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From Ego To Essence

From Ego To Essence


From Ego to Essence…Fall in love with your life!

Access your highest possibilities


The scholarly ones are furthest away from the real object of desire. The more profound their minds may be, the further they are. This is the work of the heart, not the work of the head. -Shams Tabrizi

Do you want to be…Happier, healthier, stronger, wiser, insightful, calmer, and more balanced, while having fun? 

Say YES to the feeling!

This workshop series is designed to enable you to discover the essence of wonderful you...and transform your life!

The intention of this workshop series is to empower, inspire and motivate you to realize the wisdom and essence of wonderful you, your true essential being.   You will access the direct experience of your power and full possibilities, and being in the effortless flow of oneness, love and compassion for self and for your life.

All of this and much more is available to you, during Lent, over 7 weeks. You will be giving your self the gift of learning self mastery now, and for your future.


The transformational tools we will be applying include teaching, meditations, chanting, fast change technique, clearings, exercises, energy work, videos, group sharing, q and a. 


Each session will work through a particular subject, and build to become a complete life changing journey.


  • WHO ARE WE REALLY?...Energy, the light and higher self
  • Conscious and unconscious mind, Ego and its strategies, patterns, filters, attachment, and resistance
  • Awareness; head v heart, coherence, feeling and knowing v thinking and trying
  • Releasing trauma and stories. What is trauma really? 
  • New in every moment, body, mind and spirit, epigenetic DNA activation
  • Raising your vibration to thrive in the shift.   The Law of Attraction and co-creation 
  • Revealing your life purpose; being your life purpose in the world…actions from intention   Co creating your highest possibility into existence…NOW.


Live life with flow and ease…NOW…it’s yours for the taking.


Duration: January-March 2016   Every second Wednesday.  

What you will get...The course consists of 7 powerful workshops, each focuses on a specific aspect of transformation, and builds on the workshop before .  I really recommend that you commit to the entire course to maximize your transformation and create huge changes in your life.   For full registration there is a gift of £35 discount plus a complementary personal private coaching session of one hour as a thank you for full registering. It is also possible to pay per session however this does not include the complementary coaching session or the discounted rate.  

Dates...every second Wednesday starting January 20th

Time…Every second Wednesday @ 7.30-9.30 PM

Venue… Holistic Wellness, Tempo Road, Enniskillen BT74 6LD (beside Erne Vet)

Fee…Full commitment and registration £245 or £40 per 2 hour session.  Places limited.


Facilitated by...Linda Burke MCSP Lic Ac, NLP Breakthrough Coach, Integrative Therapist and Holistic Meta-Health Consultant

Linda is passionate about health, and personal empowerment, and has dedicated over 30 years of her life to this end, as an integrative therapist of mind, body and spirit.   Linda is no stranger to personal challenges of her own, and has overcome many potentially devastating circumstances in her life.   She has been there herself, so can confidently share with you very effective transformational tools and techniques to change your life…fast.   Linda walks her talk.

Enrollment and Registration must be complete by January 15th. paypal on this site under payments tag on home page menu, or over the phone by card, or  by cheque or cash.

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