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NLP Coaching Testimonials

NLP Coaching Testimonials


NLP Breakthrough Coaching 
There were times during the first few hours when I thought times is running out and I’m not discovering anything new here. I was wondering why doesn’t she put me up on the couch and give me a treatment and I will feel a completely new person immediately, all done. However, as the day went on there were times when some of your questions got to me in a way that I now know have made a difference. I’m not sure how to explain how but it was as if something shifted in my way of thinking. I felt you were sincere, interested and determined that my day with you would make a difference and it has. I left feeling motivated and confident that I could make anything I want happen and why hadn’t I realised that before.
Having been someone who never wanted to ‘do the journey’ just get there, I left thinking things will happen and that they will happen in their own time. I felt that I wasn’t going to listen anymore to the thoughts that were convincing me that I couldn’t have this or do that. Your 14 day follow up text and phone contact has been invaluable. Each daily coaching words and encouragement made a huge difference, and kept me on track even when I didn’t want to be on track! Without it I would probably have been motivated on the journey home, and given up the next day, end of story. Thank you for each and every one of your texts, perfectly timed, and your belief in me which never waned. I love and am excited by the direction my life is now taking.
Thank you Linda for everything.
Katrina Q. HR manager, Monahan 
Stuck, stuck, stuck!
Lost and bewildered. Struggling and warn out. Searching for something but not knowing exactly what. That was the torturous state of mind I had created as my prison for years, and I had come to the end of my tether with it all. Life was difficult, and I had no enjoyment in anything at all. I googled and googled for days, and read lots of Life coaching websites. Some seemed ok, but most seemed very superficial and not what I felt I needed at all. Then I found Linda’s site and I immediately felt something different…a feeling that this woman knows how to get to the truth of the matter, and has tools to transform my stuff. Breakthrough coaching seemed much more in-depth and results orientated than Life coaching, and exactly what I needed. And I was right! Linda’s magic has transformed me! Her dedication, sincerity and authenticity, her dogged determination to get me sorted, and her warmth and compassion…all worked together in a sacred non-judgmental environment to gently reveal my unconscious beliefs about who I was, and blow them apart!! I’m now free to be me! And its miraculous…I am in love with my life. Thank you Linda for my Breakthrough day, and your 14 day support that followed to keep me on track and help me grow into the new me.” 
Susanna B Accountant, Dublin 
Update from Susanna...
"My journey is going well and just when I told myself I was ready for a big change the universe sent me something wonderful to help me with it. For once in my life I'm feeling loved and cherished and wanted by a very special friend that I found again after 10 years...and we're in love. He's very similar to the type of person I am and I feel like I'm finally "home". I am ready to leave the Irish chapter of my life behind. Something that feels this good cannot be wrong."
Confused and depressed
"I came to Linda in a state of total confusion, depressed and overwhelmed. I was in a loveless marriage but could not see a way out. One day with Linda revealed my limiting beliefs about myself, how I always put others first and treat myself as worthless. I got to see where these beliefs had come from in my past, easily transform and let them go, re--program my brain with empowering and loving beliefs which serve me so well. I learned to value myself, and grow as a person. I left Linda's breakthrough session feeling renewed, empowered, and alive for the first time since childhood. Now that I love and respect myself my marriage has transformed too! I have fallen back in love with my darling husband, and he with's fantastic! Thank you Linda" 
Maggie O'L artist 
The results I got within 14 days of the Breakthrough session are amazing
"Broke and worried, and full of pessimism for the future. All I could see was what I didn't have and how I was never going to be comfortably off or secure again. I was so poverty conscious that I almost didn't take the opportunity to invest in my future with Linda's coaching...but thank God I did! Linda got me to see my programming which had been driving my life from the unconscious mind. She got me to re-evaluate my beliefs about money, security, self-worth, etc. I could then see clearly how I( had been attracting doom and gloom in my life. Linda made me realize I had a wealth of abundance in my life already, and that being grateful for all I had, recognizing abundance in life, and planning with an abundance mindset would transform my life.
The results I got within 14 days of the Breakthrough session are amazing...having invested £499 for the day, I went on to gain £2000 for scaffolding I had not previously been able to sell, and £12,000 for a digger I had not been able to sell! I have since gone into partnership in a new business venture, and am in the process of building a wonderful new home for my wife and family. I am happier, more prosperous and more secure than ever before" 
Chris C Stone mason 
I was in despair
"I had tried other forms of coaching in the past, and done a lot of work on myself, but I was still not successful in my career. By the time I was recommended by my coach to go to Linda to have a Breakthrough session, I was in despair. I had left teaching to go into acting, but did not like it, and was attempting to get back into teaching, but at this point had been unsuccessful at 12 interviews in a row even though, on paper, my qualifications Irish language would easily have been the best. I could not understand why. One day with Linda changed all that. I got to see what was in my way in my unconscious mind, where it came from, and how it sabotaged me constantly. I deleted this programming using a simple exercise called Time Line Therapy, and it was gone! Linda helped me re-program with positive empowering beliefs. 2 days later I had my next a school on the Shankill Road. I knew there was no way I was going to get that one, but I decided to use it as practice for my new confident way of being. Well, surprise surprise...I was offered the job! The spell was broken! Since then I have gone on in teaching to great things and am at present teaching in Armagh College"
Celine McH Teacher 
Now, great opportunities for business are coming my way
Hi there, If you’re reading this, then you must be considering using Linda’s skills to help you move forward in your life. I’m Cynthia Curry and in April I was in the same position as you, wondering whether or not Linda could help. I’m a successful international marketing consultant, and have worked with some of the biggest retail names in both the US and UK markets, Victoria’s Secret’s and Marks and Spencer's being the most recognizable. I recently set up my own Marketing and Business Development consultancy, moving away from corporate work to working one on one with small to medium sized business in North West Ireland.
However, something was holding me back, day after day, week after week, I found myself not making the results I expected, and I was blaming my childhood upbringing, well, we all have skeletons in our closets don’t we? You know what, I got so bored with these excuses going round and round my head, I got so fed up with the paralysis caused by my fear of both rejection and failure that I was willing to try anything. Luck, fate or chance brought me into contact with Linda at a social event we were both attending, and when she told me about her one day breakthrough programmed, I knew that she had been put in my path deliberately.
Now, whatever was holding me back could be excised from my mind. I arranged a break through day session with Linda for the following week. Nothing happened as I expected, but I knew I was secure in Linda’s guidance and help. She steered me through the emotional mind field that had brought me to where I was and helped me see that my interpretation was just one of many possible angles on the past events that were limiting me. Linda uses a combination of modern therapies including NLP and Time Line therapy. During the day Linda was completely committed to my cause, she was determined to help me break through, and she did not let me weaken and strengthened me when I needed to get through the process. Linda will not accept the excuses we normally make to ourselves so we don’t face the demons inside and I faced up to them with her help. I left Linda after a very intense day of therapy feeling reborn. I have now got a good relationship with my father, who I had once considered the villain in my life. Linda encouraged that reconciliation process and I had two weeks back up with her that continually fed the positive energy that I had gained.
Now, great opportunities for business are coming my way, I have met innumerable people that wish to help me on my incredible journey and I don’t fear anything. Every day I live in the joy of possibility and am grateful for everything I experience. My enthusiasm for life, for business and for family is incredible and I am forever grateful that Linda and I chanced to meet, as I would not be the person I always wanted to be otherwise, I had let her get buried under a mountain of bitterness and regret. Linda helped me dig her out to freedom. I would happily pay twice as much as Linda asks for such powerful intervention; the results are immediate and immense. Take the action you need right now, trust Linda and move forward. You won’t regret it.
Yours Sincerely,
Cynthia Curry Team Nimbus nial 
Since this Breakthrough I have found the spiritual part of myself.
“I was hopeless in relationships, always choosing the wrong man. Obsessing and fretting that this was not the one. At 39 I was now desperate, lonely and empty. A friend of mine who had heard of Linda’s Breakthrough sessions recommended her to me. I knew as soon as I spoke to her on the phone that she got me, and could see who I was inside. I knew she would help me overcome all my man stuff! The day was intense, but wonderful too. She helped me uncover lots of old patterns from my child hood, and beliefs about myself which had never been true in the first place. How sad it is that we waste so much of our life living out of unconscious lies we have told our self as children.
Once I found the pattern and where it had come from, Linda helped me delete it and program in a new pattern. I felt good after the session, but it took a couple of weeks before I really realized how different I was. Since this Breakthrough I have found the spiritual part of myself. I now feel a deep love and appreciation for myself, and a profound sense of fulfillment, regardless of whether I have a guy or not. It’s fantastic! I occasionally have a wee wobble now and then, almost like an echo of past concerns, but its only momentary, it doesn’t consume me, and I can over-ride it really fast. NLP Breakthrough Coaching is truly amazing. It’s so fast and effective. A life changing experience and one I would whole heartedly recommend to anyone.
Desiree K Cabin Crew, Aer Lingas