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Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing 

   What is a Shaman?

Quotation by don Oscar Miro-Quesada

“A Shaman is one who develops a personal and intimate relationship with the unseen world for the purpose of being of service as a healer.   This relationship is cultivated experientially by self-induced altered states of consciousness, ritual, ceremony and refined energetic awareness.
Shamanism is not a religion.   It is a spiritual practice grounded in a reverent awareness that the world is animated, conscious and energetically interdependent.
Guiding Principals
1.   Everything is alive (animation/vitalism)
Everything manifests a physical form from the same animated essence.   The shaman attends to this essence.
2. Everything is conscious (vigilant/observation)     Everything watches us.  The world is mirrored within us.   The shaman learns to be a visionary observer.
3. Everything is interconnected (relationship/reciprocity)   Everything responds to and is in interdependent relationship with everything else.   The shaman is a mediator of these interconnections and interdependent relationships
4. Everything transforms (movement/change)   Matter is the dence form of spirit.   Spirit is the subtle form of matter.   Everything is in vibrational flux.   The shaman is an agent of change.
5. Everything responds to focused attention (mindful attention)   Proper intention and purity of motive are indispensable for all heart felt shamanic practice.

The shaman’s task is to come into right relationship and reverent connection with the seen and unseen worlds so as to mediate between worlds on behalf of the individual or community.”

Over tens of thousands of years, our ancient ancestors all over the world discovered how to maximize human abilities of mind and spirit for healing and problem-solving. The remarkable system of methods they developed is today known as "shamanism”. Shamans are a type of medicine man or woman especially distinguished by the use of journeys to hidden worlds otherwise mainly known through myth, dream, and near-death experiences. Most commonly they do this by entering an altered state of consciousness using monotonous percussion sound.

Shamanic Healnig...the meeting of Ancient Wisdom, New Biology and Quantum Physics

"The science of“Epigenetics teaches us that we can break free of the fate pre-ordained by our family history and genetics.”   Dr Alberto Villoldo
Shamanic energy medicine upgrades the quality of the Luminous Energy Field  (LEF) or morphogenetic field  and instructs your molecules, your cells, and your genes to create health. The LEF can be thought of as the software that informs your DNA -the hardware- to repair your body. Ordinarily, your LEF creates your health (and your emotions) according to the instructions inherited from your parents. It replicates the heart conditions, the breast conditions, and the emotional dramas that cut across generations. We continue to live out our family’s health and psychological dramas, to live the way they lived, and die the way they died. We can change this! Though the Illumination process you can switch off the genes that create pathology and erase the imprints of disease from the LEF.
This implies the diseases our parents manifest are likely to run in the family down to us. We can take some evasive actions such as diet and exercise to help prevent disease, but ultimately we have very little control over what we inherited-after all we can’t change our genes…or can we?  Certainly! In Shamanic traditions it has been believed for thousands of years that evolution happens not between generations, but within generations. They believe that we are given the opportunity to upgrade our DNA during each lifetime, and pass that evolved blueprint print on to our children. You can quantum-leap into who you are becoming in this lifetime. You can grow a new body that ages differently, that heals differently, and that dies differently.
Encoded in this energetic field are negative imprints that predispose us to how we are going to live, how we will age, how we will become ill, and how we will die. The shaman understands that we can clear these negative imprints from our luminous energetic field before it has a chance to organize the body into disease. In allopathic medicine we remove a diseased part or organ, but because the energetic imprint still exists, the disease may return, and manifest again. However, if you erase the negative imprint, the body’s own self-healing mechanism, the immune system, will eventually clear the affected tissue. This means that Western medicine may “cure” you, but that doesn’t mean you are healed
An imprint is like an icon on your computer desktop which sits pretty innocuously on the edge of the screen, till you double- click it One double-clicked it takes over the entire screen. Just like that, an imprint hijacks your entire central nervous system creating health and emotional problems. An imprint might contain information about a physical ailment, or emotional trauma which occurred early in your life, or even from past lives.¨The imprint will also predispose you to repeating the same patterns - so you end up with the same bosses, same lovers, same spouses, and other same dynamics over and over again. This means the luminous field choreographs your physical reality, your health, who you will meet, who you will date, who you will marry. It even selects the parents you are born to the destinies you will have, the people you are attracted to, or even something as trivial as the exit you will take off the motorway. This luminous field is what we know as karma Shamans can find the faulty imprints on the hard drive of your life, and can erase them.
Shamanic healing is extremely powerful because it is egoless. The shaman in simply the channel for divine healing. Shamans are experts at “alchemy” the art and science of transformation. They achieve this by entering altered states of awareness, or trance. They journey in trance to other realities which we are unaware of in this dimension. There, they meet with spirit guides, power animals and spirit teachers from whom they gain great wisdom and understanding. They bring back learning’s and messages, and healing for the individual or the collective.
What can shamanic healing offer you?
In shamanic healing we have tools to help you …
  • Restore your rightful power and sense of value.
  • Address any ailment passed down to you from one generation to the next-and heal disease before it appears in the body.¨
  • Heal and awaken your “body of light” using the philosophy of the medicine wheel; an ancient map that has four steps to explore consciousness, transformation, and healing-so you become a person of knowledge, a healer, a sage.¨
  • Use a “mesa” to transform heavy toxic energies back into light and set yourself free from pain and trauma.
  • Hone your intuition by hearing spirit calling you through the voice of wind, river, grass, trees, birds, and all mother earth-and the wisdom it is sharing with you.
  • Live in harmony with the earth so you enter into a healing relationship with your self plus feel nurtured, reconnected, sustained and supported by mother earth.
  • Loose your fear of death and start living fully, now, without the shadow of death following you around every day.
  •  Work with and cleanse your nine chakras-the anatomy of the luminous energy field.
  • Wash away toxins from your body you have energetically absorbed through the day to keep your immune system in optimal health and keep you in proper relationship with your essential self.
  • Pray peace, and become peace in the world¨
  • Sustain your health, and increase your longevity, and return to health and wellness-with the nurture from your source.
  • Heal emotional wounds, recover lost soul parts that have gravitated away from you in times of trauma and pain, and bring back that energy to restore health, and emotional wellbeing.¨• See your destiny in the future and know what will happen tomorrow…and enter each day with a new freshness.¨
  • Honor your parents, grandparents, and ancestors with an alter to learn valuable life lessons from them,-and resolve any issues you have with them¨• Practice stillness even in the midst of the busiest day, knowing that you can stop time, and are not possessed by time. Learn to live in the timeless now.¨
  • Call upon the four directions of the medicine wheel to open up a sacred space-much like the sacred space in a church or temple, for your healing work on self and family.¨You can achieve all of this, and SO much more
Shamanic healing involves various powerful techniques and rituals...
  • Journeying-a trance-like state induced by the use of repetitive percussion. This entrains the brain waves into theta, and gives us access to the other dimensions to seek guidance and healing for self and others.
  • Soul retrieval-journeying to find lost soul parts, and restore them back to their rightful owner.¨
  • Transpersonal counselling to help interpret your personal guidance¨• Extraction work-removing negative imprints in the auric field to restore physical and emotional healing
  • Healing the past-journeying into the past to receive learning’s which heal pest issues, in this life, or past lives.¨• Healing the future-journeying into the future to heal damage done in this life so it will not reincarnate again
  • Cutting ties-journeying to remove the energetic imprint of destructive relationships causing you hurt and anger in your past, which continue to hold us back in the present, and clearing the auric field to regain wholeness¨• Journey into your heart to discover your own beauty, wholeness, and the contribution you can make to the collective soul of humanity
That’s the power you have available to you through shamanic healing…to actually chose your own destiny.¨You can literally break free of the grip your genes, your culture and time have over you. You will learn to restore yourself to wholeness, wellness, and ecstasy. Feel one with mother earth in all her bounty, and be in gratitude for the wonder of our human experience, with all its opportunities to learn, grow and evolve as spiritual beings.
Shamanic healing courses are available¨Individual private healing sessions can be reserved by calling Linda on 02866328200 or email me on
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