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Skype Consultations

Skype Consultations



In this Practice we offer testing and consultations over the web for the convenience of clients who are unable to travel to our physical practice.   This has proven very popular and the results attained by our international clients are outstanding.   At present we have clients based in Eire and the UK, America, Canada, Australia, Italy and beyond.   Distance does no have to bet a barrier to getting Root Cause diagnosis and resolution of your health challenge, and the return of your natural well and vital self.



“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not a philosophy, this is
physics”  -  Albert Einstein

Kinesiology muscle testing takes the guess work out of medicine and accurately reveals the root cause trigger of any physical disease, or emotional issue.

How does the surrogate process work?

When you act as a surrogate for someone else in a Kinesiology session we set the session up so that you energetically step into the other person’s energy.  (This is always done with the permission of the other person where possible).  Person A energetically becomes person B so that the muscle testing is that of the person B not the individual being tested.  This may seem unusual however it canand does work.

When would you use a surrogate?

There are times it is not possible or practical to work on the client in need of the Kinesiology

Surrogates are used when:

  • The person cannot physically attend the clinic
  • Doing Distant/Remote healing - I become the surrogate
  • The person does not live in the local area
  • The client is a baby or toddler and having them lie still may be difficult
  • The client is elderly or weak
  • Working with animals
  • The elderly who cannot leave their chair without a great deal of help
  • Anyone suffering from an injury which prevents them being able to move
  • Young children who cannot yet understand the instructions to “hold” their muscle position
  • Anyone who cannot comfortably move in certain positions
  • Anyone where language is an issue
  • People who are overseas and unable to attend the session

The marvels of surrogate testing

Kinesiology   allows You to…
•   Have a direct line of communication with your unconscious mind and Higher Wisdom; •   Detect the exact root cause of your health challenge so it can be effectively treated. •   Make positive changes to your health, eliminating stress and inflammation;

•   Discover any food and environmental sensitivities, and eliminate the causes of allergic or
sensitivity reactions;

•   Find the root cause of traumas or issues which hold you back in life

•   Become more in tune with your intuition, and make more empowered decisions;

Long-Distance & Surrogate Muscle Testing

An invaluable tool of Kinesiology is “long-distance” or “surrogate” muscle testing, where I muscle  test myself as your surrogate, to receive information from your Energy System. Just as energy (like radio waves) can travel over distances, so can the energy we Radiate from our body, and unconscious thoughts   When the body is harbouring toxins and/or subclinical infections, or misalignment of structure, hormone imbalances, stress, etc the incoherent energy of each of these is held in our personal energy template.

Just the same way as testing in person, with remote kinesiology we can challenge your energy system to find the root cause of your health or emotional issues . This allows muscle testing to be done for people who may be thousands of miles away.
Using muscle testing, I am able to accurately identify your physiological, emotional and energetic blockages - the root causes of your disease, distress and what has been preventing you from realizing your health goals. I can then determine the quickest and most thorough way of permanently removing the blockages, and reboot your system using tried and trusted detoxification protocols and nutritional supplements, plus diet and lifestyle changes.    On an emotional or psychological level I can help you delete all negative programming and disempowering beliefs quickly and easily using remote EFT, NLP, and Matrix Reimprinting.
After doing your prescribed treatment, I then re-check the areas that were cleared to be sure that the blockages have been completely removed.

Kinesiology Empowers You to Receive the Answers from Within.

Remote or Surrogate testing can be done over skype.  

  • The initial investigative consultation lasts 90 minutes and is the information gathering and diagnostic session during which I will demonstrate to you what has shown up on your scan, and discuss what this means so you have a thorough understanding or what your body is hampered by, why, and how to remove it.   You leave this session with all you need to get started on your personalized treatment program and begin to feel the benefits. 
  • Once we remove the blockages to your natural healing ability your body begins to reboot its ability to undo the things which have gone wrong, and your health naturally improves.
  • Following the removal of the blockages to health, we enable the healing process by prescribing specific supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes or treatments specific to your needs.  
  • We support you throughout your healing process and celebrate your success!

Experience has proved to me that our body has an infinite capacity to heal.   All we need to do is y t is hindering it, and give it a little push in the right direction and it can do the rest itself!

The human body has approximately 70 trillion cells. Every cell in the body is intelligent and
Communicates with every other cell in the body. If the body can create disease, it can also uncreate disease. Our body has the Answer to your Cure.  I can access your body's wisdom for healing with a Meta Health Scan and consultation.

To book a Meta Health Screen and consultation session. 

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Privacy Policy

We totally respect your privacy. Any and all of the following personal information you disclose is for professional use only. It is strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone: a person, a
company or organization.

Payments >>> Terms and Conditions

♦ Linda Burke is a Chartered Physiotherapist, with expertise in the best of modern medicine, but who has expanded her expertise into the field of holistic, mind/body and nutritional medicine.   She has a wealth of knowledge in many therapeutic fields including Chinese Medicine Acupuncture, Emotional Freedom Technique, NLP, and Functional Nutritional Therapy. She now specializes in root diagnosis and resolution of chronic disease and distress.


 The initial Fee is £225.00 and includes all the following:

• Your in-depth Health Screen
• Evaluation of results and consultation
• a recommended treatment plan
• a prescription of treatment indicated to reverse your
• an emailed report on your "Results of Findings" of your evaluation
• A follow-up appointment
• On-going support up until your follow-up


Payment must be made in full in advance of the session.   Payment can be made using Paypal by clicking on the “payments” tab on the drop down menu under Home on the menu
  Based on your evaluation results you will be given a nutritional and lifestyle program for
Six weeks. We recommend a follow up session after 4 -6 weeks to check your progress and fine tune the treatment as necessary.   Subsequent monthly follow-ups, if needed, are based on a rate of £75.00 per hour.


The supplements I recommend are of the highest quality, they are mostly Whole Food based
/ Not Chemical Supplements. If any supplements, herbal remedy or homeopathy are needed
for your nutritional needs, I refer you to a trusted company who I have used for years.   You
will be able to set up your own account with them and order your products independently.
Supplements charges are not included in the initial cost of the Meta Health Screen and

•  Cancellation Policy: 

48 hours’ notice is required of cancellation or change of appointment.
Failure to comply results in loss of 50% of your fee.


The therapies and treatments available over skype are: