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Aromatherapy…a complementary therapy utilizing the healing wisdom and benefits of essential oils in healing work.
Aromatherapy is the therapeutic application of the benefits of essential oils or essences derived from plants.   It is one of the longest established forms of healing work still performed today.  Each essential oil has its own group of therapeutic healing wisdom properties which greatly help to enhance the body's own healing mechanism - the immune system..
Aromatherapy is an holistic complimentary therapy.
The whole person: mind, body and spirit, are considered when a prescription is been chosen. An in-depth consultation is undertaken to include health, diet, exercise, lifestyle and emotional state. Once the whole picture has been gained the correct blend of oils is chosen that is tailor-made for that person's needs to promote natural healing wisdom and wellbeing. 
Aromatic blends contain aromatic plant essences from flowers, fruits, spices, resins, and trees. Aromatic blends exert psychological and physiological effect. They are absorbed in the body trans-dermally, through the skin, as well as through the sense of smell
When inhaled, the molecules from the aromatic blend send signals through the olfactory tract to different parts of the brain such as olfactory cortex, hippocampus, amygdala, and hypothalamus. Many of these brain areas are part of the limbic system. The limbic system is involved with emotional behaviour and memory. That's why when we smell something, it often brings back memories associated with the object. This is also the reason why aromatic blends can be successfully used for anchoring desired states of mind. 
Deep Healing blends have also profound physiological affect. Absorbed through the skin, they boost the immune system, and stimulate the body's natural defences to prevent or eliminate infections, reduce pain, accelerate healing and a general sense of wellbeing, in a natural way.
Interesting Aromatherapy and EEG discoveries
EEG tests of the brain rhythm patterns found that neroli, jasmine and rose induced delta rhythms, with some inducing a combination of delta and theta rhythms. (To learn more about EEG, you can visit brainwave entrainment page). Delta and theta rhythms are associated with reducing mental chatter and allowing for more intuitive thought processes.
EEG tests used to evaluate stimulant essential oils such as black pepper, cardamom, and rosemary indicated that they induced beta brainwave rhythms. Beta brainwave rhythms correlate with aroused attention and alertness. Some oils like rosemary, are both tonics and stimulants. Rosemary produces a feeling of mental clarity and aids in mental capacity.
Benefits of essential oil… Healing work…Healing wisdom…Complimentary therapy
The benefits of essential oils is gained mainly through application to the skin by massage but may be used when bathing, in the form of inhalations or as vapour from burners. Essential oils are easily absorbed through the skin and mucus membranes of the nose and mouth. they enter the intercellular fluid, from there to the blood and lymph circulation, and affect the organs, where they do their beautiful healing work. They also have mood altering properties by affecting the healing wisdom of the limbic system our brain..
Aromatherapy, and the benefits of essential oils,  is a must for those who are highly stressed, lacking in energy, depressed, anxious and unwell. The healing work achieved by the essential oils has marvellous therapeutic value and is a real pleasure to receive - it smells gorgeous too!    Aromatherapy prescriptions are available for purchase.
Panic attack
Hormonal imbalance
Female problems
Skin conditions
Stiff joints
Muscle pain
Concentration and focus
General debilitation and weakness
and many more
The healing benefits of essential oils can be demonstrated in many conditions and are an adjunct to other forms of complimentary therapy.   Their effect is to elicit your healing wisdom, promote healing work, and create wellbeing-fast.
Aromatherapy for Natural Fertility
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Specific oils and their uses
Arnica Oil
Bay Oil
Bergamot Oil
Calandula Oil
Cardamon Seed Oil
Cinnamon Oil
Citronella Oil
Clarey Sage Oil
Clove Bud Oil
Coriander Seed Oil
Cypress Oil
Dill Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Evening Primrose Oil
Frankincense Oil
Geranium Oil
German Chamomile Oil
Ginger Oil
Grapefruit Oil
Jasmine Absolute oil
Juniper Berry Oil
Lavender Oil
Lemon Oil
Lemongrass oil
Line OIl
Myrrh Oil
Neroli Oil
Nutmeg oil
Oregano oil
Orange Oil
Patchouli oil
Peppermint oill
Pine Oil
Rose Absolute
Rosemary oil
Rosewood Oil
Sage Oil
Sandalwood oil
Sesame oil
Spearmint oil
Sweet Bazil
Tangerine oil
Tee tree oil
Thyme oil
Vitever oil
Wintergreen oil