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The ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet


We have been led to believe that fat makes us fat…and it is the enemy of good health.   Nothing could be further from the truth!

Fat is an extremely important tissue in our body…it comprises 60% of our brain, It is involved in the production of healthy neurotransmitters so effects our mood, and ability to think intelligently, it makes the lining of our nervous systems to allow nerves to conduct messages, our cellular membranes are fat, it is anti-inflammatory, it makes hormones and it gives us insulation from the cold, and energy to function, to name but a few.

Now that the science is in, regarding fat, we have to rethink the whole way we structure our diets in order to stay well and quell the obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Cancer epidemics.

The Ketogenic (fat burning) Diet

Historically, the Ketogenic diet was developed to treat symptoms of epilepsy, but this diet has been proven to help with many other chronic health problems too.   Seven of the most important conditions helped are:


  • Weight loss; benefit due to lowered insulin levels and the body’s ability to burn stored fat.
  • Diabetes Type 2…low carbohydrate, high fat diet stabilizes insulin levels.
  • Can help prevent and even kill cancer cells.
  • Used successfully to treat and reverse Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect…inflammation is at the root of ALL chronic disease
  •  Athletic and endurance performance enhanced.
  • Naturally lower cholesterol

There are several medical studies — conducted by the Department of Radiation Oncology at the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Centre for the University of Iowa, the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke and more…show that a ketogenic diet is effective in the treatment of all these conditions…and many more.

What is the ketogenic diet?

7 major bennefits of the ketogenic diet

Other health benefits of the ketogenic diet

How to do the ketogenic diet correctly

Final Thoughts on a Ketogenic Diet

So are you convinced that a ketogenic diet is right for you but don’t know where to start?   If you need any professional advice or personalized treatment plan for your health condition, please contact me on 02866328200, or email   Consultations are available using skype

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