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Reiki / Energy Healing

Reiki / Energy Healing

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki Healing Hands facilitate Chakra Cleansing and Self Evolution 

Reiki energy healing Chakra Cleansing has, for centuries, been found to be a profoundly effective healing modality, which also greatly enhances self evolution.   By tuning in to the quantum energy frequencies, (Akashic records) and connecting these to the chakra energy systems (Kundalini energy) of our body by the use of healing hands, we can, with intention,  channel healing energy to ourselves and others.  This has the effect of raising and awakening  Kundalini energy, activation of our DNA evolution, resulting in self evolution and healing of mind, body and spirit.
Reiki comes from the Japanese words rei, meaning universal life force, also known as quantum energy, or the God force, and ki, meaning energy. This life force energy flows through every living thing: human. Animal, plant, rock,  and planet earth its self.   It is possible to utilise this energy using healing hands, to promote the body's ability to balance and heal itself at a very deep level.
A Reiki therapist has undergone several reiki attunements, and has learned how to clear themselves in order to be available as a channel for this energy.    The healing energy is directed to the recipient’s chakra energy system using healing hands and intention, where it is used to cleanse and balance the chakra energy system, accentuate the healing potential, enhance the immune system and empower self evolution.   The recipient’s body uses the energy intelligently, directing it to areas of most need.
Scientific evidence has proven that a reiki chakra cleanse will cause the body to release endorphins and encephalin, and other body chemicals which promote healing and a sense of wellbeing. It induces deep relaxation. Proven also is its effect on autonomic nervous system, beneficially affecting systems such as blood pressure, heart rate, relieving tension and anxiety, and so much more. To benefit from reiki no belief system is required. It is used successfully by people of different beliefs, philosophies, religions and ages. Reiki harmonises and balances, and promotes healing. It is of great value in any health challenge or well being issue. 

Because we are all totally unique, with different needs, life experiences, physiology and personality, when we work with Reiki to facilitate chakra cleansing, balancing and healing, we may not know what is going to happen. By connecting the universal field of Akasha to our Chakra energy system, it is possible to experience Kundalini energy awakening which results in DNA activation and evolution, and a profound level of healing and self evolution of mind/body and spirit.   This experience will be a unique experience for each individual person.   Accept this and allow the energy to support your natural healing process. The benefits will become apparent.
Reiki Energy Healing enebles chakra cleansing by downloading information and energy fron Acashic records,  has been found tobe profoundly effective healing modality which also greatly enhances DNA evolution.
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