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Training & Workshops

Training & Workshops

TransformationalTraining and Workshops

Imagine . . . Years of experience and research have led me to this conclusion . . .
if you want your health and life to work you must be willing to do the work! The work that is required to make your health and life work, and the work required to ensure that you live up to your highest potential and greatest good.   This work is sacred inner work, as well as conscious outer work.   Only with this level of sacred work will you be able to discover, address, heal, remove and grow beyond the blockages, hindrances, obstructions and wounds that may be present in your mental or emotional essence.
Meta-Health Trainings
Our trainings are iboth nformative, and practical in nature.   The intention is to inspire you to view health and our body's ability to self-heal in a whgole new way.   Meta Health Training takes a quantum leap forward in the fields of science and spirituality, and is a paradign shift in the way we view health and wellness.   These trainings are a must have for Dr's, Thrapists and Coaches who are truly interested in empowwering their clients to self-heal and evolve..
Transformational Workshops
Our workshops are designed to facilitate you in doing your inner work in an honoring and loving manner, and support you in doing your outer work by holdng you to account and motivating your transformational process.   We believe that you are worthy of giving your self your own time, energy and attention.
In this age of technological advancement, it is tempting to seek “on-line” that which can only be revealed through your heart. We believe that it is the clear and deliberate intention to heal and grow; the unconditional love of others; and the energy of community that results in the deepest level of healing, in the least amount of time, for the greatest number of people. For this reason, we have chosen to continue offering our workshops as in-person, hands on, full body experiences that impact the mind, body and spirit of the participants. We firmly believe that when one individual makes the choice to heal and grow, everyone in their experience receives the healing energy. Imagine . . . you in a space, with other willing participants, surrounded by loving practitioners and facilitators, doing the inner and outer work required to make the world you live in a better place.
We invite you to join us!