonstrated that we have a field of electromagnetic energy surrounding and flowing through our body.   Energy contains information.  Negative information held here, such as unresolved issues, grudges, hurt, fear or bitterness, will download into your physical body if not transformed.


  • Genetic: genes control our cells, but we control our genes.   Cutting edge science is proving that our genes respond to out internal and external energetic environment, and our DNA is the mediator.   Negative instructions held in our energetic field download into the body as disease.
To regain in full health, or heal dis-ease, it is essential to address and realign all these aspects of our being.
The approach to health offers enormous advantages, one of which is a very rapid cessation of symptoms. Patients report improvement in how they feel usually within the first month — like a “switch has been flipped.” Even for those who have struggled with lifelong depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or autoimmune disorders, dramatic results are usually seen within the first couple of months. This is largely because the precise cause of the problem has been nailed down through laboratory testing.
Another major advantage is that children can be helped very easily and quickly with functional medicine, which eliminates the need for medications about 95 percent of the time. 
Picking Up Ball That Conventional Medicine Has Dropped
There are profound differences between our functional nutritional therapy approach and Conventional medicine.   The latter aims at identifying life-threatening diseases, but ignores the realm of more subtle issues. For example, endocrinologists look for rare and unusual disorders like Addison’s disease — things that could kill you in a week or two if left untreated. If you don’t have one of the major diseases, their interest and expertise generally wanes.
By contrast, our functional nutritional therapy approach looks at identifying and correcting imbalances and lifestyle issues that are eroding your health over time, reducing your quality of life, and predisposing you to the development of serious health problems down the road. In other words, our approach aims at preventing you from ever developing those major diseases in the first place. 
According to Dr. Kalish (Functional Medicine Specialist)
“There is a predictable way that the body breaks down. It doesn’t happen in different ways in different people. We have hormone and brain problems, digestive problems, and toxicity problems. There’s a methodical way you can test and correct all these issues, if you get hooked up with the right group of doctors that know how to do all this. This technology is available. It’s not a question of whether it works or not. It’s just a matter of accessing it.”
Using our unique Meta-Health Scan, your body’s chemical and hormonal imbalances are identified. Problems with your gastrointestinal function may be detected, or with how your body cleanses and rids itself of toxins. With this information, then, specific strategies can be prescribed, such as diet and lifestyle modifications, specific supplements, or perhaps a different approach to eradicating your stress.  Supplements are designed to be used short-term, therapeutically, in order to accomplish a specific goal, and return you to perfect health in the fastest tie possible.
Full in-depth consultations are available using skype for my international clients who can not attend my practice in person.   If you wish to discuss setting up a consultation via skype please email me to do so.

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