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The Meta-Sync Process

The Meta-Sync Process

The Meta-Health-Sync Process

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Where Science Meets Soul

At Meta-Physical Holistic Wellness we have been successfully using this method, which I call the “Meta-Health-Sync Process” to treat many common health problems such as:

1. Overweight

2. Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

3. Depression and Anxiety

4. Female hormone imbalance and Infertility

5. Gastrointestinal problems

6. Autoimmune disorders

7. Skin conditions

8. Neurological conditions such as MS, Parkinson’s disease etc

9. Chronic Pain and Inflammation

10. Asthma and Allergies

And many more


The Meta-Health-Sync Process

What does Meta-Health-Sync mean?

The word Meta is a Greek word meaning above or overview.   It is the BIG PICTURE view of anything, or you could also say it is the CONTEXT in which something occurs.

The Meta-Heath-Sync Process is a new approach to health that looks at the underlying causes of disease and attempts to correct them before disease sets in. It focuses on determining the root causes by looking at your entire body, mind, emotions and environment. Our unique approach zeroes in on five systems of your body:

  •  Specific organ systems which are demonstrating energetic imbalances
  • Emotional traumas or significant emotional events related to these organs
  • Brain/endocrine system, which govern your body’s processes through  hormones, neurotransmitters, and other biochemical messengers (response control centre)
  • Digestive system and nutrition (intake and assimilation)
  •  Detoxification system (cleansing and elimination)


We addresses each of these systems using the Meta-Health-Sync Process

This ncludes a specific test we terms the Meta-Health Scan, This scanning technique uses an advanced form of Clinical Kinesiology testing, plus in depth Meta-Medicine and Functional Nutritional Therapy knowledge to determine the exact root cause of the disease or dysfunction, and addresses it head on.   It’s essentially taking a snapshot of the mind/body/emotions and environmental factors by measuring the quality of the energetic response of these systems. dysfunction, and addresses it head on. 

The Meta-Sync Process involves dealing with each of these systems in turn, and correcting any imbalances they have aquired.   This may involve a tailor-made detoxification protocol to remove tooooxic substances identified during your scan;   it will involve in-depth Functional nutritional therapy and advice on diet;l   it will include resolution of isues and old  patterns of behaviour, and the unconciouos beliefs which created them,and it will include auric cleansing on an energetic level of being, and re-connection to your Higher Wisdom Reralmsa of being.

The Meta-Sync Process is very in-depth and thorough and can take some time to complete.   Most clients require 8-10 sessions depending on the dis-ease  or disorder being treated.   However once complete, you will have realigned your entire system, phyical, mental,emotional, spiritual and ennnvironmental (energetic) and in so doing will have upgreaded your DNA, and created a totally new blueprint for health and which will serve you well for years tocome.

The Meta-Health-Sync approach to health offers enormous advantages, one of which is a very rapid cessation of symptoms. Patients report improvement in how they feel usually within the first month — like a “switch has been flipped.” Even for those who have struggled with lifelong depression, dramatic results are usually seen within the first couple of months. This is largely because the precise cause of the problem has been nailed down through Meta-Health scan testing.   The Meta-Sync Process can then be precisely applied.

Another major advantage is that children can be helped very easily and quickly with Meta-Health-Sync, which eliminates the need for medications about 95 percent of the time.

Picking Up the Ball That Conventional Medicine Has Dropped

There are profound differences between Meta-Health-Sync approach and conventional medicine.   Conventional medicine aims at identifying life-threateningdiseases, but ignores the realm of more subtle issues. For example, endocrinologists look for rare and unusual disorders like Addison’s disease — things that could kill you in a week or two if left untreated. If you don’t have one of the major diseases, their interest and expertise generally wanes.

By contrast, our Meta-Health-Sync approach looks at identifying and correcting energetic, emotional and biochemical imbalances and lifestyle issues that are eroding your health over time, reducing your quality of life, and predisposing you to the development of serious health problems down the road. In other words, the Meta-Health-Sync Process aims at preventing you from ever developing those major diseases in the first place by finding and addressing all areas of your being which are contributing to your potential health issue..

Meta-Sync for Health Balance