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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Why do we need a new paradigm?
Having had over 30 years’ experience as a dedicated health professional, and over 100,000 satisfied clients under my belt, I continually hear clients complaining and angry about their experience of the NHS system. I have become deeply concerned about the way patients are being treated within Western Medicine model of practice. ¨
TOP SEVEN COMPLAINTS about the NHS system...
Why am I being drugged by my doctor instead of healed?
Why should I feel I'm being rushed? Not heard? Unimportant? Stupid? Afraid?
How did I go to hospital to be cured, and came out more sick with an incurable infection?
Why has the ROOT CAUSE of my illness never been explained to me? Is it even known?
Why does my doctor only focus on the diseased part of me? Is the rest of me irrelevant?
Why have I never been given any choice or say in how I'm treated... just been dictated too?
Why have I not been offered any nutritional advice or holistic health enhancing options?
And much more...
There is something rotten going on in Western Medicine...and this is what it is.
Vaccines contaminated with the pesticide Glycosate
Flu shot scam
Top vaccine researcher comes out about Autism fraudThe Silent Epidemic...vaccine fraud
Criminal Medicine
The pharmaceutical company conspiracy.

- Is Your Doctor Getting Away With a Class A Felony?




Psychiatrist speaks out about the dangers of psychiatric drugs

The scientific and medical case for Cannabis

Western medicine is based on false outdated science...fact.   New Biology and Quantum Physics have far out stripped the mechanistic Newtonian view of the world, and health, and replaced it with something much more wholesome and empowering.   New medicine is recognizing that what the Ancient Wisdom Traditions our ancestors believed is actually truth.   Our body is programmed to heal itself of long as we get what is in the way out of the way.   Our symptoms hold the key to unlocking the message we need to hear and respond to.   Once responded to the body will naturally heal.

We have been led to believe that healing is difficult, and that we need Dr’s, and drugs to make us well.   We have given the power of healing away to outsiders.   The real fact is that it is YOU who heal yourself…all a doctor, therapist or healer can do is to facilitate you to heal using various techniques.

Doctors can cut out diseased parts, align broken bones, and sew you back up, but no one can predict how any individual will react to treatment.   Drugs NEVER heal you…they are NOT DESIGNED TO HEAL, they are designed to mask symptoms, while the disease process carries on, quietly inside you.   In fact, all pharmaceutical drugs have harmful side effects which are toxic to your body and depress your healing process…that’s what causes the side effects listed on the drug leaflet! They actually ADD to the problem.

The Difference that makes THE Difference

It is my intention to focus my energy, skills, and experience on helping people to achieve true healing. This means shifting my attention from disease to the message it carries. It means helping people to open up to and align with the full, free flow of life energy.

There are lots of doctors who can help you sort out how to manage the symptoms of disease so you can still function.   However the root cause has never been addressed, and will continue to cause disturbance in the energy field, and eventually download as something much more serious.

There are fewer who will look beyond the disease itself to help you heal the underlying condition.   I’m in the latter group.

 For some people part of what I do to help them create the best possible circumstances for healing may be managing disease symptoms, but I will not support people in dealing with disease at the expense of healing.

My intension is to change your belief system regarding disease…severing mental relations with disease. And give no power to any fear or belief that disease is the problem. Further, it means to give no power to the fear or belief that the disharmony or imbalance is incurable. The most important thing here is to understand that there is science at work, with understandable and predictable rules. If you know what the rules are and how to work with them, you can have any result you want, including perfect health.

The Meta-Physical Holistic Healing approach gives you these rules.   My contribution is to help our understanding of how it all works as my own understanding grows so we can all experience the blessing of true well-being.

Holistic diagnosis techniques

Along with my skills as a senior Chartered Physiotherapist skilled in physical diagnosis, I also avail of my knowledge of Traditional Chinese cMedicine diagnosis, Clnical Kinesiology Autonomic Reflex diagnosis, Functional Nutritional Therapy diagnosis, and the ground-breaking New Meta-Health Diagnosis. Together these powerful and insightful techniques of diagnosis map out the exact root cause of your disease or pain…they take into consideration your mind, body and your spirit, together with your social and energetic environment.

Integrated Medicine Treatments, Therapies and Coaching

Chartered Physiotherapy… musculo-skeletal manipulation,  electrictro-therapy, exercise programs, education and prevention of injury.

Traditional Chinese Medical Acupuncture,…unblock and rebalance energy flow and promote self-healing.

Reiki…cleanse and realign the auric field.   Unblock constricted energy and promote balance and healing.

Shamanic healing and counselling…cleanse attachments, retrieve lost soul parts and integrate the holistic system.

Aromatherapy…using Essential Oils to relax and distress, and promote healing.,

NLP Breakthrough Coaching,. Powerfully address unconscious limiting beliefs and negative emotions to remove obstacles to being where you want to be in life.

Time Line Therapy. Deleting unhelpful beliefs and emotions and re-programming new empowering ones.,

EFT…emotional freedom technique quickly and easily resolves extreme negative emotions and installs new empowering ones.   Great for PTSD.,

NLP Hypnotherapy…easily accesses the unconscious mind to release old negative patterns which cause distress or disease, and replaces them with new life affirming ones.,

Functional Nutritional Therapy…diagnosis of nutritional status followed by prescription of specific detoxification program, specific dietary changes and specific nutritional protocols to promote self-healing or weight issues.

stress management programs…totrain your brain to  perceive life in a more empowering way, and deal with issues or circumstances in a whole new way.

Sound and Light Therapy…amazing way to relax and distress…and change patterns of thought and behaviour.


.If .I believe it is in the patient’s best interest, I will refers patients to other specialists.


Training and licensing

 I am a highly trained professional qualified and licensed to practice in a very wide range of therapies and interventions.

By oath and law, my role as an Integrated Medicine Practitioner is to prevent, detect, diagnose, and treat dis-ease and disharmony.


New Empowering Paradigm for health…

  • Disease in a person’s body is a result of some lack, blockage or mal-alignment causing constriction of the free flow of life force in the human system.
  • The blockage may originate in a person’s thoughts, emotions, feeling  or actions. It may originate in his or her parent’s thoughts or actions, or those of other influential people.
  •  It may be on a much larger scale, as in social, cultural, environmental, or other global conditions.. All of these are part of the human system. All of these can affect an individual’s health.
  • Disease creates a precious opportunity for healing… learning the truth about the flow of life energy in the universe and how we are allpart of it.
  • Disease is not the enemy that our modern medical system has made it seem. Disease is a messenger. True healing requires willingness to receive the message and deal with it. On a global scale, when we see epidemics and the effects of global environmental pollution, healing may require global change.
  •  On a personal level, healing may require forgiveness, letting go of limiting beliefs about oneself and the world, and accepting higher truths. It may require taking the natural action that results from understanding higher truths…actions like changing one’s job or living circumstances, and relationships with everyone and everything in one’s life.



What is my vision for you? Could it be yours, too?

Imagine with me ...

  • You wake up in the morning after a restful sleep, full of energy and enthusiasm  for the day ahead.
  • You say the affirmation Charles Fillmore wrote at the age of 93: .I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm and spring forth with a mighty faith to do the things that ought to be done by me!."
  • Your body feels WONDERFUL. You look in the mirror and love who and what you see. Your day unfolds gracefully, from one peaceful moment to the next . regardless f how things may appear . from the moment you joyfully awaken until the moment you lie peacefully to rest for the night. You hold a powerful vision of the dreams that are yours to fulfil.
  • To have all the clarity, support, and resources you need to do today’ work with excellence, and the confidence and faith that you’ll have all you need tomorrow and every day.
  • You live in constant gratitude for the marvellous opportunity to have a body which allows you to interact with all the beauty and wonder of the physical world.
  • You are joyfully aware of your connection with all of creation with every breath you take, every drink of water, every bite of food, every loving thought, every word you say, every action.
  • You thoroughly enjoy everything  required to bring food to your table . every interaction with people, the earth, rain, sunshine, other living beings, and the food itself.
  • You love the way your body moves, and love to move for the sheer joy of it.
  • You live in perfect health.
  • Your life of gratitude, peace, mindfulness, personal responsibility, intimate relationship with your spiritual and physical source of life and health, and positive relationship with yourself and other people creates a ripple effect benefiting all of humanity and all life on Earth.
  • And everyone on Earth lives as you do, in perfect health, perfect prosperity,and perfect peace.


Will you join me in this vision?

Will you turn your back on doubts, fears, past failures, the appearance of hopeless conditions, that little voice inside that always seems to tell you .it won’t work. for you?

Will you courageously take your next step, and then another, toward your vision, regardless of appearances and negative thoughts?



You DO have what it takes. You CAN have what you want. And here is the

best part: it can be EASY, and it can be FUN!


Are you ready for your life to be more wonderful than ever before?

 Are your ready to experience not only physical health but an entire life of well-being?

Can you imagine participating in something that benefits not only you, but the

entire planet?

 It may be as simple as deciding to make it so.

Say .yes toa new life in 2014!. and the forces of the universe are already rushing to help you.


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